Friday, December 31, 2010

yup rescuing myself coz i have to

You can’t give something if you don’t have it. You can’t spread light onto others if you don’t have light from within. You can’t give wealth to others if you don’t have it for yourself first. Make yourself a service and pay yourself first.
taken from one of my blogger friend.......totally need to do this
i want to gain control in myself. this is what i learnt today

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

chicken porridge for cold

Actually my porridge don't really have medicinal properties but it has soothing properties to my itchy throat & stuffy nose. Plus, it's really easy to eat while i'm wiping my nose *yeah i can't help doing that.

Today i got summoned by mpk, i was like late for NOT MORE than 10 minutes. Well thanks to ani sup utara centre point klang that speeding up my order at a speed of a snail. Until now i still belive it's not my fault but i'd just paid for the 'golden ticket' to avoid futher trouble. I wish that my sis would be a reliable lawyer when she graduated...ya know, maybe i can play around the rules when i feel like i'm not guilty ;)

Moving on to our porridge.....this the way i use to make my chicken porridge:
  1. Fry some dried anchovies- set aside, save the oil for later use (i recommend using olive oil/minyak cap buruh/ aliff- it didnt goes bad easily *i mean didn't turn to trans fat easily)
  2. With the anchovy's oil...fry 4 shallots [sliced] + 1/2 inc ginger [julienne]
  3. +chicken [diced] + water + rice + chicken stock/cube
  4. When rice swells and cook....+salt + white pepper powder
  5. Add any vege of your choice (i put bok choy + carrot + cellery)
  6. Done~ serve with fried anchovy + fried shallots
thumb of rule
  • 1 medium rice cooker--> 1 cup rice --> 1 chicken cube
  • measure with your eyes

Sunday, December 12, 2010

express lunch for weekend

Today I'm all alone & mum left me with 'pulut gaul nyior'. In fact they're out of town having fun without me. At first the meal was so comforting but then i just can't help feeling like i've done inevitable damage to my diet. I suppose to eat in small portion, high protein + limiting carbo intake.

To refrain myself from feelin' guilty I've made a goulash-like lunch. I fall in love with goulash after i saw Kim Tae Hee having it during NSF agent mission in Budapest (still having the Iris fever). But in my mind i don't think i wanna sip a red color soup so i just make twist to goulash and it looks like a spaghetti sauce. Since i hate pasta the so-called meat sauce will go just fine with chapati.

  1. Heat up pan + olive oil--> 1/2 onion+ 1 clove garlic (minced)
  2. throw in 1 cup of minced meat *for me beef is perfect --> stir a lil' bit
  3. +chopped cellery, carrot, tomato (makes 1 cup altogether)
  4. +1/2 cup tomato puree + 50ml water just to make it bring all the ingredient together
  5. For flavor: paprika powder + coarse blackpepper (it looks more tempting like u've just crush 'em) +salt +sugar (to cut the sourness from tomato puree)
  6. when you're done, have it with any carbohydrated food of your choice like baguette, pasta or anything that u feel like eating. Mine happen to be chapati
This is me expressing lunch in the middle of boring weekend ;)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

banana for breakfast

today i made a great banana smoothies inspired by nigella lawson(nigella express) and cameron diaz (what happen in vegas). banana from jusco is such a beauty and i can't resist throwing them into the blender

You need:

  • half banana
  • 3/4 tspn nescafe
  • 1 tspn cocoa powder (i use van houten pure cocoa)
  • 100 ml plain water
  • 200 ml fresh milk
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 1tbspn brown sugar

then....blend2, grab your mug, enjoy your smoothies!

-breakfast like a king.....dinner like a beggar-

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Assignment-Short Movie

The video titled Global Warming in Media. Actually I blindly pick the topic coz "MEDIA" sounds awesome. I have to do this for Community Medicine. So my group leader said "clip sikit2 pun dah ok sebagai penutup je" I was thinking about showing my class the Al-Gore speech on eleventh hour but i'm sure it's gonna put the whole class to sleep. Besides download and show is kind of too easy. 

Since presentation day is the day when everyone is putting up with crap OR come for the sake of marks+attendance i think i should think myself as an audience. Then, i watched few youtube videos and decided....I'm gonna learn & practice how to use Windows Movie Maker right now!

Well this is the finalized clip. I'm happy when my group members were satisfied. Of course shud coz they looks good in the vid ;) I left creativity long time ago so this is the time i feel i'm a colorful person again.

Angry Kid

I heard kids in my neighborhood fighting. They fight over a balloon. The loud boy really agitate me. I just want a peaceful n boring weekend- full stop. Angry boy reminds me the day while i was baby sitting my younger siblings. It takes a lot of my free time and playtime. I'm filled with anger when my needs were compromised. Those days i throw tantrums or stuff. I don't see any any difference now. Well maybe blogging can lessen my anger after i let people know how i feel.

As I grow older and wiser *i guess my needs and desire had become even more complex. I want to be understood in return when I understand people. Like I want to have an oatmeal but if oat is not served with banana i'll retreat. Or I was thinking about looking around MAC store with someone but decided not going there anymore when she had purchased her stuff without me.

