Monday, January 30, 2012

left my nest

Holiday is over......i kept on singing Awan Nano in my head throughout the journey today. 1st time listening to this song i laughed coz it was a twisted version by jozan. After AJL 26th i do think the song was beatifully composed and the singer is a person that can sing it right (that kind of song, an effortless wardrobe plus maintaining his composure). Ironically i am under the sky, longing the presence of my awan nano.

Lirik Awan Nano
Lihat ke arah sana
Serakan warna dan berarakan
Pabila terik panas
Segera hadirnya memayungi diri
Pabila kau dahaga
Sesegera turun hujan melimpahkan kasihnya
Pabila kau katakan
Akulah awan itu yang kau mahu
Begitulah awan nano
Setia melindungi diri
Tika panas mencuba menggores pipi
Dan bibirmu
Begitulah awan nano
Sering saja tak terduga hadir
Dan tak akan tercapai jejarimu
Kasih tiada banding
Setia tiada tara
Bagaimanapun jua
Awan kekasih sebenarmu sayang
Walaupun tak akan tercapai jejarimu
Lihat diriku ini
Yang sesekali pernah kau bagaikan awan
Sehingga tak mungkin terlupa
Berikan belas sedari dulu
Sehingga tak mungkin termampu saksi
Setitis pun air matamu kasihku
Sehingga kau katakan
Akulah awan itu yang kau rindu
Akulah awanmu yang sedia
Melindungi dirimu tika panas mencuba menggores pipi
Dan bibirmu
Akulah awanmu yang sering kau rindu
Dan tak terduga hadirmu walau tak tercapai jejarimu
Kasih tiada banding setia tiada tara
Bagaimanapun jua
Aku pelindung dirimu sayang
Walaupun tak akan tercapai jejarimu
Begitulah awan nano
Setia melindungi diri tika panas mencuba menggores pipi
Dan bibirmu
Begitulah awan nano
Sering saja tak terduga hadir
Dan tak akan tercapai jejarimu
Kasih tiada banding setia tiada tara
Bagaimanapun jua
Aku pelindung dirimu sayang
Walaupun tak akan tercapai jejarimu
singer: Hafiz af7
composed by M.Nasir/Budi Hekayat

Gosh i miss home already

Thursday, January 26, 2012

1,2,3 nice things that my siblings ever said to me

i believe LOVE is the only language that you said to each and every family members. When your brother or sister who'd didnt behave right you'll surprise most of the time it's beause of you. Your perceptions will determine how you perceive peoples around. It's either you reluctant to give, forgive, compromise or understand. As i grow older i realized there's no harm being so giving. Give hugs and kissess to those who deserve it ;)
i pray that we will always love each other because of Allah

Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caringquite often the hard way- Pamela Dugdale

(◕‿-) i will always see them as lil' bro or lil' sis
Sounds odd but i did applied few parenting tips when i deal with my siblings. Read about parenting ever since i started paediatric posting. Treat everyone the same and spread love. I'm not intended to bring resentment to my grave
i hope that we will end up praying for each other fi-dunia wal akhirah

Thursday, January 19, 2012

kacang phool/ foul madammas

sunny sideup....nom3
I remember last time i had kacang phool at MAHA exhibition, the taste is unforgettable. Heavenly nutty and smooth. My version is not that smooth but hey, i always grateful with food on the table. I know few places that sell kacang phool but since I am determined to make it.....we just have to agree i'm gonna tweak the recipe according to what i have in hand.

There's one Singapore cooking show called Sedap, hosted by Mami Asmah Laili. Ahhhh she always makes me drool. She is cooking the typical Malay dish but the outcome doesnt seem ordinary at all. So I googled kacang phool recipe by Asmah Laili and i found Teratak Chetam.
Note: i use briyani powder mix and cili giling from Adabi. Turned out my kacang phool is quite spicy compared to the one that i had in MAHA. Plus I omit chickpeas.
maybe i should cut the briyani mix a lil'
foul=fava beans....lucky me i dont have G6PD deficiency
food processor have made me realize modern is awesome
the original Egyptian foul medammas is a vegetarian dish and not cooked like this. The dish exist since the era of Pharaoh and known as Egypt national cuisine. Kacang phool have been given a Malay touch. So yummeyhh.

bye for now. I'm going to make red bean bun coz everyone will be home tonite :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

sunroof is a good liberation

I'll have exam within few days. My nature is just stay at home and close all doors and windows.... start reading. Its not that i dont want fresh air/ sunlight but I felt discouraged to let the cigarette smoke or car fumes scavenging my alveoli. Plus how could i forget opening a sliding door might cause a cat to enter without notice. When i realize it, the kitty already wrecked my kitchen (eating leftovers on my clean floor). 

how refreshing is that

i want to barbecue with books
Cant wait to live in my country home a.k.a kampung house....where the neighbouring house are not knocking butt (i'm saying its a spacious neighbourhood).

