Friday, December 31, 2010

yup rescuing myself coz i have to

You can’t give something if you don’t have it. You can’t spread light onto others if you don’t have light from within. You can’t give wealth to others if you don’t have it for yourself first. Make yourself a service and pay yourself first.
taken from one of my blogger friend.......totally need to do this
i want to gain control in myself. this is what i learnt today

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

chicken porridge for cold

Actually my porridge don't really have medicinal properties but it has soothing properties to my itchy throat & stuffy nose. Plus, it's really easy to eat while i'm wiping my nose *yeah i can't help doing that.

Today i got summoned by mpk, i was like late for NOT MORE than 10 minutes. Well thanks to ani sup utara centre point klang that speeding up my order at a speed of a snail. Until now i still belive it's not my fault but i'd just paid for the 'golden ticket' to avoid futher trouble. I wish that my sis would be a reliable lawyer when she graduated...ya know, maybe i can play around the rules when i feel like i'm not guilty ;)

Moving on to our porridge.....this the way i use to make my chicken porridge:
  1. Fry some dried anchovies- set aside, save the oil for later use (i recommend using olive oil/minyak cap buruh/ aliff- it didnt goes bad easily *i mean didn't turn to trans fat easily)
  2. With the anchovy's oil...fry 4 shallots [sliced] + 1/2 inc ginger [julienne]
  3. +chicken [diced] + water + rice + chicken stock/cube
  4. When rice swells and cook....+salt + white pepper powder
  5. Add any vege of your choice (i put bok choy + carrot + cellery)
  6. Done~ serve with fried anchovy + fried shallots
thumb of rule
  • 1 medium rice cooker--> 1 cup rice --> 1 chicken cube
  • measure with your eyes

Sunday, December 12, 2010

express lunch for weekend

Today I'm all alone & mum left me with 'pulut gaul nyior'. In fact they're out of town having fun without me. At first the meal was so comforting but then i just can't help feeling like i've done inevitable damage to my diet. I suppose to eat in small portion, high protein + limiting carbo intake.

To refrain myself from feelin' guilty I've made a goulash-like lunch. I fall in love with goulash after i saw Kim Tae Hee having it during NSF agent mission in Budapest (still having the Iris fever). But in my mind i don't think i wanna sip a red color soup so i just make twist to goulash and it looks like a spaghetti sauce. Since i hate pasta the so-called meat sauce will go just fine with chapati.

  1. Heat up pan + olive oil--> 1/2 onion+ 1 clove garlic (minced)
  2. throw in 1 cup of minced meat *for me beef is perfect --> stir a lil' bit
  3. +chopped cellery, carrot, tomato (makes 1 cup altogether)
  4. +1/2 cup tomato puree + 50ml water just to make it bring all the ingredient together
  5. For flavor: paprika powder + coarse blackpepper (it looks more tempting like u've just crush 'em) +salt +sugar (to cut the sourness from tomato puree)
  6. when you're done, have it with any carbohydrated food of your choice like baguette, pasta or anything that u feel like eating. Mine happen to be chapati
This is me expressing lunch in the middle of boring weekend ;)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

banana for breakfast

today i made a great banana smoothies inspired by nigella lawson(nigella express) and cameron diaz (what happen in vegas). banana from jusco is such a beauty and i can't resist throwing them into the blender

You need:

  • half banana
  • 3/4 tspn nescafe
  • 1 tspn cocoa powder (i use van houten pure cocoa)
  • 100 ml plain water
  • 200 ml fresh milk
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 1tbspn brown sugar

then....blend2, grab your mug, enjoy your smoothies!

-breakfast like a king.....dinner like a beggar-

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Assignment-Short Movie

The video titled Global Warming in Media. Actually I blindly pick the topic coz "MEDIA" sounds awesome. I have to do this for Community Medicine. So my group leader said "clip sikit2 pun dah ok sebagai penutup je" I was thinking about showing my class the Al-Gore speech on eleventh hour but i'm sure it's gonna put the whole class to sleep. Besides download and show is kind of too easy. 

Since presentation day is the day when everyone is putting up with crap OR come for the sake of marks+attendance i think i should think myself as an audience. Then, i watched few youtube videos and decided....I'm gonna learn & practice how to use Windows Movie Maker right now!

Well this is the finalized clip. I'm happy when my group members were satisfied. Of course shud coz they looks good in the vid ;) I left creativity long time ago so this is the time i feel i'm a colorful person again.

Angry Kid

I heard kids in my neighborhood fighting. They fight over a balloon. The loud boy really agitate me. I just want a peaceful n boring weekend- full stop. Angry boy reminds me the day while i was baby sitting my younger siblings. It takes a lot of my free time and playtime. I'm filled with anger when my needs were compromised. Those days i throw tantrums or stuff. I don't see any any difference now. Well maybe blogging can lessen my anger after i let people know how i feel.

As I grow older and wiser *i guess my needs and desire had become even more complex. I want to be understood in return when I understand people. Like I want to have an oatmeal but if oat is not served with banana i'll retreat. Or I was thinking about looking around MAC store with someone but decided not going there anymore when she had purchased her stuff without me.

The truth is it's hard being angry. Tiring, cutting off my viable years and wash away the glow on my face. I just cant help being angry when my desire have been compromised or people who'd suppose to understand me didn't deliver. So it's a day called I'M NOT PUTTING UP WITH CRAP. I'm getting myself some pleasure even tho people who'd really care abt me is dead.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

school didn't teach how to find a partner

I received loads of wedding invitation lately...most of ‘em are my friend. Congrats to all. Many questions been lingering around my head. But these bangs my head the most:
-Should a partner have the same career like you?
-To what extent you will tolerate gap between you and your partner?e.g between rich & & beast, boss & employee, teacher & student

A friend said make a list of pro’s-con’s and choose. But i dont think choosing a partner is purely quantitative, there’s some part are rather qualitative like:
> Rich+handsome+jerk
>Poor+sweet+ mr.nice guy
 >Rich+not so handsome+so-so
I’m sure different person will opt for different answer coz right or wrong it’s all on you.

used to love cooking

Once upon a time in middle of my busy schedule i always cooking. Cook eventhou i know i have exam. Basically i’ll cook whenever i have to. Only do take away thingy when i really couldnt cook. I cooked before i went for lecture.... have ‘em wrap nicely and brought it to the hospital after class. During Ramadhan I’m already cooking at 7 a.m. Its all for my dear brother. He dont feel like eating hospital food after chemo, so i’ll prepare whatever he feels like eating.

Few years ago this is what i felt when i prepare food........I want to make a healthy and delicious food for my brother to eat. I want him to heal and gets better with my food. I expect that my food will give comfort to him. And of course he is my num 1 fan, never complaint and enjoy my cooking wholeheartedly.

Now it’s been 2 years he left us. All my feelings towards cooking also slacking off. I just dont have the drive to cook healthy food with passion anymore. I’m a kinda express person nowadays. Perhaps my current schedule+situation didnt permits me to cook like housewife.