Saturday, June 11, 2011

review:garnier anti-imperfection scrub wash

I have a normal combination skin. Its kind of oily at T-zone and the rest is ok...well moisturized with tiny miny black and whiteheads everywhere. My problem is i have a pimple scar at my cheek due to recurrent acne there. I sort of getting bored with bio-oil (maybe i'm not patient enough).

I decided to go for face wash with micro beads to give me the sensation of clean face and do all the scrubbing without having to use scrub everyday. I tried garnier at my friend's place. After 1 time use i'm kinda fall for this product. After a month using it my mom and bro notice that my face is cleaner, i also notice i breakout less even during menses. Doesnt leaves skin with clammy or dry feeling. Totally works for me.
Rate: 4/5
before this i've tried 
St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Cleanser, Blemish Fighting
-the beads go astray, dont really do the scrubbing

Biore(also comes with a beads)forgot what it's called
-the beads melt, i dont know what is my fault

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