Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tiramisu uhh uhh uhh ohh

Yum...i'm enjoying tiramisu to bits. As i get a year older than last year my choice of dessert have changed dramatically. I used to love chocolate cake/ brownies but now i am more to fruit based dessert (fruits for good skin)  and enjoy coffee flavoured cake. Previously i have this mindset-- COFFEE supposed to be drink.
this is the kid that induced my binge tiramisu eating
went to jusco and grab a family size tiramisu
enjoy until i poop
Comment about jusco bought tiramisu: so delicious, definitely would buy again for special occasion. Not so sweet yet complement the coffee flavor. None are overpowering. Easy on my wallet too. RM 24.90 for a block of tiramisu (around 0.5- 0.75 kg). couldnt ask for more. Now i have small pieces left. I think i need to swallow some fibre to wash out all the nice lipidy coffee cream....and do some cardio to jolt metabolism.
Need to sweat it out so that i have a beautiful mind to begin with. This posting have taken a toll on me. If i spend more time there i would die because of depression. Friggin happy it's over (aiyahh exam is one day only)

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