Sunday, May 12, 2013

mackerel soup (Asian style) for pregnant mummy

I love local has a very nice texture. I can just eat plain fried mackerel by itself when nobody's watching. Today I have a good reason to make a mackerel soup. I'm making a soup for a friend who'd happen to love soup even more ever since she got pregnant.
sorry just ate it 
there is my fav spice
isnt it a beauty. can't stop staring
yum.. smells like a fresh keropok lekor
500g mackerel fillet
some salt & pepper to taste
-- made into a patty
3 pcs of firm tofu- cut into triangle
3 red chillis- gutted
spices for soup: sup tulang adabi
1 tbspn garlic- minced
1 tbspn shallots- minced
1 onion- sliced

1. Pound/ blitz the fillet with some salt & pepper (i love to add some seasoning)-- then you get a very firm mackerel patty
2. Patty- stuff it inside the tofu, chilli or just form a ball.
3. Fried the tofu, chilli and mackerel ball for a nicer texture and fused the fish to the tofu. I prefer shallow frying. Set aside.
4. Fry garlic, shallots and onion until fragrant. Put the soup spices, add in water.
5. When the soup come into a boil, put stuffed tofu+ mackerel ball + stuffed chilli.
6. Simmer for 10 minutes and season the soup with salt, pepper & seasoning.
7. Sprinkle some chinese parsley and fried shallots before serving

Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

Thursday, May 2, 2013

now i decide who stays

real friend is where i seek comfort
will honor the diamonds
Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