Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Assignment-Short Movie

The video titled Global Warming in Media. Actually I blindly pick the topic coz "MEDIA" sounds awesome. I have to do this for Community Medicine. So my group leader said "clip sikit2 pun dah ok sebagai penutup je" I was thinking about showing my class the Al-Gore speech on eleventh hour but i'm sure it's gonna put the whole class to sleep. Besides download and show is kind of too easy. 

Since presentation day is the day when everyone is putting up with crap OR come for the sake of marks+attendance i think i should think myself as an audience. Then, i watched few youtube videos and decided....I'm gonna learn & practice how to use Windows Movie Maker right now!

Well this is the finalized clip. I'm happy when my group members were satisfied. Of course shud coz they looks good in the vid ;) I left creativity long time ago so this is the time i feel i'm a colorful person again.


  1. yup...and we prove the extraordinary presentation.

    biasanya last group present mesti org dah kurg berminat and rasa sgt boring...tpi we made a very good closing with that awesome video, i knew for sure that you are the right person for the task.and i am very proud with all of our group member.


  2. yeah!!! TQ 4 believin in me *peace
    i know we shud do the closing act

  3. senang je pakai movie maker tu farah.. seyes x susah.. buat simple2 sudey.. hehe..

  4. ala aku baru nk master. sblm ni xde keperluan nk mguna benda ni