Monday, March 29, 2010

Korean Dumplings

I love to cook when people didn’t expect me to cook. Hurm, let me put it this way….i can’t cook under pressure. So that’s why entry about cooking only came up during holiday not in the middle of semester.
Today I’m gonna show how to make Korean Dumplings with a twisted Malay touch to it. that means i had remove soy sauce and sesame oil from the to Maangchi, i had fun watching all her vids. So crazy about Korean food right now~ even though my version is not authentic anymore.

Dumpling wrap:
J       1 cup plain flour
J        ½ cup water
J       1 egg yolk
J       2 pinch of salt~ if you’re using Halagel Rock salt coz it’s not so salty
J       1 tsp margarine~ I prefer Planta *but I forgot to put it yesterday

Step by step:
1.      Just mix everything together except water. Water should be pour little by little so that you can see by your eyes if the dough is ready.
2.      Left it to rest for 15 minutes. Remember we’re not making bread so don’t be stressed out with the kneading process.
3.     Divide the dough into small pieces. Use a rolling pin & flatten it into the thickness that you want:
    o    Shallow frying: as thin as possible, just like dim sum wrap.
    o   Deep frying: go with a thicker size, there’s a lot of wave in the oil, you need to protect the filling
    Þ     Substitute for the wrap: popia wrap or ready made wantan wrap. I make my own wrapping just to take pleasure of the process ;)

    J       1 onion- diced
    J       4 cloves of garlic-minced
    J       Pepper to taste
    J       4 tbsp minced meat * I personally think chicken goes well with tofu & mushroom
    J       ½ cup chopped oyster mushroom *I hate shiitake
    J       ¾ cup of Asian chives- chopped
    J     1 pressed tofu

    Step by step:
    1.       Onion+ garlic- sauté in a pan
    2.       +minced chicken + some water just to prevent onion burning
    3.       +salt + seasoning-I use perencah Hilal +pepper
    4.       +oyster mushroom + Asian chives
    5.       Put tofu in a cloth and pressed to keep it as dry as possible & mix into the pan.
    6.       Before wrapping, put the filling into a colander to remove excess water.
    7.       Ready to wrap & fry.

      Soup for dumplings
      According to Maangchi to make a good soup you must have a good stock.
      o       --> Boil kelp+ anchovies + garlic-crushed+ onion-cut roughly~ done.

      Soup base
      1.       Stir fry some minced shallot+ garlic
      2.       Put in some white & black pepper- keep stirring, add water to prevent burning
      3.       + Stock- let it boil + salt
      4.       Break an egg- done.

        Serving suggestion:
        o   Dumpling to be eaten with any sauce of your choice e.g. sweet chili sauce
        o   Eaten with a soup.
          Hopefully this entry will give some inspiration to a hungry viewers here :P   
          아자 아자 화이팅 (aja2 fighting)

          Wednesday, March 24, 2010

          painful separation

          Today it’s been 2 years that u’ve left us, and not a single day goes by that I don’t think about you. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross said there are 5 stages of closure. We call it:
          1.       Denial
          2.       Anger
          3.       Bargain
          4.       Depression
          5.       Acceptance
          Maybe I’ve come to the stage of acceptance since I don’t shed tears while writing this entry. So what’s left for me is a memory and acceptance that those memories cannot be photographed again. I wish I have more pictures of you. Even though I was there…I still wish that I could spend more time with you. Coz the day you're gone, I was about to finish exam and planning to watch sunset together.
          I might the fat and funny sister to most people but you’ve turned me into someone that I intended to be….the charming one. Since I’m lacking of acknowledgement right now, things definitely changed. Anyway, I’m always grateful to at least have the chance to cherish a brother like a dream. There’s one thing that bothers me--> am I ever could step foot in oncology ward with clear conscience?

