Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm a fan of Nasi Lemak Lover!!

Thank you for the giveway. I think I got to thank your children for taking out the draw. You’ll never know how grateful and happy I am to receive the 1st giveaway.
I’m not sure when I started to read her blog but I still remember what brought me there, chiffon cake. Ever since I go through her attempts of making chiffon cake and the great pandan chiffon cake of hers (without I realizing it) I keep on coming back. Most of the time to see the lovely buns she make. It looks homey and very uplifting.

There’s something about bread/bun making that comforts me. Reminiscing the old days when I’m so into bread making. I used to make buns for my brother who underwent chemotherapy that time. I find that homemade buns are healthier, personal and more satisfying.

Things that I love about her blog: it's homey (said that before), the pictures are nice & 'edible', simple and the best part is we got to know who is NLL. Her husband and kids are very supportive towards her blogging interest. 

With that, I am entitled to receive: 
  1. A cookbook - “ Okashi-Sweet Treats made with love”. A good cookbook that every baker should own one.
  2. A cake leveler, you can use to slice cake into few layers. *I always want one
  3. A nice gift box
So to all viewers out there, pls support Nasi Lemak Lover!!


  1. teringat lg elemen yg shaye perkenalkan.. hihihi.
    wow.. its a guuuuuud day to remember a lot of things huh?

    dgn memotong rambut jer? ...Lol

  2. hehe....tksh 4 sharing those precious elemen. nak jadi nostalgia sikit~
    umm potong rambut?? jokes anda ditahap yg tinggi la

  3. hahahaha... i mean myself lar.

    dgn memotong rmbut jer ader byk bnde yg tetiber je pops! plops! kuar dari kepala.. hahahaha.. in a way its like ticks coming out i guess? ..LoL

    ohwell.. brownies caramello hr tu shedap!

  4. heeee glad ada yg menggemarinya :)

  5. Farah, Thank you so much of hard sell me, hehehe!

  6. lolz.....who wouldnt turn their head when it comes nasi lemak