Sunday, April 14, 2013

wicked pants story

Pants get ripped
This is more like DIY entry. Yeah.. my pants ripped. This kind of incidents can happen to anyone with pants. Including you spongebob. Maybe getting fat or being too comfortable in pants has taken a toll on me. The dilemma is the pants was made of super comfy fabric and the gap is not that huge. If i throw the pants away I would miss it badly but if I'm about to sew it i'm not that confident with my sewing skill *quit tailoring class half-way*
So I've met this thing from daiso & it works wonders. It's a fabric with a glue. So you just have to iron the fabric on the ripped part & you pants will return to normal. Since I'm not convince with the durability I ironed on 2 layers of fabric. One from inside (just use the color that you hate) & one ironed on the outside (use the color that are close to the pants color).
So far i'm pleased with the result. It cost me only RM5. Let see the pants after a week ;)

Save my bro from choking
This happen few weeks back when my bro ask me to go pants shopping with him. He decided to get a skinny jeans this time. With a lean body i supposed he wont have much problem finding the right pants. To my surprise he kept asking the salesgirl to get him a bigger pants. Just what i thought.... the pants is "choking nuts" The salesgirl also told me that some guys love female skinny jeans coz it has a smaller cutting. I went like....Wow!! how come choking nuts have become a mainstream?. Call me old- fashion, we might have to deal with infertility years to come. In the end my bro succumb to my advice-- he won't jeopardize fertility. So we found a comfortable pants from Dapper with the texture of a jeans + color of a slack + wearable for formal attire.
Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

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