Monday, October 31, 2011

selipar gua sape tahu

"Sepasang selipar pun tidak boleh dirampas dari tuannya yang asal. Apatah lagi jika sebuah negeri yang berdaulat seperti Palestin. Tidak masuk akal sama sekali bagaimana PBB boleh membahagi-bahagikan tanah rakyat Palestin kepada bangsa Israel yang langsung tidak berhak ke atas tanah tersebut..."
Ucapan Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat semasa dikunjungi oleh Duta Besar Amerika Syarikat ke Malaysia, Paul W Jones di pejabat Menteri Besar Kelantan pada 28 April 2011.
haaa ni eva nak citer pasal perkhidmatan bas ekspress. naik bas Transnasional ke Changlun ok. adalah sesekali terbau asap rokok tapi eva wat cool je tutup hidung ngan hood sweater. overall pemandunya bagus berbudi bahasa. minta turun depan T hotel dia cakap xboleh janjilah sebab petang2 ni jalan sibuk, takut susah nak berhenti. i sabar jelah jalan kaki sikit pergi hotel sebab hotel tu rupa2nya 500m je dari tempat bas berhenti.

bila naik bas dari negeri sendiri nak balik ke klang lain pulak ceritanya. my mom (paham2 jela mak yang concern akan anaknya travel sendirian jauh2) telah menegur driver berkenaan:
  • pakailah kasut xsesuai drive pakai selipar
  • muda2 sangat ni bawa bas laju x? memang selalu drive g KL ke?
  • jangan hisap rokok ye anak saya duk tingkat bawah xtahan bau rokok (kat tingkat bawah aku dan satu pasangan warga emas...agak2nye mana satu anak auntie ittew?)
Bila eva dah naik bas mereka mengutuk my mom, saja sebut kuat2 sebab mak aku sebut aku dok tingkat bawah.
  • muda2 pun dah ronda satu malaysia
  • kalau tak yakin naik bas lain lah. naik bas Sani
  • tiru2 mak aku cakap....jangan hisap rokok tau. pompuan kaunter: haaa ko jgn isap rokok ye mamat *aku xtau apa tujuan pompuan kaunter muncul di situ and oo baru ku tahu ada orang mmg minat jadi perokok pasif
Dia tau aku dengar dan agaknya mereka(pompuan kaunter tiket, 2 pemandu) puas hati........ gua memang SENTAP. Bersalahkah aku tidak mempertahankan ibu sendiri dikala dia dikutuk oleh budak2 yang macam baghal? Rasanya tindakan holding it in lebih baik. Kenapa? Layan orang b0d0h kamu akan jadi bodoh maaa. Ku gagahi juga perjalanan supaya dapat hadir kelas pukul 7am......ka-ching, ramai tak datang dahhh kne bannned.

Dahla kene kutuk...Eva tersilap seat pulak. Oh no..malu. Nasib baek uncle tu cool je. Baru sedar...minta tiket single seat tapi dapat double seat?? Kamu tak faham cakap melayu? kamu mahu saya guna istilah perubatan seperti singleton fetus in longitudinal lie?

Di dalam perjalanan (a hellish one actly) berlaku 2 insiden
-->tiba2 pemandu pulak batuk kuat tak berhenti
Pemandu 1: Isy kenapa ak batuk sgt ni
hati nurani Eva berkata- duk isap rokok tak hengat mati, wat2 heran lak bila batuk sket. Eva tunggu je mamat tu on LTOT lepas tu aku tutup oksigen. Apologize to my mother!!!

-->Tengah syiok tido tiba2 bas termasuk ke haluan lain.
Pemandu 1: Aku langgar apa eyh?
Pemandu 2: indistinctive chat
hati nurani Eva berkata- padan muka nko dah kene tulah mak aku. Bila terfikir kalau mati tadi emmmm takut.....amal tak cukup. Ntah berapa kerat je solat yang diterima Allah.

Eva perasan di negeri sendiri mengadu=cari gaduh. Orang2 negeri Eva memang burok perangai. Kaloh bola baloh. Tegur tandas kotor (kita dah bayar kan)...dapat jawapan kalau kotor jangan masuk. Frasa seperti cari bas lain... memang jawapan skema mereka. If you cant stand corrected I will boycott you. My mom didnt use vulgar words...even if you think she's wrong I would say she's right coz is CUSTOMER ALWAYS RIGHT. Sebagai pelanggan yang berdaulat kamu dah mengambil sebelah selipar saya. 

Dah serik naik bas walaupun syarikat bas lain....risiko jadi perokok pasif, tak dapat mengawal stereng di tangan sendiri. Rugi pulak kalau tak balik raya haji. Patutkah saya tangkap junior sekampung dan paksa mereka car pooling ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

HB:18 by number but 15 remains in my mind

Today would have been my brother’s 18th birthday. He passed away in 2008 after 5 years battling against cancer. He left peacefully, i slept just next to him. He's a person that i think all the time especially when i'm alone. I dont talk about him much but i prefer to write so that i could hide my facial expression and tell a story.