The truth is it's hard being angry. Tiring, cutting off my viable years and wash away the glow on my face. I just cant help being angry when my desire have been compromised or people who'd suppose to understand me didn't deliver. So it's a day called I'M NOT PUTTING UP WITH CRAP. I'm getting myself some pleasure even tho people who'd really care abt me is dead.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

school didn't teach how to find a partner

I received loads of wedding invitation lately...most of ‘em are my friend. Congrats to all. Many questions been lingering around my head. But these bangs my head the most:
-Should a partner have the same career like you?
-To what extent you will tolerate gap between you and your partner?e.g between rich & & beast, boss & employee, teacher & student

A friend said make a list of pro’s-con’s and choose. But i dont think choosing a partner is purely quantitative, there’s some part are rather qualitative like:
> Rich+handsome+jerk
>Poor+sweet+ mr.nice guy
 >Rich+not so handsome+so-so
I’m sure different person will opt for different answer coz right or wrong it’s all on you.

used to love cooking

Once upon a time in middle of my busy schedule i always cooking. Cook eventhou i know i have exam. Basically i’ll cook whenever i have to. Only do take away thingy when i really couldnt cook. I cooked before i went for lecture.... have ‘em wrap nicely and brought it to the hospital after class. During Ramadhan I’m already cooking at 7 a.m. Its all for my dear brother. He dont feel like eating hospital food after chemo, so i’ll prepare whatever he feels like eating.

Few years ago this is what i felt when i prepare food........I want to make a healthy and delicious food for my brother to eat. I want him to heal and gets better with my food. I expect that my food will give comfort to him. And of course he is my num 1 fan, never complaint and enjoy my cooking wholeheartedly.

Now it’s been 2 years he left us. All my feelings towards cooking also slacking off. I just dont have the drive to cook healthy food with passion anymore. I’m a kinda express person nowadays. Perhaps my current schedule+situation didnt permits me to cook like housewife.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

saya fan berat hassan hayastani

Walaupun bukan ahli dalam bidang falsafah...setiap bait ayatnya membuat aku berfikir. Paling tidak menggamit perhatian dek kecanggihannya memperindah bahasa. Berikut diceduk dari FB hassan hayastani.

Cuplikan: Al-Quran, Surah Saba’: 15).
William R. Roff (1974) telah memperlukiskan identiti orang Kelantan sebagai: “The Islamic State of Kelantan, in the north-east corner of mainland Malaysia bordering southern Thailand, has existed as a locus of power in the peninsular for the least a thousand years.”
Ini disokong oleh Pendeta Prof. Ismail Hussein (1989) yang turut mencatat di Kelantan sudah lama tumbuh suatu penghidupan keintelektualan dan kesusasteraan yang sama suburnya, yang sedikit diketahui orang hari ini.
Malah Kelantan turut disebut dalam kebanyakan tulisan kesusasteraan awal, dengan menghadirnya tokoh-tokoh besar yang disenyapkan lantaran sikap politiknya seperti Kadir Adabi, Yusuf Zaki dan lain-lain.
Sebagai seorang pemastautin sementara di negeri Kelantan (kurang lebih 2 bulan), saya melihat orang2 kelantan ini sangat cinta akan seni budaya. Dikir barat berkembang sepert aliran hip-hop Amerika. Ke mana sahaja mereka pergi mereka tidak pernah lupa akan makanan dan dialek. Contoh mudah sila kira restoran makanan kelantan di tempat tinggal anda.

Kekaguman saya tidak terhenti di situ. Kuasa mereka merubah landskap politik negara yang saya kira hanya tercapai dengan ilmu dan kesedaran adalah antara perkara yang perlu dicontohi. Tidak dapat tidak saya bersetuju bahawa mereka telah merasai banyak perubahan positif yang tidak terdapat negeri lain.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

thanx a million friend...LOVE the books

yesterday was like a phbbtttt day for me. wait....actually everytime i met a new specialist the crises of inadequacy will recur. neway i need to get out from my routine, take a break from my everyday friend and meet another friend & gain a new perspective, go HOME and READ.
To kay kamal...all your books have reached a new home. I'll be so happy to adopt them for a while *wink.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

kaya for diabetic

           Today I am so determined to dedicate this kaya to my father. Actually i'm so bored having diabetic marmalade jam which is soo citrusy without creaminess feel to it. So after surfing around the net i stumble upon this recipe by Amy Beh...yaaaayyyy!!! And i am truly inspired to make it today after viewing some of the pic here.
           My name is farah AJ, this is trial num 1. I decided to substitute castor sugar with brown sugar, use in a lesser amount (100g), add 1 tspn corn starch and cut 50ml coconut milk from the original recipe. The kaya taste great but there is one prob. It didn't look nice. My bro will not have it spread on his bread if it is so damn fugly. Then i watch this video and i can see a halo. So the answer lies inside the rotating motor of your food processor or blender or sieve.Basically this is how my 1st attempt making kaya turn out. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tandas cangkung lebih baik

lamanya tak publish entri baru. sebenarnya saya berniat nak buat entri 'kek raya tahun ni' tapi xsempatla. exam dah dekat *wat am I doing. ini adalah penemuan saya yang terbaru hari ini. boleh dikatakan accidental finding. saya disuruh baca pasal Vasalva Maneuver (terpaksa belajar) dan terjumpa gambar ni. saya dah cuba maneuver ni tapi rasa cam pening kowt. manuever ni sebenarnya lebih kurang spt meneran ketika di tandas tapi dengan hidung dan mulut ditutup. ei..orang boleh mati sebab sakit jantung ketika di atas mangkuk tandas taw

tandas duduk membuat onar kerana ada otot yang tercekik.....ikutlah sunnah agar muscle itu lurus. oleh itu kita mesti cangkung untuk qada' hajat
website ni sangatla menarik

