Wednesday, December 15, 2010

chicken porridge for cold

Actually my porridge don't really have medicinal properties but it has soothing properties to my itchy throat & stuffy nose. Plus, it's really easy to eat while i'm wiping my nose *yeah i can't help doing that.

Today i got summoned by mpk, i was like late for NOT MORE than 10 minutes. Well thanks to ani sup utara centre point klang that speeding up my order at a speed of a snail. Until now i still belive it's not my fault but i'd just paid for the 'golden ticket' to avoid futher trouble. I wish that my sis would be a reliable lawyer when she graduated...ya know, maybe i can play around the rules when i feel like i'm not guilty ;)

Moving on to our porridge.....this the way i use to make my chicken porridge:
  1. Fry some dried anchovies- set aside, save the oil for later use (i recommend using olive oil/minyak cap buruh/ aliff- it didnt goes bad easily *i mean didn't turn to trans fat easily)
  2. With the anchovy's oil...fry 4 shallots [sliced] + 1/2 inc ginger [julienne]
  3. +chicken [diced] + water + rice + chicken stock/cube
  4. When rice swells and cook....+salt + white pepper powder
  5. Add any vege of your choice (i put bok choy + carrot + cellery)
  6. Done~ serve with fried anchovy + fried shallots
thumb of rule
  • 1 medium rice cooker--> 1 cup rice --> 1 chicken cube
  • measure with your eyes


  1. oooh....that is tasty...i loooove anchovies

  2. yeah...anchovy rocks!! can't think anything better to go with porridge

  3. wah sedap gile!!!! hoho.. ak juga ska ikan bilis.. hehe..

    huney ak ckp actually klu makan sup ayam ke porridge ayam.. yg penting ayam2 yg ala2 sup ni rupenye mmg boost out immune system..

  4. waaa pttla org cina suka sgt bubur ayam. then klu xde apa sgt nak dimakan baikla aku mkn bubur ;)