I recalled my mom had throw away all fast food from our fridge after she learnt that my brother need chemo (of course the list is going on to biopsy..yada..yada). I cant imagine how hurt my mom was back then. There's resilient part of me felt so glad that i was in UPM and didnt witness the breakdown. Today i'm just grateful to Allah that we've made through the obstacle and come to a closure.

My brother was an obedient, funny and intelligent boy. He was once a best student in his class. I remember he said he wants to become a doctor just like doctor house (he said they got the same leg). He'd care about others and love kids so much. I wonder how he would react if he gonna be with us during raya...surrounded with infants and tods. 

things that i want to let my bro know:
  • dad have made a chicken coop and we have lots of chicks. its organic
  • i'm in fourth year and have my own stethoscope
he's the reason i develop interest in medicine, healthy eating and lifestyle revamp.

Friday, October 14, 2011

more the merrier

Why I Want To Get Married?
Because I want my eyes to see someone special,
someone halal, knowing that he is my gift from Allah.
Because I want someone who loves Allah and loves me because he loves Allah.
Because I want somebody to share my happiness and praise Allah with me,
someone to cry my tears with me and
make du’a with me and someone to love and love Allah with me.
Because I want to have children of my own to love and care
and share with a gift from Allah.
Because I want to share Allah’s beautiful creations and praise His name
with someone who Allah has fated to be with me since I was born.
Because verily, with a halal partner,
my life and everything I do with him will be halal in the eyes of Allah.
Because I am a gift from Allah to someone,
and I want to let him feel Allah’s love through me. ~Attableegh {Spread True Message Of Islam}
*did it mention about dating? negatory*

"Children should be praised for their EFFORT not intelligence"

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.
If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight.
If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy.
If a child lives with fear, he learns to be apprehensive.
If a child lives with shame, he learns to feel guilty.
If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient.
If a child lives with encouragement he learns to be confident.
If a child lives with acceptance, he learns to love.
If a child lives with recognition, he learns it is good to have a goal.
If a child lives with honesty he learns what truth is.
If a child lives with fairness, he learns justice.
If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith in himself and those about him.
If a child lives with friendliness, he learns the world is a nice place in which to live to love 
and be loved
to have seen women in their best or worse has give me the omen to publish this

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Secret of 100 Doctors Revealed

Enough of my ordeal. Whatever it is i'm happy when i was given a chance to reflect and grow from my mistakes. Grateful to have those people in my life....they truly are great physician. 
making the leap of faith now (pic HERE)
The secret that I am about to reveal now is taken from korean tv show, Vitamin 1400th Episode.

1# Health food that must have in daily diet: tomato
  • prevent polyposis, prostate, colorectal, lung and stomach cancer 
  • high water content will prevent overeating
  • women's health: prevent breast and uterine cancer
  • adding oil (perhaps saute them a lil') will helps body to absorb the lycopene better *Italian love fried tomato
gorgeous machine but i end up buying epilator instead *endurethepain*
pic HERE

2# Plastic surgeon wud advice their niece to AVOID calf reduction surgery
  • calf reduction is done to get a slim looking legs like SNSD but it come with a risk 
  • surgery will remove the calf muscle, so lesser muscle means limited function means you might end up have prob walking
3# Drink wisely
  • some doctors recommend not to drink at all (i am 1 of 'em)
  • magnesium suplement before and after drinks *for the hangover
  • alcohol shouldnt be taken with carb like rice or noodle, it will double burden the liver
  • strong liquor can damage pancreas

4# Folks remedies that doctors recommend
  • Gulping sugar can curb hiccups (tease the vagus nerve so that they stop messing with your diaphragm)
  • Jump ropes will remove urinary stones (at certain size yes, dont forget to hydrate adequately& let the gravity do its job)
  • foot bath relief stuffy nose (bcoz the steam will improve nose circulation)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Deal an ordeal

Let say i have the money and want to go crazy, what would i do? Umm go to thomas n guys meet cik darlynk, ask for a mohawk hair chopin. Figuratively that might chop out the madness out from me.

Im still dealing with post exam ordeal. I can smell failure but i wish i'm wrong. Ouhh i guess mainting composure is just impossible. I feel like a total idiot yesterday despite all the confidence that my lecturer have *shame

now i have to deal with dysmeno and feel crappy all day. This is what happen when ponstan give me hyperemesis. Watching old hollywood movie seems good to sober up.

Whatever it is i pray for soil hardens after the rain. Let me face my manic episode. Chow!

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