Wednesday, April 24, 2013

not all politician is a statesman

I watched Killing Lincoln..another production by Tony & Ridley Scott. Aired on National Geographic channel. Became fond of President Lincoln after a scene in Richmond (that is after he abolished slavery). One thing that draws a line between politician and statesman
The production have created the assassination scene well. Full of emotion. A surgeon from the army was there and gave emergency help. I somehow have a mixed feeling about John Wilkes Booth. Love his country so much to the extend opposing abolition.
As Mr. Lincoln and his son walked the streets of Richmond, one group of newly freed slaves cried out, "Glory Hallelujah!", and fell to their knees before Mr. Lincoln.  It was here the President paused, and motioned for them to rise. "Don't kneel to me," he told them, "You must kneel only to God, and thank him for your freedom. Liberty is your birthright.  God gave it to you as he gave it to others, and it is a sin that you have been deprived of it for so many years."
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