          One thing for sure, i enjoy talking and remembering. Thinking about you'd be happy with my prayers makes me excited.  ~Al-Fatihah

          Wednesday, March 17, 2010

          how to disable right click

          Tujuan disable right click:
          1. xnak orang copy 
          2. nak dapat kredit 
          walaupun kandungan blog biasa2 je.....aku nak cuba function ni untuk seketika. Bajet cool~ hua3. Kalau berminat dengan function ni...boleh cuba. memang senang lah. Terima kasih kepada teman blogger Choy HH yang sedia berkongsi tips. In fact he taught me a lot about blogging & blogger

          komawoyo  고마워요 <--you said this to a friend

          big 5 result

          What aspects of personality does this tell me about?
          There has been much research on how people describe others, and five major dimensions of human personality have been found. They are often referred to as the OCEAN model of personality, because of the acronym from the names of the five dimensions.
          Openness to Experience/Intellect
                  High scorers tend to be original, creative, curious, complex; Low scorers tend to be conventional, down to earth, narrow interests, uncreative.
                  You are somewhat conventional.    (Your percentile: 24)
                  High scorers tend to be reliable, well-organized, self-disciplined, careful; Low scorers tend to be disorganized, undependable, negligent.
                  You tend to do things somewhat haphazardly.    (Your percentile: 30)
                  High scorers tend to be sociable, friendly, fun loving, talkative; Low scorers tend to be introverted, reserved, inhibited, quiet.
                  You tend to shy away from social situations.    (Your percentile: 22)
                  High scorers tend to be good natured, sympathetic, forgiving, courteous; Low scorers tend to be critical, rude, harsh, callous.
                  You tend to consider the feelings of others.    (Your percentile: 69)
                  High scorers tend to be nervous, high-strung, insecure, worrying; Low scorers tend to be calm, relaxed, secure, hardy.
                  You aren't particularly nervous, nor calm.    (Your percentile: 49)
          What do the scores tell me?
          In order to provide you with a meaningful comparison, the scores you received have been converted to "percentile scores." This means that your personality score can be directly compared to another group of people who have also taken this personality test.The percentile scores show you where you score on the five personality dimensions relative to the comparison sample of other people who have taken this test on-line. In other words, your percentile scores indicate the percentage of people who score less than you on each dimension. For example, your Extraversion percentile score is 22, which means that about 22 percent of the people in our comparison sample are less extraverted than you -- in other words, you are rather introverted. Keep in mind that these percentile scores are relative to our particular sample of people. Thus, your percentile scores may differ if you were compared to another sample (e.g., elderly British people).

          thanx to for the quiz....i'm still figuring out wat kind of person I am and how i can fit into medical world. Since it is too bad I DONT BELIEVE IT~ hua haha

          Thursday, March 11, 2010

          time off

          sekarang ni musim bertapa. aku perasan beberapa blogger yang aku kenal sedang bertapa & berpuasa dari blogging. ambil lah seberapa banyak masa yang diperlukan agar pencarian berakhir dengan hasil memuaskan. aku pon nak kurangkan masa di depan lappy dan menghayati saat2 akhir berada di MSU kampus s.alam agar tidak menyesal di kemudian hari. i hate to say this but its kinda sad to leavei can be even sadder if i don't get the chance to leave. leave the comfort zone to chase my dream. walaupun kolej ku itu bukan kolej terbaik dunia namun ramai orang2 baik+unik yang telah aku temui di sini. 
          indeed inspirational

          Sunday, March 7, 2010

          antara KB dan India

          road to India
          Antara KB dan India aku suka semuanya. Bila tengok Bobby Chin jalan2+makan2 di Kolkata niat ber- backpacking menjelajah India pun datang. Terfikir jugak nak mencabar diri sendiri dan menjadi manusia yang lebih baik setelah bermusafir di tempat orang. Sebenarnya ceq nak kurus, klu duk KB ssh nak kurus sbb ada nasi kerabu.

