Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pity, Pity - too late!

Few days ago a medical student was discovered sprawled on ground floor of a shopping complex in Penang (damn it if i have a gun i'm gonna shoot those noise making thugs next door *sorry, watched G.I Joe last night). I'm sure before the incident he must have expressed his concern to someone. I guess we treat whining= complaint= concerns by just giving one look. 
just deal with it
Considering food price have gone up, buying capacity have shrunk a lot more than i expected and disengaged from cooking- here's one stress factor. The other stress to come is definitely our mockery exam. Prepare to be black.

Probably it's how our society respond have made a person become even suicidal. After a person died of suicide then came a claim of unknowing and said "it's a shame, we should help"....phhbtttt. Intervention do works if you pitch at right level....for example when they still sane and merely depressed. After poor insight harassing judgement...did you expect them to think rationally meh?

People dont want to show their weakness/ flaw because they afraid of being judge like "you're not good enuff- you should study- or geez didnt do well. In the end they chose not to ventilate their feelings and hoarding problems. Some made an effort asking "are you okay?" Perhaps 50% does care but the other 50% are more concern on "i've done my part now you can go suxx". Totally nauseating to have a salt crashed onto wound.

When i filed a complaint i expect it to be fix or at least seriously considered. Most of the people that handle human resource doesnt come with good EQ. Be it teachers, doctors or even a politician empathy will make a difference when dealing with human. Its a shame when student doesnt want to talk to teacher or politician loosing a vote.
Burbank, Luther (1849-1926) "I don't feel good."

Friday, May 25, 2012

didn't mean to

Ouh c'mon..... it's a mini posting in the middle of holiday cum study week. Cut me some slack. So whenever I'm late and nervous couldnt be there on time, i'll listen to this~ feels robot enuff to speed up. Reminds me how ppl in Suits kickin' ass everyday (but of course with few setbacks)

the traffic doesnt treat me well 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

homicide: it was a self-defense

I was doing the dishes gracefully. Never forget to put on my lemon scented scotch-brite gloves- I do dishes with my ‘bestfriend’.  As I grab a stainless steel sponge I think I saw something moving. It’s a 6 inch centipede wiggle it's gross feet and segmented body in my sink. Tried to think what should I do now? Usually my heroic dad will come to rescue (I forgot my parents left 5 days ago). Within 5 minutes I figured:
  1. There’s not even one CPG will describe how to kill a centipede. Centipede sting need envenomation and admission to emergency department
  2. Chemical weapon: shieldtox outdoor only for ants and roaches….it doesn’t say anything about centipede
  3. Mechanical: my broom and mop sticks have blunt plastic end……good God. I wish I am a witch. “expecto patronum” doesn’t work in real life. I didn’t go to Hogwarts.
  4. Conservative: thought about this too. If it still there how am I supposed to live? A kitchen-less life is not a life. I can’t live without knowing if my parameter is safe.

30% anger left, snap when i'm sane

Freaking out and look for hammer but hammer doesn’t have a perfect surface for this job. I relax for sec and think like Lara Croft. Then I took my bro’s badminton racket, treat it with respect, wrap the handle with newspaper and hit it like a sadist. I want to inflict a blunt trauma until it fall to pieces. You wouldn’t want to see how I look like at that time. Pretty much like Emily Rose without the exorcist. Finally....disinfected the crime scene and disposed all evidence (urghh...ick).

p/s: Rajab is the Month of Allah, lets show some love by fasting and become a better muslim (it's a journey not destination). i should benefit more from fasting.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I wonder why this neighborhood is so quiet and gloomy today? did anyone died....ouh well, facebook CEO got married. i think if they have a daughter she will be like cristina yang. i'm going to update my fav couples list:
1. giuliana & bill- share the same value and political views, i dont see they argue much like other reality couple and i love how bill stood by giuliana (for better or worst). he didnt walk away during the infertility crises or battle against breast cancer.
2. Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan- i love how modest and normal they are. it's a great brain mash. oww she's a doctor now <3 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

mommy says good luck

the moment i went to a boarding school i realize how little i've done for my parents and how fragile i am without them. Just now, a simple text message have abolish my nonsense ideas about the whole exam thingy *good God where is my tissue*
I think the best way to love our mom is to do solah everyday and pray for their health, happiness and khusnul khatimah. Kalau tak solat mestilah kita xde wudhuk...kalau kita xde wudhuk, doa pun tak makbul...kan2.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

study every night

To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.  ~Edmund Burke

the impact of watching mike ross in Suits have gave me....the feeling to open up a book  and become the Eidetic one. He's like the law school michael scofield...sweet.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Il dolce far niente

sign your life away
my agony goes to unfinish cwu that requires a lot of motor and cognitive coordination. I enjoy this slump. When i saw flo rida in wild ones mv......i realize i havent dolce to the fullest (exclude the bottle part, am talking about entourage to Dubai for a skydiving and car racing...i think it's ferrari spider). If you let me pick any car I want to put nissan gtr on top of my list. 

and get back to work

Thursday, May 3, 2012

menjaga perbuatan hati

kerana kita sayang Islam dan mahu mati sebagai muslim. beribadat setiap hari tetapi sedikit miscalibration di hati boleh membawa kekufuran. This is the part i'm saying you must know how to feel. Start with understanding Islam as a whole.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

somebody to love

This entry was written in mood of celebrating the birthday of my baby brother. I'll hold the celebration after I finish my exam. This morning I watched Justin Bieber “Never Say Never” it got me thinking ouhh my brother was cute too back then. The movie was ok but i wouldnt watch it in cinemas so i'm glad that astro is giving a free access to numerous channel until 6th May (selama ni dok berkira ngan aku kan..astro guide pun kne bayar). Ever since I knew JB loves purple...i realize that purple blouse that I got from padini sale last week was not a mistake.
pic taken HERE
I often heard people talk about how hard to communicate with their brother. In this case, I’m so grateful I can talk to him without having the risk of getting vulgarize. A humanist parents is a good thing to begin with...we discuss things and none of them force me to be a veterinarian or a medical doctor. Anyway like other family there is some dysfunctional part of us. We never talk about how much we love each other until God had taken away one of us. At that moment I realize we must communicate...we must show the love.
Eid with kiddos
I want him to get it, so I:
  • Ask him to give me a ride to surau coz its dark out there, babi hutan will come after me BUT THE LESSON IS to understand surau is the place where he mark his place in this society
  • Encourage/ support him bulking up not to show off BUT THE LESSON IS if you want something get your lazy ass working and get a grip on the core knowledge, don't do things because others are doing it
  • Pay attention to his interest BUT THE LESSON IS be sensitive to others, respect.
  • Tell him he’s great, I love him for who he is BUT THE LESSON IS he must know how to love all significant people in his life

I WILL ALWAYS PRAY FOR>>>KHUSNUL KHATIMAH (another way in Islam saying GREAT ENDING in afterlife)