Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm a fan of Nasi Lemak Lover!!

Thank you for the giveway. I think I got to thank your children for taking out the draw. You’ll never know how grateful and happy I am to receive the 1st giveaway.
I’m not sure when I started to read her blog but I still remember what brought me there, chiffon cake. Ever since I go through her attempts of making chiffon cake and the great pandan chiffon cake of hers (without I realizing it) I keep on coming back. Most of the time to see the lovely buns she make. It looks homey and very uplifting.

There’s something about bread/bun making that comforts me. Reminiscing the old days when I’m so into bread making. I used to make buns for my brother who underwent chemotherapy that time. I find that homemade buns are healthier, personal and more satisfying.

Things that I love about her blog: it's homey (said that before), the pictures are nice & 'edible', simple and the best part is we got to know who is NLL. Her husband and kids are very supportive towards her blogging interest. 

With that, I am entitled to receive: 
  1. A cookbook - “ Okashi-Sweet Treats made with love”. A good cookbook that every baker should own one.
  2. A cake leveler, you can use to slice cake into few layers. *I always want one
  3. A nice gift box
So to all viewers out there, pls support Nasi Lemak Lover!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dulce de Leche: road to brownies

When i crave for chocolate i would opt for something like brownies coz my Daim chocolate is not rich enough. I found the recipe here and gain some inspiration here. I learnt a lot about making Dulce de Leche from David Lebovitz.

Dulce de Leche
Owe me big time. I dont follow the instruction coz my condensed milk(CM) is already in a container
Trial 1: put 150ml CM +salt in aluminium foil......into the oven and water bath, 200 degree celcius, 1 hour
-didnt brown at all, no signs of caramelization
-instead the water enter the foil and make CM became more watery
Trial 2: put 150ml CM +salt in a stainless steel pot, cover with foil -->  into the oven and water bath, 200 degree celsius, 1 hour
-didnt brown at all, no signs of caramelization
Trial 3: trial 2 without foil cover --> oven and water bath, 200 degree celcius, 1 hour
-sign of caramelization noted on the surface, still long way to go and I'm dying of brownies hunger
Trial 4: Patience is not my virtue but Thomas Edison must be proud of me, just stir the CM on low heat, keep stirring
-caramelized nicely, condensed milk prone to burn so stir all the time, dont let it form a crust
taste like Snickers, too bad it stuck on my braces
my swag
150ml condensed milk *i use Sunbeam, its more watery
pinch of salt
-->stir on low heat, can add water to accomodate smooth stirring(in my case, its accidental)

Dulce de Leche Brownies

  • 115g butter
  • 170g bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, finely chopped *i only have cooking chocolate
  • 25g cocoa powder
  • 3 eggs, L size
  • 200g sugar *i use 100g brown sugar to balance the sweetness from cooking chocolate
  • 1tspn vanilla essence
  • 140g plain flour
  • 100g nuts *i skip this 
  • 250g dulce de leche *i use less than that, about 150g
1) Oven preheated to 175 degree celcius
2) Cooking choc + butter ---> double boiler, + stir in cocoa, set aside
3) Beat eggs + sugar + 1tspn vanilla essence--> mix + (2) + flour
in the making
The verdict:
-almost all my friend love it, some even ask me to sell :P
-some think it should be > moist by shorten the baking time. I baked for 40 minutes, maybe i wud try steaming it next time
-some said it shud be cracked, seriously i'm afraid if i do that i might burn the brownies
-definitely worth trying, wud make again next tyme
looks bad from this angle but your taste bud wont deceive

tooth extraction pain

Last time i was writing about braces option that i have. After decided about the dentist and the budget (thanx mom n dad) last thing i remember i was already in dentist office making my teeth study model.

Study model
Its kind of making a statue of your teeth so that every visit you'll be able to see how much progress you've made. The process is simple, open your mouth.....they'll put something that you have to bite on--> wait for 3 minutes(to fix the teeth casting) --> done
-the cast taste like a silicone toothpaste....minty and soft in consistency

Tooth extraction
i think it wud be the hardest part. I've been living with 36 adult teeth and now i was asked to loose 4 of 'em
Anyway, the teeth extraction is not painful but its HOSTILE. Its like an abduction. But it left me with a lasting impression on dentist--> they really good at local anaesthesia, causing numbness and minor paralysis
Still in love with my overcrowding teeth 

