Sunday, October 9, 2011

Secret of 100 Doctors Revealed

Enough of my ordeal. Whatever it is i'm happy when i was given a chance to reflect and grow from my mistakes. Grateful to have those people in my life....they truly are great physician. 
making the leap of faith now (pic HERE)
The secret that I am about to reveal now is taken from korean tv show, Vitamin 1400th Episode.

1# Health food that must have in daily diet: tomato
  • prevent polyposis, prostate, colorectal, lung and stomach cancer 
  • high water content will prevent overeating
  • women's health: prevent breast and uterine cancer
  • adding oil (perhaps saute them a lil') will helps body to absorb the lycopene better *Italian love fried tomato
gorgeous machine but i end up buying epilator instead *endurethepain*
pic HERE

2# Plastic surgeon wud advice their niece to AVOID calf reduction surgery
  • calf reduction is done to get a slim looking legs like SNSD but it come with a risk 
  • surgery will remove the calf muscle, so lesser muscle means limited function means you might end up have prob walking
3# Drink wisely
  • some doctors recommend not to drink at all (i am 1 of 'em)
  • magnesium suplement before and after drinks *for the hangover
  • alcohol shouldnt be taken with carb like rice or noodle, it will double burden the liver
  • strong liquor can damage pancreas

4# Folks remedies that doctors recommend
  • Gulping sugar can curb hiccups (tease the vagus nerve so that they stop messing with your diaphragm)
  • Jump ropes will remove urinary stones (at certain size yes, dont forget to hydrate adequately& let the gravity do its job)
  • foot bath relief stuffy nose (bcoz the steam will improve nose circulation)

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