          Bayangkan, dengan USD 700 sebulan mungkin aku boleh mendapatkan kamera dslr....atau memakai braces yang cuma berharga rm300 di sana. Dengan baki2 duit yang ada mungkin aku mampu melancong sket2dan melihat matahari terbit di taj mahal. Bak kata orang, bila lagi nak kenal tempat orang kalau bukan di zaman bujang/ belajar. *ini belum tgk lagi gambar Kay menjelajah india

          makeway for KB
          Awal bulan lepas, Matun sms "nko nk sambung kt India ke KB?" Rupa2nya fasa 3 mbbs MSU (akula tu) dah xjadi kat HTAR. Mengikut rancangan baru, mbbs fasa 3 dijadualkan bermula di HKB pada 19 April. Lecturer dah pun tak overburden dan asrama disediakan. Masalah aku kelihatan seperti dah selesai~ xperlu berhadapan dengan kesesakan trafik Klang yang maha ketat esp bulan pose. Asrama-KB Mall-hospital are within a walking distance   *KB mall penting agar aku kekal waras
          inilah masalah aku klu bulan pose *shitty traffic
          Kalau time raya xyah pikir bab cari tiket flight sebab KB ke KTrg <--aku blh drive je, yaahuuu!! umm, jln KL-Trg lagi sesak kut. In case ada kengkawan yg nak kawen (99% kawan2 high school di Trg) aku boleh je attend the wedding. Cuma part yg kurang best ialah klu duk kat KB elaun RM700 sebulan. Pergh...jauhnya margin tu. $$$$$$$ <--it's all over my eyeball
          ain't afraid, just chillin wif my emotion
          Coming to all my sense~ aku rasa.....
          --> dulu duk asrama bukan main kerap balik umah. Boleh duk dekat nak pegi jauh2 pulak?
          --> ala, dari dulu plan nak sambung belajar kt oversea. klu xleh g UK....India pun jadilah. Nak cari exposure yang lbeyh (kut2 kt sna ada full-blown nyer syphilis)
          --> dude, tahun klinikal buat kt sni je weh. nanti susah nak adapt ngan hospital tempatan bila jadi housemen.
          --> Taking chances wokk, orang laen xdapat peluang ni.
          --> klu orang laen xpegi, ape kejadah aku pg sna. lone ranger la sangat
          --> kat KB pilihan calon banyak....kat sna pilihan limited (if u get wat i drift)

          Since mak aku dah termimpi shopping kain kt KB....aku duk KB jelah eh. Lupakan the dollars~ phew


          Tuesday, March 2, 2010

          suicide do not choose you

          today i watched e-news....another actor andrew koenig had took his own life. i cant say i understand coz we opt for different things in life, develop a different affection or adopt a different taste. but since we are human there's always a point where we're gonna met and agree about the value of life & living.

          andrew's body was discovered after 2 weeks he'd been reported missing. 1st thought came to my mind --> a decomposed body. family confirmed that he'd been depressed for this whole time *i think he might left a note, but dunno the details yet. ouh ya...another reason of committing suicide is depression.

          in suicide case, the depressed person probably have speak up but it might not loud enough to be noticed/ to be taken seriously until it's too late. for me, a depression will always resurface since we're living in the real world. shit happen....but we got to loosen up a lil', share probs and take control of our life. keeping things inside will result in more self empathy & lots of feeling victimized....which is bad for ourself.

          suicide is a topic for my case study. when i saw a body of a muslim male on the autopsy table.....i got a feeling --> felt like wanna resuscitate him. when the body was found the decomposition process had already started (marbling at the abdominal area), that means he'd really dead ok.

          so, to all people who'd been considering suicide...pls be informed about things below:

          1. ru ready to undergo autopsy?- according to M'sia law, all suicidal death must be sent to forensics dept  --> undergo autopsy --> determine cause of death(COD)
          2. ru ready to loose all the insurance money?- fyi, life insurance will not pay compensation for death due to suicide

          sometimes all we need is an ear to, pls be humane to all human*
          *exception for the annoying one