Tuesday, February 28, 2012

oopsy doomsy

Remember the beef soup that i made. Actually i dont lunch with that, accidentally burnt it. In other words i have burnt my momma's saucepan. Dont you ever panicking farah aj coz panick wasnt written in ur genetic coding.  i have turned the irreversible damage to a blessing. I finally found a way to spend the asb money (no foods allowed)
a velvet pillow in hot ovaltine, small marshmallow will totally melt
Ouh well, havent told mom yet. I just wanna see her face after looking this baby. I love the dutchoven...always want one but the price tag have made me turn to tefal. Currently i'm not into teflon coating after few controversial article abt teflon
let's go retrospectively, 
I woke up. Its monday morning. As usual i wish it is saturday. Went to the kitchen heat up the soup or it will end up as a frothy one. With my groggy head i sit on the couch and dozed-off.

Monday, February 27, 2012

damage control

It's official....the freezer are broken. no wonder the my chicken turned bad. so today i am in the process of evacuating the freezer, from freezer to stomach. syukur, the beef is still good. on contrary i dont feel so good, soreness of coracobrachialis after a pushed up yesterday (20 in 40 sec....gonna beat that number). oh well..today is a good day to fell in bathroom again.
Rescued list
Beef: end up as a soup....i'll have 'em for lunch tomorrow. my original idea is to make some beef chop inspired by Ochikeron. no panko...no chop

Ice-cream: i know...i shud finish Le Cremeria as soon as i got the new scoop few weeks ago. ouhh....i'm glad it's all saved in my tummy despite it porridgy-look

Prawn: made some mi goreng kari udang. i should cook this more often......will cook this if i'm having a friend over next tyme
Sausage & keropok lekor: will think about it after a certain prognosis of my freezer

Sunday, February 26, 2012

aiskrim goreng....akhirnya

Analogi: seperti membuat karipap cuma pastrinya digantikan dengan roti putih, intinya= aiskrim.
Resepi I- kulitnya roti putih, senang dikawal, asalkan tiada kebocoran aiskrim anda akan selamat ketika menggoreng.
we were amused by the whole process & bro loves it
Resepi II- bersalut cornflakes hancur + telur kocok. Rasanya saangat sedap (in fact lagi wangi daripada roti putih). Cuma membuatnya sangat leceh. Jika tidak bernasib baik, aiskrim akan meleleh keluar ketika menggoreng.Gambar xsempat nak snap, aiskrim cair + rupanya tak lulus nak masuk blog...insiden seperti letupan kecil akan berlaku. So, mitten up ppl.
Pesanan: DO THE EXTREME-aiskrim mesti betul2 beku (kurangkan letupan), salutan conrnflakes mesti betul2 tebal, minyak mesti betul2 panas, goreng sekejap je..garing terus angkat. Selamat mencuba.

smell this

i wanna thank jj & ean for raising awareness on this issue. One day i went to the bank. While i was at the counter (it's my turn) came one dude asking question to the reception (just next to me). Once he talk, it was hellish...i mean the counter fellas wouldnt know how was it like to be standing there *breath holding spell*
I’m always worried about body odor etc. . It’s embarrassing and a big turn off too. I hope I didn’t offend anyone or if I had offended anyone with stinky smell I hope that would be forgiven.
  • Best tooth brushing combo: suitable tooth brush + interdental brush + floss + good brushing technique. 
  • Combat body odor by changing regulary + shower wif SOAP (room mates might run away if u bath with plain water- true story) + deodorant (I think Adidas works great) 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

tipping the scale

Surgical posting: what makes surgery interesting is that the pathology will be excise out, literally. anyway the drawback of being in this ward is facing a bloody recovery or the big C. having to see terminally ill patient on morphine have gave me a good deal to think of.....BALANCE. I'm not judging sick people but I always feel this is our shot, keep life in equilibrium and God will do the rest.

I always struggle with balance. Sometime I tend to

  • Indulge in excess....end up with procrastination
  • Step out from the comfort zone and feel totally worthless
  • Lose touch with the spiritual side while trying so hard to give good impression

Perhaps the cure to our struggle is acceptance. I wish people will stop chaining their life to a miracle product (bollocks, pseudo-science) and accept in order to stay healthy we must think and act accordingly. i follow this blog, keep the scammers away. 
After the passing of my bro I don’t see any of their faces anymore. though ppl from hospice are kind enough to visit. Anyway I’m taking calcium supplement to counteract my coffee habit but other than that...I opt for natural resources (rich with phyto-nutrients, high bioavailability and safe) *don’t give lecture me abt pesticide or GMO if u dont give me money for food*
Lesson to be learnt:
Wants a great body- exercise, eat well, sleep well
Wants to be healthy- a combo of healthy food to healthy lifestyle
If already sick- yes, pls vent out your anger and move on for treatment.

