Sunday, April 29, 2012

embark on fitness endeavors

Mark Twain once said:
The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small, manageable tasks, and then starting on that first one.
after a day as voyager on a vast ocean of queasy pain I decided to play tough. It takes a women to realize if she can be a victim or a fighter. Today i woke up early....... finished my work and do some exercise. Although i just had nasi lemak (600kcal there) and i only burnt 80++ calorie. i think that's enough for a medium intensity workout. proudly say...i made something productive!!
break the exercise into 2 fun part

she had me at heidi klum

Friday, April 27, 2012

serve the people, not the system

Kata dokter dalam Iron Man "That is an electromagnet, connected to a car battery. to prevent the shrapnel from entering your atrium"
Awat tak pakai IVC filter je. Manual...xyah susah2 Iron Man dok pikul bateri tu.Hg dok tgk filem tu jugak pasai apa? *auditory hallucination*Sebab nak tengok tony stark yang dashing ala sivaji the boss bila memandu Audi R8 GT. Looking at how great his abs was just makes me think about HIIT. At least this movie got conscience. When you're wrong...admit & fix it. Not that Combat Hospital ppl which thinks they're doing a favor as long as they are serving the military system.

Friday, April 20, 2012

apabila roket korea utara meletup

Keinginan negara bangsa ini membina roket and senjata nuklear adalah kuat sekali. Kepimpinan mendiang diktator Kim Jong-Il tidak perlu dibanggakan namun kemajuan satu sosok dari blok Asia ini wajar diberi pujian. Berbekalkan sekatan ekonomi dan sekatan ilmu.....waima diperangi oleh kuasa besar dunia mereka sudah mampu membina roket (walaupun meletus sebelum sempat sampai ke orbit). 

Kegagalan ini bersifat sementara. Setelah diperhalusi mana silap dan salahnya adalah tidak mustahil jika Korea Utara mampu duduk sebaris dengan kelab persenjataan dunia dan meninggalkan negara2 picisan yang memerli kegagalannya hari ini. Cerita ini harus difahami agar kita tidak berhenti berevolusi dan meninggalkan kapal yang Titanic yang bakalan karam. 

Kejayaan motokar Jepun hari ini bertitik tolak dari penarikan produknya dari pasaran. Tentulah jalan ke masa depan tidak begitu payah sekira bersedia untuk lebih kreatif, pragmatik dan praktikal.
*quoted some from Subky Latif & Hassan Hayastani, inspired by them* p/s: never laugh at others coz u'll never know who gonna get the last laugh, plisss....looks bad on you

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

got a minute?

This is one of my fav workout. Requires more than a minute actually. Remind me the old days when i quit taekwondo after a kick landed on my abs (i hate sparring....seriously). With a lil' martial arts basic i pretty much kickin' ass with body combat. Anyhoo don't get discourage...stay focus & follow the lead. Killer cardio workout i would say but considering pilates next time. *get bored easily...yawn*

aren't they lovely
After a deadly encounter with my sick friend I decided to gargle salt water & working out eventhough i feel like sleeping. Pffttt.
#why is it so hard to close mouth/ nose while sneeze or cough? adore how Liz Lemon do it

Sunday, April 15, 2012

nyiru kami tadahkan

Pernah berlaku satu peristiwa di mana Rasulullah menyembahyangkan jenazah seorang munafik yang bernama Ibnu Salul. Kalau diikutkan Ibnu Salul ni patut kene hukum bunuh setelah mempamerkan kemunafikannya dan berkata a hurtful things to Rasulullah. "seekor anjing yang diberi makan pasti akan menggigit tuan-nya" There's a point when Rasulullah suppose to kill him but he didn't. Why? because he is a Man of compassion and wisdom. If he is standing with us today he wouldn't want us to be so prejudice and speak like barbarian. Prejudice and being careful is two different things. So when we see some good deeds we should give encouragement/ support instead of opposing. Please.....practice some wisdom. Selepas itu turunlah ayat melarang Rasulullah menyembahyangkan jenazah orang munafik. 
Masalah prejudis/ berfikiran negatif ialah ia MEROSAKKAN AMALAN. Nak dapat pahala punyalah susah...lepas tu sedap2 je hangpa nak incinerate pahala tu. ouh...bad choice peopleantara perkara yang merosakkan amalan: 
  1. Panjang angan2- terasa macam hidup ini panjang, taubat lewat sikit pun takpa
  2. Tergopoh-gapah- jangan kalut, one thing at a time, do it right
  3. Hasad dengki- too much negativity in our mind, buruk sangka, i'm always struggle with this
  4. Riak/ takabur- be careful ya, advertising your life in FB come with a price that you have to pay *fikir panjang*أستغفر الله
p/s: boleh rujuk kitab tasawuf Imam Shafie *gosh I forgot the name* + tv show: Law Kana Bainana 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

battered fish and potato cubes

i love fish fillet. it is so easy to prepare and i dont have to pick out the bones. I'll have fresh fish when I have family around. Therefore, frozen fillet is my ultimate choice when i'm dining alone. I used to get a dory fillet from Giant but i find the fishy smell is more than I could handle. Later i discover a mini mart in my neighbourhood do sell sutchi fish fillet. This time i have a bigger fillet that easy on the fishy smell.

scents of lime would invigorate appetite

in sync

i love the potato skin on
this is the easiest part. Clean the fillet & pat dry. Later i just dust 'em with a pinch of salt and tepung goreng serbaguna Adabi. You would want to make few more coatings. It's good if the coating gets damp it's a sign of undetachable batter. And yes....i dont use any eggs. Deep fry to perfection.

