Tuesday, March 2, 2010

suicide do not choose you

today i watched e-news....another actor andrew koenig had took his own life. i cant say i understand coz we opt for different things in life, develop a different affection or adopt a different taste. but since we are human there's always a point where we're gonna met and agree about the value of life & living.

andrew's body was discovered after 2 weeks he'd been reported missing. 1st thought came to my mind --> a decomposed body. family confirmed that he'd been depressed for this whole time *i think he might left a note, but dunno the details yet. ouh ya...another reason of committing suicide is depression.

in suicide case, the depressed person probably have speak up but it might not loud enough to be noticed/ to be taken seriously until it's too late. for me, a depression will always resurface since we're living in the real world. shit happen....but we got to loosen up a lil', share probs and take control of our life. keeping things inside will result in more self empathy & lots of feeling victimized....which is bad for ourself.

suicide is a topic for my case study. when i saw a body of a muslim male on the autopsy table.....i got a feeling --> felt like wanna resuscitate him. when the body was found the decomposition process had already started (marbling at the abdominal area), that means he'd really dead ok.

so, to all people who'd been considering suicide...pls be informed about things below:

  1. ru ready to undergo autopsy?- according to M'sia law, all suicidal death must be sent to forensics dept  --> undergo autopsy --> determine cause of death(COD)
  2. ru ready to loose all the insurance money?- fyi, life insurance will not pay compensation for death due to suicide

sometimes all we need is an ear to listen.....so, pls be humane to all human*
*exception for the annoying one


  1. Hey i remember that song "Lean on me, when you're not strong...bla blaaa" LOL. Nice post though, all the suicidal things doesnt really make sense to me. mcm kuar mulut harimau masuk mulut BOYA.. hah! im trying to judge it according to Islam perspective. thats why it nonsense!

  2. judge ikut Islam ka...ikut law ka~ mmg nonsense, lagu lean on me-versi glee mmg best. kununnya aku dh jadi peminat setia Glee skrg :P

  3. ade org ajar kita lagu tu dlm kelas time form 4. ada ingat ka? LOL :p

  4. mestilah ingat <--jauh norr dtg ajar kita nyanyi ...hoho~ i loike