There’s no such thing like a quick fix...it only applies for make up. If you can think WHAT MAKES A LIFE then you know what can you do to make it better. Bye for now...today is my workout day *the never ending story of waistline*

Monday, February 20, 2012

feminist playlist

lately i listen to katy perry a lot. i think she have some resemblance to gwen stefani....red lips and quirky. should i say original and cosmetic surgery free. that one time i came across her video performing on VS runway, totally stunned me (actually there's many other song make it big on VS runway). didnt expect she will sound so good in live performance. 
i'm done with kim K...not keeping up with kardashian anymore. after a comparison to teen cribs i realize that normal american family dont treat parents like that. my respect to gene simmons kids'. media should feel responsible promoting good values to people. it doesnt have to be a high end program.......a simple cartoon/ cooking show can teach us good value. at least dont put a trash on national tv.
Last night I watched How'l Moving Castle on disney channel......what a coincidence. Hayao Miyazaki from Ghibli studio always opt for my fav theme; feminism and absence of villains kind of movie. That explains why I love Spirited Away so much. I'm sure the list will expand.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

gulai sotong cara Terengganu (squid gulai Terengganu style)

Actually i'm not very fond of squid cooked in a coconut gravy but my cousin (she is an heir of a restaurant) have made me love this gulai. I came just at the time she's cooking for lunch. She made effortless cooking...the only thing that stressed her out is gastrectomy assignments. 
Serving: 2 person
1 tspn galangal- crushed, doesnt have to be fine
1 tspn ginger
1 tspn tumeric powder
1 tbspn curry powder- i prefer 1 heaping spoon, even better if you have the gulai powder
2 tbspn chilli paste
2 tbspn shallots+ garlic paste
2 inch lemongrass- bruised
2 pcs asam gelugor
Salt & sugar to taste

coconut milk- just enuff to drown the squid
some water- to cook the squid till soft
And 1 big squid (took it from my mom's kitchen...abduct 'em to Klang)

According to my cousin: just boil everything & put coconut milk after the squid is tender- smell so good
I tweak it:
  1. Fry ingredients A till fragrant
  2. Add water and squid, simmer until squid is tender (use water judiciously coz we want the gulai to be thick)
  3. Later add coconut milk. Adjust sugar and salt to your taste
my cousin recommend this, she also use this for gulai nasi dagang

serve with vegetable soup of your choice, here i have sup sayur berkeropok lekor (forgot to buy fishball actually)
this is my fav shot at pasar kedai payang.getting some beras for ketupat nasi (p/s: pre-eid album)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

cinta Rasul II

Bagaimana mungkin cinta terhadap Rasulullah adalah melampau kerana baginda membawa kalam yang benar. Cinta Rasul adalah indikator bertambahnya iman
aku cinta kaabah bukan kerana batunya, aku cinta Kaabah kerana ia rumah Allah
aku cinta madinah bukan kerana tanahnya, aku cinta kerana ada padanya madinah Rasulullah
aku cinta al-Quran bukan kerana naskahnya hebat, tetapi cinta al-Quran kerana ianya Kalam Allah
aku cinta saidina nabi s.a.w kerana baginda kekasih Allah
*kebodohan was-was syirik....bahaya* [peringatan untuk diri sendiri]

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

foretell sincerity

sincerity shows on your tone and choices of word
i mean geez where have you been all this while? the jungle or Hitler era?
when others wrong, doesnt make it legal for you to shout or accuse
is there any substance of sincerity in what you've said. seems like territorial behavior to me
there's a fine line that will differentiate between righteous or you're just simply fuglySemua orang boleh marah cuma pilihan kata-kata membezakan orang yang beriman dan yang tidak/krg beriman
if saying nice/ beneficial thing is not your cuppa tea

Sunday, February 12, 2012

clash of the doughnuts

As an impulsive baker i always come up with a desire to bake at least expected time. Impulsive suppose to be the quality of a good lover. Quite often i end up with a runny batter or poor performance yeast due to failure to plan ahead. When i think about it there must be something that have been pushing my buttons (like pushing daisies). It is not that hard to found out.
Today i have come into a verdict. A doughnut with yeast is way tastier than a yeast-less doughnut. Yeast react with gluten gives out a chewy doughnut. Anyway what you are about to see in real life might be different from what you've seen in youtube. Just blame it on me.
HERE is the yeast-less doughtnut recipe that i love. Simple to make......nice but dont expect it to be like Krispy Kreme. On contrary yeast-less doughnut is fluffy, airy with soft exterior. 
shouldnt look like cekodok. watch the flame ppl
generous dusting
Doughnut with a yeast have more body when you bite. I guess the recipe is sorted HERE. Mind you that i'm making half from the original recipe, i dont have potato...i simply omit that. Since my batter is quite runny i cut the milk into 1/2 cup only.
p/s: i'm not happy with the batter. end up frying my yeasty doughnuts like cekodok too

