Wednesday, April 24, 2013

not all politician is a statesman

I watched Killing Lincoln..another production by Tony & Ridley Scott. Aired on National Geographic channel. Became fond of President Lincoln after a scene in Richmond (that is after he abolished slavery). One thing that draws a line between politician and statesman
The production have created the assassination scene well. Full of emotion. A surgeon from the army was there and gave emergency help. I somehow have a mixed feeling about John Wilkes Booth. Love his country so much to the extend opposing abolition.
As Mr. Lincoln and his son walked the streets of Richmond, one group of newly freed slaves cried out, "Glory Hallelujah!", and fell to their knees before Mr. Lincoln.  It was here the President paused, and motioned for them to rise. "Don't kneel to me," he told them, "You must kneel only to God, and thank him for your freedom. Liberty is your birthright.  God gave it to you as he gave it to others, and it is a sin that you have been deprived of it for so many years."
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

when a friend seek for comfort not a tad bit of your prob worth mentioning

I am this close to exam. This is the time when I get all sappy and behave like a douche. I've made few shopping spree that are not worth buying but comforting. I've talked to my teacher and she said everyone that have been to medical school would feel the same. She even think about quitting but still manage to finish masters.
and some people have a nerve to ask you to smile
Life is full of surprises. Have problem deal with it... doesn't work talk to someone. Remember, find the right person coz if you talk to attention seeker your problem wouldn't be significant anymore and you have to hear first world problem.
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

when i learnt i don't have to buy collagen, it's liberating

Lately I felt so sluggish, almost like old hag. I bet grandma yetta is far more energetic than me. I can't concentrate & always went to bed early (it's not ok to go to bed when your job left unsorted). After a dentist check up (final touch before i go braces-less) i paid a visit to nearest pharmacy. I've been thinking about fish oil.

Fish oil offers lots of benefits (try google) but i'm opting for concentration and general well being. If I continue to live like this i would be academically insufficient & physically unwell. I consider today is my lucky day. The pharmacy I did a free checked up. Basically I'm all well (digestion, breathing, kidney are good) except:
1. i'm overweight- been a year since i exercise regularly, thanks to late night supper, sedentary yet stressful lifestyle, sleep deprivation
2. overweight means i have some fat in liver- this actually increase the risk of getting diabetes
3. started to loose calcium from bones but general bone density is at optimum level- what did you expect i'm reaching 30 soon so this is normal
4. My skin is started to loose collagen- that's why I have recurrent acne & it doesn't heal well
5. I don't drink enough water
i love nova product, find it affordable
I bought fish oil- basically to improve concentration. Fish oil also good for liver, heart and have some anti-inflammatory properties. Later I was advised to consume marine collagen if I want to improve my skin condition (yes i do but the collagen i so damn pricey). Today I know that I should start celebrity fitness regime from Popsugar.

Later I searched for articles about pure marine collagen. Eating natural seaweed is trending now. Maybe I should give it a try. One last check before I buy seaweed at pasar stadium tomorrow. Amazingly found this article that says there's no collagen in seaweed just carrageenan. I learnt that-- all i need is a functional skin that can utilize vitamin C to produce more collagen.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

wicked pants story

Pants get ripped
This is more like DIY entry. Yeah.. my pants ripped. This kind of incidents can happen to anyone with pants. Including you spongebob. Maybe getting fat or being too comfortable in pants has taken a toll on me. The dilemma is the pants was made of super comfy fabric and the gap is not that huge. If i throw the pants away I would miss it badly but if I'm about to sew it i'm not that confident with my sewing skill *quit tailoring class half-way*
So I've met this thing from daiso & it works wonders. It's a fabric with a glue. So you just have to iron the fabric on the ripped part & you pants will return to normal. Since I'm not convince with the durability I ironed on 2 layers of fabric. One from inside (just use the color that you hate) & one ironed on the outside (use the color that are close to the pants color).
So far i'm pleased with the result. It cost me only RM5. Let see the pants after a week ;)

Save my bro from choking
This happen few weeks back when my bro ask me to go pants shopping with him. He decided to get a skinny jeans this time. With a lean body i supposed he wont have much problem finding the right pants. To my surprise he kept asking the salesgirl to get him a bigger pants. Just what i thought.... the pants is "choking nuts" The salesgirl also told me that some guys love female skinny jeans coz it has a smaller cutting. I went like....Wow!! how come choking nuts have become a mainstream?. Call me old- fashion, we might have to deal with infertility years to come. In the end my bro succumb to my advice-- he won't jeopardize fertility. So we found a comfortable pants from Dapper with the texture of a jeans + color of a slack + wearable for formal attire.
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