Sunday, June 12, 2011

location laksa teluk kechai/ telok kechai

Last weekend i was in sintok to pick up my sister in uum. The trip was full with sightseeing (the paddy field and sugar cane of perlis is waving happily). Later it became a quest of great seafood and laksa. I enjoy the Kuala Perlis seafood so much even tho my braces is still new. Not to mention i've just gained my chewing ability, manage to chew few clam before it stuck on my braces and nearly cause choking.

My mom insist for laksa teluk kechai coz her sister-in-law suggested it. With the free wi-fi provided by EDC,UUM i managed to get the location with the help of this entry. Thanks yar. Actually the entry have given enough hint about how to get there but this time i want to translate my quest into a map coz i love epic. 
  • Head to Jetty Kuala Kedah
  • If you're from sintok.....need to pass 2 Toll Plaza- Hutan Kampung & Alor Setar
  • Enter the town and follow my map (^_^)
p/s: this is map is not that accurate, i'm showing you the main landmark only
you know when its time to take a u-turn

arrived too early 11.08am......if you want to eat in, pls come at 1pm

in the end, we tapau 1kg laksa abduct 'em to klang

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