Monday, January 9, 2012

vegetarian burger (the one that got away)

As i'm so used to beef day i just decide that i want to make a vegetarian version. Obviously it turns to fritters. Somehow I recalled a scene in a clinic when my blood was taken:
Doctor: why do you want to do lipid profile. you're still young though *tq 4 d compliment*
Ma fren: we just worried coz our fren had high cholesterol level and she's thin
Doctor: that's guys should be vegetarian like me (and he went searching for perfect needle)
Ma fren: I think he's a beginners (vegetarian) *lol*
Me: Doc, can you suggest a good vegetarian burger?
Doctor: hurm...thats the problem, there's no vegetarian burger

After a share of vegetarian burger (add some twist after gained inspiration from HungryNation) i later realized the best burger are not from beans.
1 cup black eyed peas*
1/2 cup dhal* soaked overnight
1 onion- chopped
1 stalk of cellery- chopped
1tbspn curry powder
1tspn chlli powder
1 egg
salt to taste

1. boil the soaked beans & crush 'em. i prefer them to be quite chuncky
2. mix all
3. Shallow fry in a pan
*problem: it breaks of when i try to flip it. some did hold shape. 

Plan A: not so exciting
Plan B
the same batter.....mix with self-raising flour+ more chilli paste+ salt--deep fried. turn out to be like vadai/ fritters but taste great.

 Goes well with chilli sauce.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

moist chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting

I call it mormon choc cake. After i watch the video on youtube i've decided to make this cake melted in my mouth. The frosting doesnt look that nice but i give it a thumbs up for myself *hey, this is the 1st time* plus nigella never said anything about being neat. As long as i think its good...then its good to be consumed by human being. 

2 cup self-raising flour
2 cup sugar
1 cup milk
3/4 cup cocoa
1 cup vegetable oil/butter
2 eggs
1 tspn vanilla extract
p/s: i cut the sugar to 1 cup, subs with brown sugar. Cut the oil to 3/4 cup and use wax paper to layer the baking tin

1. Flour + sugar + cocoa- mix dry ingredients & make a well in the centre
2. Eggs + vanilla + vegetable oil(wet).....pour into the well (1)
3. Add milk
4. Bake at 175 celcius for 20-30 minutes. My oven is a bread maker oven so its gonna be so hot and crack the cake if it goes 180 celcius

turn brown sugar to powder- lighten my burden

the well i'm talking about
1 cup choc chip/ cooking choc
1/4 cup cream
1/4 cup powdered sugar/ icing sugar
8oz cream cheese

1. Melt choc chip till smooth, add cream
2. Cream cheese+ powdered sugar- mix well & pour (1)

a canvas to begin with

patient is not my virtue?

Interested to see the the video by yourself? say hola to Misty

Saturday, January 7, 2012

new day resolution: you are what you said

Jangan mengeji diri sendiri secara berlafaz (kecuali ketika taubat), kerana ia hanya akan memberikan tubuh kita lanjutan perasaan kegagalan dan negatif, lalu membawa rantaian kegagalan dan kesalahan yg lain, kerana ia telah memasuki minda separa sedar kita, menjadi seperti racun berbisa. Kerana itu, Islam mengajar bila kegagalan, kesukaran dan musibah tertimpa, ucaplah "Hasbunallah wa ni'mal wakil", La hawla wala quwwata illa billah" dan "inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raa'jiun". Kemudian, positifkanlah dirimu. Kamu boleh, InshaAllah...!
after sometime i realize new year resolution is no longer applicable for me (i guess) coz i always have a new day resolution. kick a fresh start every day and just make sure today is better than yesterday. 

speak to yourself....SAY IT RIGHT
Quotes above was taken from Ust. Zaharuddin facebook. It made me realize cracking joke is an art of vigilant. You dont want to offend others nor make fool of yourself coz if you do, you already started a vicious cycle......american said digging your own grave