Monday, September 6, 2010

kenapa saya tidur dalam kelas

kali terakhir saya tidur semasa kelas adalah ketika waktu matapelajaran matematik tambahan form 5 (ini anggaran jela). Selepas menginjak ke alam universiti tidur dalam kelas is like out of league. Sejak masuk ke tahun 3 mbBs saya menjadi nobita semula...ouh i hate myself. Mungkin kena beli sabun tahan mengantuk.

masa 1st degree & dip (the golden days)
  • antara kelas ada break
  • lepas subuh gwe sempat tidur
  • kelas 4-5 jam sehari..then rehat kat umah
  • antara kelas maybe dapat rehat tapi masih semput jgak
  • lepas subuh xde tidur lepas sahur...terus pegi hospital
  • menghabiskan separuh hari di hospital, nak balik umah time lunch takut xde parking
Sehingga kini saya masih dalam fasa transisi. Med skul really had drained lots of my energy!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

food for thought

sempena ramadhan ini, marilah kita menyuburkan iman dan meningkatkan ilmu. semoga kita termasuk dalam golongan yang diredhai-Nya

Friday, August 6, 2010

Newcastle mark my spiritual journey

             Ada pun semboyan telah berbunyi berpindahlah hamba beserta bala tentera bagi melaksanakan titah baginda. Jika benar bagai dikata 3 tahun jualah hamba berkelana. Medan perang bukan sebarang…..tersilap langkah MBBS ku melayang. Ku sangka panas hingga ke petang rupanya hujan di tengahari. Belum pun dua purnama hamba berjuang, sirih dipanggil pulang ke gagang. Ibarat negeri berubah rasam;  ibarat tahun berubah musim.
             Sesungguhnya cinta itu membutakan. Dek kerana cinta dan luhurnya rasa hamba turutkan jua titah diberi. Kesimpulanya lepas ni kena sambung klinikal di HTAR klang…..namun hrpz akan sentiasa diingati. Kota bharu telah mengajar hamba banyak perkara yang tidak diajar jika berada dibawah lindungan orang tua. Sepanjang perkelanaan ini, hamba telah mengenal erti persahabatan dan peri pentingnya kebergantungan pada Yang Maha Esa. Senduk dengan belanga lagi berlaga, sudah memang resmi manusia pabila nasi habis budi bersua. 


Pohon mengkudu tumbuh rapat,
Rapat lagi pohon jati;
Kawan beribu mudah dapat,
Sahabat setia susah dicari.

Hormat dulu diri sendiri,
Itulah tanda orang yang mulia;
Jangan dikejar gunung yang berlari,
Hilang kabus nampaklah dia.

Anak ayam turun enam,
satu mati tinggal lima;
Minta doa tetapkan iman,
Minta mati dalam agama

Sunday, August 1, 2010

OnG posting: female body is surprising

After sometime being in labour room i gained a new perspective. I think female is one of the greatest creature on earth. Like you'll wonder how much your mum endure all the pain to get you into this world and how flexible the vagina and cervix could be. Damn, it is hard to become a woman.

Kesimpulannya seorang suami itu mesti cuba really hard untuk berada di sisi isterinya yang sedang melahirkan. Tapi kadang2 kaum ayah ni bukannye sengaja xmahu masuk labour room, it just that they are busy with their job *like wat happen to my dad: zaman xde telefon + my dad is working in sarawak~ aisy kesian mak.

Moral of the story: I salute a guy that come to the labour room + wipe the wifey's tears + hold her hand & azankan anak di situ. Tak mampu diluahkan dengan kata2 tapi sungguh menginsafkan. I can see that the wife is religous. The delivery process also was so short with minimum tear.

But i still dont understand why men were so obsessed about ranking a women as cun...x cun...cantik...x cantik. Yang lawa akan dapat layanan istimewa like ayam goreng AND leher, kalau yang mediocre like me dapat ayam je. Of course it is personal but shallowness is soo irritating. I hope that i will be surrounded by people who can be fair and have respect to everyone no matter who.
Beauty isn't worth thinking about; what's important is your mind. You don't want a fifty-dollar haircut on a fifty-cent head. ~Garrison Keillor
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1st posting: surgical department

*cant upload my precious pic coz this broadband is sengal

Chief complaint: afraid of coming to surgical posting. The fact that surgeon will cut people open and my anatomy is not that amazing (at this moment) I rather stay at home. Moving from klang to shah alam has drained all my energy throughout the journey. Half day journey had made me think enough that I shouldn’t go home so often.

Day 1 at surgical department is ok. Dato’ hasim show us around and I am so amazed with the smell of the male ward, surgical urology. It smells like urine, the ward is packed with occupied extra bed. Not to mention there’s a lot people with white coat gathering around one bed. Prognosis is not good.

