Sunday, December 12, 2010

express lunch for weekend

Today I'm all alone & mum left me with 'pulut gaul nyior'. In fact they're out of town having fun without me. At first the meal was so comforting but then i just can't help feeling like i've done inevitable damage to my diet. I suppose to eat in small portion, high protein + limiting carbo intake.

To refrain myself from feelin' guilty I've made a goulash-like lunch. I fall in love with goulash after i saw Kim Tae Hee having it during NSF agent mission in Budapest (still having the Iris fever). But in my mind i don't think i wanna sip a red color soup so i just make twist to goulash and it looks like a spaghetti sauce. Since i hate pasta the so-called meat sauce will go just fine with chapati.

  1. Heat up pan + olive oil--> 1/2 onion+ 1 clove garlic (minced)
  2. throw in 1 cup of minced meat *for me beef is perfect --> stir a lil' bit
  3. +chopped cellery, carrot, tomato (makes 1 cup altogether)
  4. +1/2 cup tomato puree + 50ml water just to make it bring all the ingredient together
  5. For flavor: paprika powder + coarse blackpepper (it looks more tempting like u've just crush 'em) +salt +sugar (to cut the sourness from tomato puree)
  6. when you're done, have it with any carbohydrated food of your choice like baguette, pasta or anything that u feel like eating. Mine happen to be chapati
This is me expressing lunch in the middle of boring weekend ;)

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