2nd visit: first extraction

3rd visit: second extraction

my lips are still numb, loose the stylish act while eating ice cream 
Tips after tooth extraction:
  • Dont be too excited on gargling water and flushing out blood. water will delay the hemostasis. Let the exposed socket covered with blood clot, fasten healing
  • Oral hygiene shud be in the best condition. Use mouth wash e.g. thymol
  • Cold and soft diet: eat as many ice cream you want, iced coffee, iced tea...whatever you please
  • You might need to bite on more gauze if bleeding persist 
  • Any pain or abnormal bleeding pls consult your dentist. After the 1st extraction the exposed socket became dentist gave Amoxycillin.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

choc vanity: Parisian hot chocolate

I have tonnes of love for chocolate right now. Actually i want to post about brownies but end up indulging myself with hot chocolate. The result is so satistying i can't help putting it here. i hope a passerby will saw this and tried it. About the brownies earlier......i have to finish Dulce de Leche before proceed to brownies batter making.
Lots of thing happened car won't start and i missed my clinic. Called Perodua service but they cant make it to my house due to insufficient labor. I walk from my neighbourhood to the other neighbourhood just to find a mechanic. Its finally over and i think its time to reward myself.
Parisian Hot Chocolate inspired by David Lebovitz
below are the adjustment that i made to suits my cup
  • 1 cup of low fat UHT milk
  • 20 g of cooking milk choc (chopped)
  • 1 tspn my fav cocoa
-i dont put any sugar coz milk choc is sweet enough to my taste
  1. heat the milk on low heat.
  2. once it warm, stir in chopped chocolate + cocoa
  3. mix well......and ready for vanity lair        

Sunday, June 12, 2011

braces for klang residents'

i've decided to get a braces for myself. since i live in klang i'm looking for a nearby clinic. doesnt matter if the practice is old as long as i dont have to pay toll i dont mind.

Shah Alam rate: RM4-5k
Zahida Dental...the clinic looks exclusive, the dentist is female, so loving it

Kuala Terengganu rate: RM 4-6k 
Klinik Pergigian Hamidah...Dr. Sulaiman's wifey

Klang rate: RM 4-5k....but i manage to get RM4k
Ooi& Koay Dental Surgery, klang town, the same row with Ayamas (03-33423340)
-also not sure why i landed here coz there's many orthodontist around klang town
Usually i prefer female dentist coz in my mind they would be friendly and gentle (am not sexist yar). After doing some calculation for long term follow up, i know i have to say goodbye to my so called imagination. 

location map: klinik anika klang

i hope this map will benefit anybody who wants to get to klinik anika coz its quite tricky for those who are not familiar with klang town. i personally wud love ppl to draw me a map if i'm about to get to new place. i hate wordy direction due to my poor orientation to malaysian road and highways. i'm a fan of confident driving ;)
p/s: this is map is not that accurate, i'm showing you the landmark only

location laksa teluk kechai/ telok kechai

Last weekend i was in sintok to pick up my sister in uum. The trip was full with sightseeing (the paddy field and sugar cane of perlis is waving happily). Later it became a quest of great seafood and laksa. I enjoy the Kuala Perlis seafood so much even tho my braces is still new. Not to mention i've just gained my chewing ability, manage to chew few clam before it stuck on my braces and nearly cause choking.

My mom insist for laksa teluk kechai coz her sister-in-law suggested it. With the free wi-fi provided by EDC,UUM i managed to get the location with the help of this entry. Thanks yar. Actually the entry have given enough hint about how to get there but this time i want to translate my quest into a map coz i love epic. 
  • Head to Jetty Kuala Kedah
  • If you're from sintok.....need to pass 2 Toll Plaza- Hutan Kampung & Alor Setar
  • Enter the town and follow my map (^_^)
p/s: this is map is not that accurate, i'm showing you the main landmark only
you know when its time to take a u-turn

arrived too early 11.08am......if you want to eat in, pls come at 1pm

in the end, we tapau 1kg laksa abduct 'em to klang

Saturday, June 11, 2011

review:garnier anti-imperfection scrub wash

I have a normal combination skin. Its kind of oily at T-zone and the rest is ok...well moisturized with tiny miny black and whiteheads everywhere. My problem is i have a pimple scar at my cheek due to recurrent acne there. I sort of getting bored with bio-oil (maybe i'm not patient enough).

I decided to go for face wash with micro beads to give me the sensation of clean face and do all the scrubbing without having to use scrub everyday. I tried garnier at my friend's place. After 1 time use i'm kinda fall for this product. After a month using it my mom and bro notice that my face is cleaner, i also notice i breakout less even during menses. Doesnt leaves skin with clammy or dry feeling. Totally works for me.
Rate: 4/5
before this i've tried 
St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Cleanser, Blemish Fighting
-the beads go astray, dont really do the scrubbing

Biore(also comes with a beads)forgot what it's called
-the beads melt, i dont know what is my fault