I tried to make myself comfortable in this place so the next day I went to clerk a patient. I think I am hitting a jackpot….this madam is a nicely speaking lady, cannot BO normally, and there’s a pic of her colonoscopy with an abnormal finding. While I was clerking there comes a troop of doctors *man, I towt they’ve done round…what r they doing here.

Actually there’s nothing bad happen, in fact I enjoy being around surgeon which is 100% male (coz the all the female have been transferred to Tanah Merah). After sometime it can be said that male doctors are more relaxed and didn’t throw tantrums *60% from our observation. I’m so blessed that surgeons are welcoming the student to their OT and see how the ACTION happens.

Moral from the posting:
  1. Always eat a humble pie. Some afford to use blackberry but they didn’t (wonder with that salary why use a normal Sony Ericsson). Surgeons here really respect the patient & student.
  2. They also live religious + easy to talk to and understand students well.
  3. Surgeons only scary when they ask question and you didn’t know the answer *actually nothing bad happens
  4. 1st time I heard people in ward said “u shud grab an early lunch” ~ coz surgery will take lots of your time

Even though I have long way to go + my anatomy is suxx…..i got a feeling, I wanna be a surgeon. I was thinking about a scene:
The desperate housewives scene
Husband: why must u become a surgeon? I hardly see you.
Me: why don’t u come earlier and decide what shud I be.

The muslim family scene
Husband: I think surgeon is a noble job.
Me: Thank you for understanding, dear.

Anyway, i've draw a line here:
Student =learn + not paid + not reponsible to the patient
Staff= work + paid + dont screw up

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hitler yang fuhrer

di ambil dari web Al-Banjari online
Artikel Terjemahan (Arab > Bahasa Melayu)
Saya terjemahkannya ke dalam Bahasa Melayu dan saya kongsikan bersama anda semua.
Mengapa Adolf Hitler
Penghormatanku kepada lelaki agung, Adolf Hitler. Semoga akan bangkit seorang lagi sepertinya di zaman ini.

Aku berbual dengan seorang ahli keluarga rakan yang sedang menamatkan tesis Ph.Dnya dan aku amat terperanjat apabila beliau menyatakan tesis beliau berkaitan Adolf Hitler, pemimpin Nazi. Maka aku katakan padanya, "Takkan dah habis semua tokoh Islam di dunia ini sampai kamu memilih si bahlol ini dijadikan tajuk?"

Beliau ketawa lalu bertanya apa yang aku ketahui tentang Hitler. Lalu aku menjawab bahawa Hitler itu seorang pembunuh yang membunuh secara berleluasa dan meletakkan German mengatasi segala-galanya...lalu dia bertanya dari mana sumber aku.

Aku menjawab sumberku dari TV dan suratkhabar. Lalu dia berkata : " Baiklah, pihak British telah melakukan lebih dahsyat dari itu...pihak Jepun semasa zaman Emperor mereka juga sama...tapi kenapa dunia hanya menghukum Hitler dan meletakkan kesalahan malahan memburukkan nama Nazi seolah-olah Nazi masih wujud hari ini sedangkan mereka melupakan kesalahan pihak British kepada Scotland, pihak Jepun kepada dunia dan pihak Afrika Selatan kepada kaum kulit hitam mereka?" Aku lantas meminta jawapan dari beliau.

Beliau menyambung : Ada (2) dua sebab.
1. Prinsip Hitler berkaitan Yahudi, Zionisme dan penubuhan negara Israel.
Hitler telah melancarkan Holocaust untuk menghapuskan Yahudi kerana beranggapan Yahudi akan menjahanamkan dunia pada suatu hari nanti.

2. Prinsip Hitler berkaitan dengan Islam.
Hitler telah belajar sejarah kerajaan terdahulu dan umat yang lampau, dan beliau telah menyatakan bahawa ada tiga tamadun yang terkuat, iaitu Parsi, Rome dan Arab.

Ketiga-tiga tamadun ini telah menguasai dunia satu ketika dulu dan Parsi serta Rome telah mengembangkan tamadun mereka hingga hari ini, manakala Arab pula lebih kepada persengketaan sesama mereka sahaja. Beliau melihat ini sebagai satu masalah kerana Arab akan merosakkan Tamadun Islam yang beliau telah lihat begitu hebat satu ketika dulu.

Atas rasa kagum beliau pada Tamadun Islam, beliau telah mencetak risalah berkaitan Islam dan diedarkan kepada tentera Nazi semasa perang, walaupun kepada tentera yang bukan Islam.

Beliau juga telah meberi peluang kepada tentera German yang beragama Islam untuk menunaikan solat ketika masuk waktu di mana jua...bahkan tentera German pernah bersolat di dataran Berlin.

Ketika disatu upacara, Hitler ketika itu menunggu sehingga mereka tamat solat jemaah sebelum memulakan ucapan beliau. Hitler juga sering bertemu dengan para Ulamak dan meminta pendapat mereka serta belajar dari mereka tentang agama dan kisah para sahabat dalam mentadbir.

Beliau juga meminta para Sheikh untuk mendampingi tentera2nya yang beragama islam, bagi mendoakan mereka malah juga turut meminta keselamatan buat tenteranya yang bukan Islam serta tiupan semangat kepada yang beragama Islam untuk membunuh Yahudi.

