Sunday, November 25, 2012

secret recipe durian and high fibre cheesecake

I'm getting more impulsive when i know i'm pressed for time, exam is around the corner. While i'm frustrated with myself i went through youtube and found lots of cheesecake recipe. My sweet tooth said why don't I go to jusco and get a nice cheesecake. Sorry i don't bake poor cake (that's why i decided to buy). Last time I went to cake sense and got myself a tiramisu and chocolate block. 

Today they don't have many cheesecake so I went to secret recipe. Each cost me rm7 (exclude tax weyhh). Durian cheesecake is so smooth and fragrant. The durian smell is like a siren telling "eat me!" They are as scrumptious as durian crepe but LESS sweet. I think the sourness from cream cheese have tone down the sweetness of durian. Well, I don't mind either way  it taste great. 

Fibre cheesecake is the interesting one. It has a mellow flavor but more texture. Got rolled oats, lots of nuts and it brings mediterranean vibe to it. So lovely and both cheesecake went well with a cup of green tea. Overall I give 4/5 star for high fibre cheesecake and 5/5 star to durian cheesecake simply because it curb my durian crepe cravings and I love durian. It's a keeper in my memory.
Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

Friday, November 23, 2012

clorox toilet bowl cleaner

I love clorox. I soaked white coat, towel and school uniform with clorox. Now clorox have come up with a new product for toilet bowl. Too bad i'm not paid for this but it's fun to talk about product that makes my life easier. I tend to hurt my thumb if i scrub too much and it's hard to get a free thumb spica.
The toilet bowl cleaner is so concentrated and thick so it stick to the toilet bowl surface for longer time. Longer contact= better cleaning. I notice that I don't have to scour too much coz the bleach will do 70% cleaning for me. The setback is it doesn't smell nice. I'm expecting green color will have the freshness of a pine or mint.
Later on i found out another use for this product....floor cleaning. I'm kinda pissed with the nice smelling floor cleaner unable to get rid of a 'mole' on the floor. People in my country is so used to wet toilet flooring. We believe water is the best cleaning agent. Wet flooring in humid tropical climate will lead to 'mole' formation. Actually it probably fungus or moss but i just call it mole.
Anyway, slimy/unclear looking toilet is simply disgusting. Imagine people use your toilet and the only thing they remember is urine smell. Toilet is the reflection of a household so i'd say keep it above par all the time.
Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

durian soft diet: bad choice

Bought musang king today since durian crepe yesterday was not enough to curb my craving. Rm16/kg in kampung jawa. a fren said can get rm12/kg in padang jawa. Anyway...i don't think I would go into a traffic jam just for a durian. I rather buy durian in front of my house- easy and lazy. I know eating durian alone is no fun but I need a peace of mind before exam. Eat it and forget it.

My dilemma started after i had toothache (new power chain for brackets) but still chomping on durian (soft diet lorr). Now I'm afraid to take paracetamol. While i'm searching for pcm and durian reaction I finished the other half of durian. Now I gotta sleep and forget about the pain. Will ask my pharmacist fren if the myth of mixing durian and paracetamol is true.....update later!!
Update: i saw my gp online and show her this journal. So we agreed that durian and paracetamol is not immortal enemy but advisable to drink a lot of water though. Easy right. Any intoxication just keep charcoal tablet in handy (this one is just a piece of my mind). Then i can put durian into my soft diet after savory oat porridge.
enjoy every bits. 100% good
Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

Sunday, November 18, 2012

giatkan kempen boikot barangan Israel

Kata orang umat Islam di sini ada sikap prihatin bermusim. Bila Gaza kena serang teruk2 baru nak boikot barangan israel, baru ada kempen isu palestine. Tapi macam mana kita tahu orang tu prihatin bermusim...entah2 selama ni dia memang prihatin cuma xtunjuk kat facebook *wink*. Kalau kamu pergi festival yang islamik sepanjang tahun ada je kempen bebaskan palestine. Sekurang2nya, kempen2 dan pencerahan ini sedikit sebanyak telah menggerakkan hati rakyat malaysia untuk memboikot.  
Allah tak tanya "kamu boikot tuu berkesan ke" tapi its the efforts that count. Allah will reward you for trying. Kalau dulu asal lapar je cari kedai paling ekspress--mcD tapi sekarang dah boleh rasional makan makanan segera tak baik untuk kesihatan.....apa kata kita makan nasi putih lauk bayam dan ayam bakar. Dan bila addict sangat dengan mocha frappe starbucks i told myself do you want to get fatter & broke for the whole week??
that leads to the birth of my mocha banana frappe
  • half banana (cavendish)
  • 3/4 tspn nescafe
  • 1 tspn cocoa powder (i use van houten pure cocoa)
  • 100 ml plain water
  • 200 ml fresh milk
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 1tbspn brown sugar
Apa2 pun tahniah buat pejuang2 Palestine yang terdiri dari rakyat Palestine sendiri dan pihak2 luar seperti Iran, Lubnan (Hezbollah), Mesir, Tunisia *just to name a few*. Dan tahniah buat rakyat Malaysia yang menderma/ kempen buat saudara kita di Palestine. Kalau mengaku Islam tapi xrasa apa2 pasal isu Palestine baik angkat bendera bintang biru.
After reading Hizbullah penebus maruah umat this has been my fav nasheed but i can't find it in youtube anymore. I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO. Kalau ikut amerika deme ni pengganas la tapi kamu nak layan amerika kah? Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is not even a president of a country but he is more than capable of helping his people and palestinian. Khodafez. 

Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

Friday, November 9, 2012

kyaaa i want to see song joong-ki

After watching Innocent Man.....I wish i can meet this namja for real. Perhaps take a very close view at his face and measure his pores....coz the it didnt show on camera.
Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

on the heavier side

I promised myself that i must workout at least 3 times per week and read 2 subjects per week. Unfortunately  i hooked on a new drama Ohlala Couple on kbs world *uber funneyh* While i busy watching tv i came to my senses all k-pop star did workout. If I take a hard look on myself(still 20's) and compare to them(30's) i think i am more than shabby.

However, my love for fitness have become even deeper since ortho. I always worried about getting fat like before (urghh still in denial). Since I am super sleepy as soon as I open the book I think why don't I make this as an excuse to workout.
kick start with cardio. you would love dancing with madonna trainer (used to). Pheww sweat like a pig....i didnt do the whole thing. Got tutorial to read.

if i have a trainer like justin i'll workout everyday. 
as usual VS can sell anything to me. hurm now i'm certain, they have sports bra.
Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