Wash the potato....when I said wash I mean brushing until it is squeaky clean. Better pick the right potato. Diced into bite size pieces and boil until soft (but not too soft). Lastly, stir fry in non-stick pan. Season with salt and pepper.

p/s: need motivation to cook *at one's wits' end*

Saturday, April 7, 2012

dance like nobody's watching

It's official, we're together again. I'm talking about zumba videos that were kept next to 30 rock folder but couldn’t care less working out. Now i have to start caring again since i have to advise my patient on changing sedentary lifestyle. Catching up with HIIT (high intensity interval training) wouldn't be easy after few months slacking off from consistent workout. Getting along with zumba dance is the baby step before I go HIIT all the way.

I discovered zumba from YouTube and fell for it. They are fun and easy. Don't worry about the formation. My idea is to achieve targeted heart rate for at least 20 minutes (for this time being). Every time do zumba it’s like I own Victoria's Secret runway *wonder if they have sports bra*. In the other hand I’m not a fan of belly emphasize on how inflexible my core body is while I am more excited about endurance and cardio.

To all couch potato out there, this is what to do in your living room when nobody's watching (of course God is the ultimate exception).
  1. Warm up: turned you on here.
  2. Moves like jagger: show you got the move.
  3. Sexy and i know it: even a grandma can do this. I challenge you.
  4. Wild ones: kinda hard to follow but you have to start somewhere.
  5. Sexyback: awesomeness. glad didn't roll my ankle
  6. Sixth sense: some k-pop feel, i love BEG bcoz of their provocative song. good enough to make me get up from the couch
  7. Dance central 2. i just love the idea of having a game that make people move. Although i don't own xbox myself it doesn't mean I can't enjoy the virtual dance stage.

dance along & enjoice
P/s: I think karaoke dance in nursing home is overrated. Period, senior citizens living a hedonistic life...not good for the soul

Friday, April 6, 2012

breaking bad news (the unfinished bussiness)

Here's the dialogue that i've construct base on BBN lecture notes. It turned out my partner have another idea and we agreed for a remake. To be entitled as script writer i decided to publish the original script *carmina burana O fortuna played*
Choose a private quite place. Doc turn off her phone (show it)
D: good morning, mam. How are you feeling today? Have a seat please.
M: good morning doc.  I’m feeling very anxious and i have a sleepless night for few days.
Doctor looking at the result. If possible pretend you are using a reading glasses . Take it off after reading.
D: Is your husband or any family member are waiting outside?
M: Well i'm here by myself doc. 
D: Mr. Gump is not here today mam?
M: No…it happens that he’s out of town will return this afternoon.
D: so how’s your son is doing?
M: I think better after you’ve changed the medication he don’t cry much but I noticed that he’s been feeding a lot slower lately.
i dont understand.....why so many tissue
D: Here’s the thing mam, I’m sure Dr. Hanh had told you before. There’s no 100% in medicine. We definitely doing the best that we could.
M: yeah…I know that. But I’m in the position where I’ll hold on to whatever I can. What is it? I can sense something is wrong.
D: I want you to stay calm (while showing the result ). The result is back. From the latest echocardiogram we found that you sons heart is going into failure.
M: What do you mean by failure? We haven’t tried all the options yet. I know there’s many option out there
D: It’s not that simple mam, heart failure is a progressive condition. And for a child I’m not sure if he can hold on for long. It’s time for heart transplant but in our country donor is hard to come by and even if there is a donor we have to make sure it match.
M: But I do everything you said. I let him to undergo many procedures. God know how heartbroken I am when I see him cried.Can't you buy us some time.
D: I understand Mrs. Gump. But circumstances have changed and so do our focus. Now we have to focus on his quality of life. I will call Hospice for you and help him feel better.
M: Feeling better is not good enough. I want him to get better.
D: even though i was hoping for the best I'm sorry to tell you that's all we can offer.
Moral of the story: organ donation can save lives. I'm still in quest of finding the artistic side of me#UPDATE: i should watch karen mcClusky reunited with Roy before the play (so much bereavement in Desperate Housewives Season 8, Episode 15) 

unconventional made

Naggers always have something to say. I’d rather listen to sermon which I would benefit more. No matter who you are being judged is not something fun. Why can't we just accept it is not fair to generalized people that come from different background who don't even share the same head?

Monday, April 2, 2012

fundamental draws a line

my sister is not a person that will dish things out easily (despite the argumentative nature of her field). I was taken aback after finding out how disappointed she was yesterday. This is not a jealousy dispute but it is about a friend that she respected the most suddenly doesn’t seem respectable anymore. This is the problem about girls…..they love too much even at the expense of their own dignity. If u can’t respect your friend the least you can do is preserve the respect for Allah #thing that made us sisters

good message will always be a good message no matter who said it
*peringatan terutamanya 
untuk diri sendiri, kerana kita insan....fitrahnya mudah lupa & perlu saling mengingatkan*