Semua maklumat ini ialah hasil kajian sejarah yang dilakukan oleh sahabatku untuk tesis Ph.Dnya dan beliau meminta aku tidak menokok tambah apa-apa supaya tidak menyusahkan beliau untuk membentangkannya nanti. Beliau tidak mahu aku campurkan bahan dari internet kerana aku bukan pakar bidang sejarah.

Tetapi gambar-gambar yang ada di sini sudah lama tersebar dan semua orang boleh melihatnya di internet. Aku juga sedaya upaya mencari maklumat tambahan di internet dan berjumpa beberapa perkara diantaranya:

1: Pengaruh Al-Quran di dalam ucapan Hitler.

Ketika tentera Nazi tiba di Moscow, Hitler berhajat menyampaikan ucapan. Dia memerintahkan penasihat-penasihatnya untuk mencari kata-kata pembukaan yang hebat tak kira dari kitab agama apa, kata-kata ahli falsafah ataupun dari bait syair.

Seorang sasterawan Iraq yang bermastautin di German mencadangkan ayat Al-Quran : (اقتربت الساعة وانشق القمر) bermaksud : Telah hampir Hari Kiamat dan bulan akan terbelah... Hitler berasa kagum dengan ayat ini dan menggunakannya sebagai kalam pembukaan dan isi kandungan ucapan beliau.

Memang para ahli tafsir menghuraikan bahawa ayat tersebut bermaksud kehebatan, kekuatan dan memberi maksud yang mendalam. Perkara ini dinyatakan oleh Hitler di dalam buku beliau Mein Kampf yang ditulis di dalam penjara bahawa banyak aspek tindakan beliau berdasarkan ayat Al-Quran, khususnya yang berkaitan tindakan beliau ke atas Yahudi.

2. Hitler bersumpah dengan nama Allah yang Maha Besar.

Hitler telah memasukkan sumpah dengan nama Allah yang Maha Besar di dalam ikrar ketua tenteranya yang akan tamat belajar di akademi tentera German. " Aku bersumpah dengan nama Allah (Tuhan) yang Maha Besar dan ini ialah sumpah suci ku,bahawa aku akan mentaati semua perintah ketua tentera German dan pemimpinnya Adolf Hitler, pemimpin bersenjata tertinggi, bahawa aku akan sentiasa bersedia untuk berkorban dengan nyawaku pada bila-bila waktu demi pemimpin ku"

3. Hitler enggan meminum (arak) pada ketika beliau gementar semasa keadaan German yang agak goyah dan bermasalah. Ketika itu para doktor mencadangkan beliau minum arak sebagai ubat dan beliau enggan, sambil mangatakan,
" Bagaimana anda ingin suruh seseorang itu minum arak untuk tujuan perubatan sedangkan beliau tidak pernah seumur hidupnya menyentuh arak?"
Ya, Hitler tidak pernah menjamah arak sepanjang hayat beliau. Minuman kebiasaan beliau ialah teh menggunakan uncang khas.

Bukanlah tujuan penulisan ini untuk membela apa yang dilakukan oleh Hitler, tetapi ianya bertujuan untuk menyingkap apa yang disembunyikan oleh pihak Barat. Semoga kita semua beroleh manfaat. Hitler sepatutnya mampu menghapuskan semua Yahudi dahulu tapi dia tinggalkan sedikit saki baki bangsa itu agar manusia masa hadapan tahu akan keburukan orang Zionis ni !

Terbitan dari sumbangan email Hj. Anuar Hashim (Ketua Pegawai Operasi EBEL) disunting semula untuk paparan di albanjari online dan EBEL News.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

bye bye klang....hello KB

Seriously susahnya nak meninggalkan rumah setelah 4 tahun duduk sebumbung dengan famili. Kadang2 saya berharap agar klinikal dijalankan di HTAR je *tp overburdened lak hospital tu. So saya akan bermula dari kosong....mengemas tempat baru, mencari clique baru dan belajar perkara2 baru.

Selepas ini saya akan mula merindui rumah...katil....dan segala2nya tentang keluarga. Let us pray that i wont encountered with annoying housemate or roomate. After spending years at my own home I had a feeling that I don't accept inappropriate behavior anymore. It can turn me into monster.

Anyway my housewife mindset has totally off. Not in the mood for cooking or patting clay mask on my face. Now i'd really want to dedicate myself to clinical training and start being practical.
Got a bus to catch tomorrow morning. ta-ta
all by myself

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

long live the emperor

kuzco Pictures, Images and Photos

Longevity is one of my favorite topic. Since i got into medical school i just can't drop it....counting my milestone (compared to others at my age..ehm2..) i'd really need to live longer and healthier so that my life mission would be accomplished. Maybe i need some Benjamin Buttons gene so that i'm getting younger everyday (yeah great...people you loved will die before you & you'll end up being LONELY~)

The emperor of China ate Cordyceps sinensis regularly to achieve longevity. Don't be surprised if i got that in my house too but that was not prescribed for me. (^_^) It's not literally keep you alive but cordyceps are known to boost immune system, preserve a good lung function and indirectly helps for a better renal function. My mom didn't catch a cold or fever after a year taking it regularly (thank you Allah, alhamdulillah)

Jeong Jaewon (JJ)
I've found out about a man who lived in this era, which considered long lived+ healthy. He is the oldest CEO in Korea, still working in his 94's. Once the youngest paediatrician in Korea and run his own food company called Jeong's Food group.

