Monday, March 29, 2010

Korean Dumplings

I love to cook when people didn’t expect me to cook. Hurm, let me put it this way….i can’t cook under pressure. So that’s why entry about cooking only came up during holiday not in the middle of semester.
Today I’m gonna show how to make Korean Dumplings with a twisted Malay touch to it. that means i had remove soy sauce and sesame oil from the to Maangchi, i had fun watching all her vids. So crazy about Korean food right now~ even though my version is not authentic anymore.

Dumpling wrap:
J       1 cup plain flour
J        ½ cup water
J       1 egg yolk
J       2 pinch of salt~ if you’re using Halagel Rock salt coz it’s not so salty
J       1 tsp margarine~ I prefer Planta *but I forgot to put it yesterday

Step by step:
1.      Just mix everything together except water. Water should be pour little by little so that you can see by your eyes if the dough is ready.
2.      Left it to rest for 15 minutes. Remember we’re not making bread so don’t be stressed out with the kneading process.
3.     Divide the dough into small pieces. Use a rolling pin & flatten it into the thickness that you want:
    o    Shallow frying: as thin as possible, just like dim sum wrap.
    o   Deep frying: go with a thicker size, there’s a lot of wave in the oil, you need to protect the filling
    Þ     Substitute for the wrap: popia wrap or ready made wantan wrap. I make my own wrapping just to take pleasure of the process ;)

    J       1 onion- diced
    J       4 cloves of garlic-minced
    J       Pepper to taste
    J       4 tbsp minced meat * I personally think chicken goes well with tofu & mushroom
    J       ½ cup chopped oyster mushroom *I hate shiitake
    J       ¾ cup of Asian chives- chopped
    J     1 pressed tofu

    Step by step:
    1.       Onion+ garlic- sauté in a pan
    2.       +minced chicken + some water just to prevent onion burning
    3.       +salt + seasoning-I use perencah Hilal +pepper
    4.       +oyster mushroom + Asian chives
    5.       Put tofu in a cloth and pressed to keep it as dry as possible & mix into the pan.
    6.       Before wrapping, put the filling into a colander to remove excess water.
    7.       Ready to wrap & fry.

      Soup for dumplings
      According to Maangchi to make a good soup you must have a good stock.
      o       --> Boil kelp+ anchovies + garlic-crushed+ onion-cut roughly~ done.

      Soup base
      1.       Stir fry some minced shallot+ garlic
      2.       Put in some white & black pepper- keep stirring, add water to prevent burning
      3.       + Stock- let it boil + salt
      4.       Break an egg- done.

        Serving suggestion:
        o   Dumpling to be eaten with any sauce of your choice e.g. sweet chili sauce
        o   Eaten with a soup.
          Hopefully this entry will give some inspiration to a hungry viewers here :P   
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