Friday, June 24, 2011

tooth extraction pain

Last time i was writing about braces option that i have. After decided about the dentist and the budget (thanx mom n dad) last thing i remember i was already in dentist office making my teeth study model.

Study model
Its kind of making a statue of your teeth so that every visit you'll be able to see how much progress you've made. The process is simple, open your mouth.....they'll put something that you have to bite on--> wait for 3 minutes(to fix the teeth casting) --> done
-the cast taste like a silicone toothpaste....minty and soft in consistency

Tooth extraction
i think it wud be the hardest part. I've been living with 36 adult teeth and now i was asked to loose 4 of 'em
Anyway, the teeth extraction is not painful but its HOSTILE. Its like an abduction. But it left me with a lasting impression on dentist--> they really good at local anaesthesia, causing numbness and minor paralysis
Still in love with my overcrowding teeth 

2nd visit: first extraction

3rd visit: second extraction

my lips are still numb, loose the stylish act while eating ice cream 
Tips after tooth extraction:
  • Dont be too excited on gargling water and flushing out blood. water will delay the hemostasis. Let the exposed socket covered with blood clot, fasten healing
  • Oral hygiene shud be in the best condition. Use mouth wash e.g. thymol
  • Cold and soft diet: eat as many ice cream you want, iced coffee, iced tea...whatever you please
  • You might need to bite on more gauze if bleeding persist 
  • Any pain or abnormal bleeding pls consult your dentist. After the 1st extraction the exposed socket became dentist gave Amoxycillin.


  1. Hi, thank you for sharing your journey with braces! Am considering to get one soon, so I'm glad I came upon this. Keep it up!

  2. hye lawrence,
    thanx for dropping by. gud luck!