So know i'm sharing a longevity tips that worth your life.
1. Study every morning/day to keeps your brain working and prevent dementia. JJ: watch CNN everyday to stimulate language centre
2. Raise crop by himself, it must be organic + of course he has a large lawn.
3. Exercise everyday. Always do stretching and he walks every morning in his 1/2 acre garden.
4. Special normal diet but in SMALL amount. Wanna know what JJ had for breakfast? boiled potato, boiled egg, ginkgo nuts, boiled pumpkin, fresh salad, fruits, rice cake +soy milk. He said, do not eat rice in the morning.

After many years doing this, JJ who'd diagnosed with diabetes in his 40's able to maintain near to normal blood sugar level. His hair considered as a hair of 40 year old. I wonder how is he doing during his housemen years.

Monday, June 7, 2010

finding happyness in nation

If someone ask me why u wanna be a doctor? i would say because i love people more than i love cats or machine. One of my specialty is watching people live their life. Either watching a a book or literally observe (what people do when they eat, when they scold children, when they sneeze)~ i'd really enjoy it. Later I would make some self-realization, at least this is the whole point of doing it.

While our economy is going down, i've just finished reading a book called 'Pelangi Persia' by Dina Sulaiman. Seeing how Iranian live from a perspective of Indonesian makes me realize that we've heard too much crap from the west. Iran is nothing than what i had imagine before. If our government is looking for a role model...please choose Iran as example so that malaysian public will have access to cheap electricity, free water in the public places and lots of picnic spot. Plus, Iranian were so nice to God and guest. (pls remember i'm pissed off with the new electricity tariff...from rm200/month to rm400 this month)

Pls answer the following question:
Its good to have following nationalty.
A. malaysia
B. iran
C. denmark
D. dubai

-religious and have respect to others, regardless what color/religion they are. still can be happy in iran if u are zoroaster, sunni, christian...armenian. a good command in persian language is always an advantage
-lots of 'genius nuts' *iran is the largest pistachio exporter in the world
-they are free from commercialism or pop culture like us, they believe in their own movie & ideology. the president is really a humble man
-older woman can go to college, martyr's family got all the help they need, there's no orphan in Teheran coz all of them at least have been adopted by rich family even though they didn't live together

I watched Oprah and Astro Awani, then i come up with this comparison.
-being said as the happiest nation in the world but have least faith, actually they trust humanity
-people opt for family, happiness, academic, creativity.
-by 4 or 5pm parents will go home/market, be with their kids. I wonder how a doctor's life there
-few respondent have been staying in US said they would never raise a child in US environment
-the higher your income...the higher your income tax would be
-success measured by happiness, not about social class or your earnings
-you can stay as a student in university as long as you want coz education is free, if you're jobless government will still feed you
-the margin between social classes are small, why? coz they're corruption free or maybe minimal

-only 10% locals, the rest are foreigners
-architecture: superb as much as iran N denmark.
-of course not all of them are rich...some are struggling to live everyday BUT
-electricity, water and healthcare are FREE *Dr. Lamees Hamdan even wonder why America didn't provide free health care for the people
-no homeless people
-NO INCOME TAX (awesome!!)
-live next door to mother-in-law are common, not all mother-in-law are like Marie *Everybody Loves Raymond. Live next door to mother-in-law with central kitchen and chef enables you to have 3 meals sent to your house everyday~ lucky you doc

Malaysia can think by yourself.
And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. John F. Kennedy 
The whole point of this entry is i'm looking for happyness~ There is no perfect land but I think we just have to overcome our limitation. To some extent i dont agree with JFK.

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Sunday, June 6, 2010

we made choices

Orientasi mbbs baru sahaja selesai. Sepanjang minggu ini saya sering terkenang teman2 yang masih tinggal dan teman2 yang telah pergi. Pergi tidak semestinya kerana rela, namun ada yang memilih untuk pergi. Dalam dunia yang serba komersil; kita akan dihakimi  kerana setiap pilihan pasti membezakan seseorang. Saya memilih dan berusaha untuk kekal di sini agar mencapai satu turning point dalam hidup.

Baru2 ini saya ke pasaraya di kejiranan berdekatan. Takdir menemukan saya dengan rakan sekelas semasa tahun 6. Mengimbau kenangan tahun 1997 yang belum pudar, saya masih ingat rakan yang selalu tidak menyudahkan kerja rumah dan berterusan gagal dalam beberapa subjek. Saya sempat menegur beliau yang bertugas sebagai juruwang. Sesekali rasa sedih/kasihan dalam hati kerana saya sedar beliau menghadapi masalah pembelajaran *mungkin some degree of learning disability. Membayangkan saya ditempatnya adalah satu turning point. Saya mesti bersyukur walaupun saya belum menjadi pelajar terbaik dalam kelas, masih berhutang dengan ptptn, masih belum bertemu jodoh dan masih belum beres dari banyak segi.

