Thursday, September 30, 2010

kaya for diabetic

           Today I am so determined to dedicate this kaya to my father. Actually i'm so bored having diabetic marmalade jam which is soo citrusy without creaminess feel to it. So after surfing around the net i stumble upon this recipe by Amy Beh...yaaaayyyy!!! And i am truly inspired to make it today after viewing some of the pic here.
           My name is farah AJ, this is trial num 1. I decided to substitute castor sugar with brown sugar, use in a lesser amount (100g), add 1 tspn corn starch and cut 50ml coconut milk from the original recipe. The kaya taste great but there is one prob. It didn't look nice. My bro will not have it spread on his bread if it is so damn fugly. Then i watch this video and i can see a halo. So the answer lies inside the rotating motor of your food processor or blender or sieve.Basically this is how my 1st attempt making kaya turn out. 


  1. hehe.. agak cam x menarik perhatian.. may b bleyh cari pewarna organic ke.. hehe.. tp ada ke? ak pon x tau.. tp ak rasa ada la.. mcm penah dgr tp x hengat..

  2. hurm yg aku br tau pewarna plg chantek ialah gula time aku nk hanguskan sume gula itew