Bagi menghadapi hari mendatang saya akan berterusan mencuba:
-makan dengan seimbang kerana saya tahu tidur yang cukup bukanlah satu pilihan yang mampu saya buat.
-menjadi manusia yang tidak mendatangkan masalah+ menyenangkan
-beradaptasi dengan persekitaran baru n have fun
-mengawal emosi apabila keadaan tidak menyenangkan

Saturday, May 29, 2010

heavy metal detox

Rasanya ramai mengetahui apa itu carcinogen...pendek kata carcinogen adalah unsur yang boleh menyebabkan kanser. selalunya kita paling bimbang sekali logam berat/heavy metal. Saya pernah bertanya pada Prof Saliha yang mengajar saya sabjek "Penyakit Haiwan" kalau kita dah termakan ayam yang ada heavy metal...ada apa2 x yang perlu kita buat, sekurang2nya untuk mengurangkan kesan kumulatif tu? prof saya cakap xde apa yang kita boleh buat. Dalam kepala saya "waahh...kalau dah termakan heavy metal (mungkin dari air, ayam. ikan) then kita tunggu jela bila nak kena cA*c**....umm TOO BAD"

Baru ni saya menonton rancangan Vitamin di KBS world. Rancangan yang sangat informatif & kelakar. kenapalah kita xde rancangan mcm ni eh? kadang2 saya terfikir rakyat kita ni belum knowledge oriented lagi kut sebab tu kita suka ikut2 trend je. I mean all the idol show. Paling best pun agro jurnal, majalah 3 atau panorama~ we should be better.

Andaikata anda mengesyaki sumber air di M'sia tercemar & anda terminum, ikan anda tercemar dengan logam2 berat, sayur terkena semburan racun *racun mmgla banyak heavy metal-nya tu, apa kata anda banyakkan makan bahan2 ni:
1. Apple- pectin dalam kulit epal mampu menghalang penyerapan logam berat oleh badan. Patutla ada pepatah "an apple a day keep the doctors away"...waahh nanti doktor xde kerja plak.

2. Laver/ seaweed- salah satu makanan lengkap dan mampu menyingkirkan heavy metal. Pastikan rumpai laut anda tidak tercemar ye...kalau x ia umpama menambah logam berat ke dalam badan. Untung betul org2 korea dan jepun....negara mereka banyak rumpai laut & mereka boleh jadikannya hidangan harian.

3. Beansprout/ tauge- sayur yang sangat murah tapi tinggi khasiatnya. pastikan tauge anda organik, tidak ditunaskan oleh growth hormon pokok. Tauge organik banyak dijual di pasar tani sebab orang jawa memang suka wat pecal/urap guna tauge kontot<--organik tuh. Tauge berfungsi untuk menyingkirkan cadmium yang kita hidu setiap hari. Cadmium adalah logam berat yang terdapat dalam udara tercemar.

4. Onion- bawang besar mampu meneutralkan nikotin, jadi perokok2 di luar sana sila makan onion banyak2. sebenarnya berhenti merokok jela...kan senang. Mengikut pensyarah pemakanan, bawang besar lagi baik kalau dimakan mentah kerana ia mampu meneutralkan radikal2 bebas. Sebab tu kalau makan roti naan+ tandoori/ sate.....jangan buang bawang tu~ mesti dimakan okeyh! *yang hangus2=sumber radikal bebas.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

top 5 gerai best di Klang

saya tinggal di kg.jawa, klang. klang memang syurga nasi lemak & lontong. i dont travel much so at this moment i am convinced that klang have the best nasi lemak. ini adalah senarai gerai kegemaran saya dalam jarak 10km radius dari rumah.

1. Nasi Lemak Dewan Melayu *sarapan-petang
Lokasi: belakang S.K.Klang
-pagi2 makcik dah buka kedai....cakap je nak apa nasi impit kuah kacang, lontong, nasi lemak, mihun sup, mi -kari semua ada. i hate it when i said "saya nak mi kari" dan mendapat jawapan..."mi kari xsiap lagi, lain?" di gerai ni...insiden di atas i.Allah xberlaku.
-nasi lemak mmg hot selling + budak2 SKK selalu singgah breakfast sblm pegi sekolah + kuih kesturi yg sedap & krg manis
see...i always have nasi lemak+ tempe goreng+ayam goreng~ yummy frummy

2. Nasi Lemak Kangkung Bujang *sarapan shj
Lokasi: depan petronas kg.jawa
-nasi lemak kt sini ada kangkung. lauk standard la sambal sotong..ayam masak merah...
-nasi kat sini lebih lemak dari dewan melayu, tapi kuih2 kt sni agak manis utk citarasa saya
-hot selling: nasi lemak....also sedap: nasi goreng +jgn lupa minta kangkung

3. Anuar Yong Tau Foo *kul 3pm ke atas
lokasi: depan 99 market andalas 2
-> supnya sedap...rasa pedas lada sulah *tokei buat sendiri tau
-> penjual friendly
-> banyak pilihan you name it...crab stick, fish ball, mcm2 warna & bentuk ada
-> ada cawangan kat jalan telawi, bangsar

4. Lontong Klang *sarapan shj
Lokasi: deretan gerai depan pasar Jawa....ala, senang je jumpa
-> 1st time minat lontong sebab gerai ni
-> lontong kuah putih je.....tapi bila dah campur sambal kelapa+ sambal sotong memang terasa kick-nya tu
-> gerai ni ada nasi lemak juga, pape pun baik makan lontong *hot selling beb
--> gerai buka pukul 8am, tapi 7.30am dah ada yang beratur

5. Gerai Mi xde nama *tengahari-mlm kut
Lokasi: depan tadiska Jais Kg.jawa....tepi gerai ns lemak Hj.Mad. cari kat depan KISAS je
-> ada mee kari, mee rebus, mee sup, laksa.....mcm2 jenis mi ada + ABC +cendol
-> harga murah......penjual pun sangatlah pemurah, ode pape mee pun mesti dapat cili jeruk
-> i'd really think mee rebus sini 2 thumbs up: manis2 pedas...kuah xpekat sgt, just nice

<3~Extra: Gerai SB burger
Lokasi: depan pasaraya Kampung Jawa
-> daging burger digoreng perlahan2 on medium heat *xde hangus2+ pepper/serbuk lada + perasa
-> sayur lumayan; tomato +salad + timun + onion
-> pakcik Osman (penjual) pakai sarung tangan & gerainya bersih
-> my fav: burger ayam special }dgg ayam+ telur+ sayur~ wallah

sekian liputan dari OUT!!!
*have to say bye for now to all my fav gerai....i'm on diet o(T_T)o urghhh such an insult to my appetite

Sunday, May 16, 2010

pre-grad dinner...indifferent

setiap kali habis study mesti ada dinner, dah memang trend. asalnya keberatan nak pegi tapi rugi lak klu xpegi~ nanti dslr2 tu vacant, mana boleh muka ni xmasuk album. akhirnya selepas puas menimbang pro/cons...pegi jela untuk memberi sokongan & have fun. i'm left with limited option.

Biggest prob
i'm on diet & i wanna stay that way. i've lost 2kg within 4 weeks but now i have to pay to ruin it, duhh. i'm kinda in the middle of getting my self confidence after being a fat arse for many years. hopefully i can resist all the carbo.

  1. make up: considering revlon colorstay liquid foundation and pimp some new eyeshadow but i can't. i'm not that confident. luckily i've met my hairdresser & she can do dinner make up too~ prognosis: good
  2. baju: ini bab paling payah ni. thinking about recycling baju kurung cotton swiss yg super comfortable, worn during abg.long's wedding. tapi cotton tak menepati tema Glamour & Glitter. prob: xtau nak beli baju kt pkns/plaza alam sentral...kebaya or mini kurung
  3. kasut: hurm pakai jela apa yang ada....yang penting beli baju yg boleh match dengan black peep toed shoe or denim wedges *ada ke org pkai wedges g dinner, well watever prob: maybe sorted
  4. bag: hand bag or clutch? klu clutch mana nk simpan kunci keta. prob: uncertain
bottomline..esok cari baju kat s.alam. wanna looks great in photos considering my diploma dinner is such a mess. keep my finger cross.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

black bean noodle/자장면 / 짜장면 / Jjajangmyun *immitation

i think i'm really good at immitation. currently i'm watching witch yoo hee, it's a very fun to watch korean drama. waahh....this drama have been fermented for couple of years in my external hd. while watching, i keep on thinking about their food. why they are so appealing? right now i'm so crazy abt black bean noodle....since i dont have black bean paste i just use anything black, it's called kicap lemak manis cap kipas udang. original recipe use pork but i use crabstick meat instead o(^_^)o
this is a dry noodle, no needs a cooked noodle + the SAUCE.
SAUCE (my version)
  1. heat oil in a pan + minced garlic + shallot&garlic paste + chili boh + crushed cili padi + curry powder
  2. fry until fragrant~
  3. add water + tamarind paste + sweet soy sauce + chicken stock/cube + corn syrup + corn starch
  4. adjust sugar, salt to taste & add fried crabstick + taugeh
  5. serve like pic above....mix2
Jja jjang!!if u are was hot & sweet. tingling sourness from tamarind will complement the whole flavor. curry powder makes it even fragrant (ya know sumtime crab meat smell so fishy...curry powder do the trick). corn syrup & starch makes your sauce glossy & seductive.
orang dah siap masak br terjumpa resepi homemade black bean paste
RECIPE OF CHUNJANG (black Bean Paste)
Makes about 1 cup. *this is good for my record
1 cup nonfat, reduced sodium chicken broth
2 tablespoons black bean and garlic sauce
2 tablespoons oyster sauce
1 tablespoon cornstarch (for sauce, not marinade)
1 1/2 teaspoons granulated sugar
1/2 to 1 teaspoon grated peeled fresh ginger, or to taste
1/2 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper, or to taste
2 green onions (scallions), finely minced 

To use as a marinade:
In blender mix together broth, black bean and garlic sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, ginger and red pepper until smooth and well blended. Transfer to a container, stir in green onion. 

To use as a sauce:
In blender, mix together until smooth and well blended all ingredients except green onions. Transfer mixture to small saucepan and stir in green onions. Over low-medium heat, bring mixture to a simmer, stirring constantly, about 1 to 2 minutes. Drizzle small amount of sauce in center of plates and top with cooked chicken, fish, or meat. Drizzle a small amount of sauce on top. 

Some commercially prepared sauces are labeled "black bean and garlic sauce" or "black bean sauce". Either is suitable for this recipe.