Run from separation anxiety

My parents left this morning. Watching movie is a way for me to cope with separation anxiety (that's a word from paeds). Salem Falls pushed my button to watch Varsity Blues. Perhaps it's the dawson's creek guy that made me go Van Der Beek all this week. i crushes him way back, and he still look so cute to date.
For a person that favors a football movie, i love the attitude of giving teamates the respect. At least i believe one person doesnt make a team. Anyway, if i have to choose between the Longest Yard or Varsity Blues....i think i would go for the Longest Yard. Well...if it's comedy with Adam Sandler in it, i would run laughing.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

snack time: close ur textbook

actually i'm not holding any textbook. just studied Liver Histology from youtube by dr.najeeb. it's like having a quality bedtime stories. he should get a nobel prize for basic science philantropist. 
mellow....low cost 
snack tonight is a cup of milo and a hard boiled egg (i'm making healthy choice, remember). equal part of milo and omega milk will make the most subtle milo remind me the one that i had in kk7. when i visited my bro he will eat home cooked food and i will take whatever served in the ward. ouhh the milk tea was awesome. wahi product (gov brand) might not have a concentrated creamy taste but awkwardly good.
impulsive cuppies
things that i love about the males of my family...they never complaint about my cooking. perhaps nobody wants to be hungry

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

cinta Rasul: action speak louder than words

Sempena ulang tahun keputeraan Rasulullah marilah kita mengaudit diri dan berazam mengamalkan sunnah Rasulullah. 
Allah Taala berfirman: "Katakanlah (Wahai Muhammad): Sekiranya kalian mencintai Allah, [ Fattabiouni ] maka ikutilah aku (Nabi Muhammad) nescaya Allah akan mencintai kalian dan mengampuni dosa-dosa kalian. Dan Allah itu Maha Pengampun Lagi Maha Mengasihani". ~ Al-I'mran: 31.

Perkara pertama yang ditekankan oleh Nabi selepas mendapat wahyu ialah akidah. Akidah yang mengimani Allah sebagai Tuhan yang satu. (orang sibuk maulidur rasul ada jugak dok tayang citer pelesit kt tv). Masyarakat kita suka kepada perkara2 ajaib. gempar sekampung jika ada penemuan ikan tertulis kalimah Allah tapi ikan yang biasa macam mana? Takkan nak tunggu perkara ajaib sahaja baru nak meningkatkan keimanan/ ketakwaan. bottomline: umat Islam mesti sedia berubah menjadi lebih baik. perubahan mestilah berlandaskan ilmu...bukan sekadar ikut2an. *sila rujuk SINI. good stuff*

Alangkah baiknya jika kita mengamalkan sunnah2 Nabi dalam kehidupan seharian. Jangan sempitkan maulidur rasul pada ucapan & perarakan semata. Cabaran sebenar ialah mencontohi Rasulullah dalam pelbagai aspek kehidupan. Rancangan Law Kana Bainana & Fattabiouni banyak menceritakan tentang sunnah2 Nabi yang kita mungkin terlepas pandang. Sebelum makan kita basuh tangan sebab takut E.coli tapi sebenarnya Nabi dah ajar sunnah itu ratusan tahun lalu. Jadi bila membasuh tangan atau memakai pakaian berwarna hijau kita niat dalam hati kerana mengikut Rasulullah. Mudah2an mendapat ganjaran yang besar di sisi Allah.
p/s: Sebelum kita berbuat/ berkata sesuatu....analisa dulu, andai Rasulullah ada di sini adakah baginda akan bersetuju dengan mu?

Nota kaki:
Rancangan Bicara (tv alhijrah)- padat dengan ilmu, pengacara Amin Idris pun cerdik. i adore that quality.
Law Kana Bainana- Ahmad Al-Sughairi selalu bertanya andai anda bertemu dengan Rasulullah apakah yang anda akan katakan pada baginda
#meh nak tanya: Ya Rasulullah, am I good enough? Pls let me know which part that i'm lacking which preventing me from getting ur syafaat.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

omega pancakes: all day breakfast

I went to jusco doing some groceries shopping. I was hoping to grab some pancakes from Mc Donalds but i'm kinda late. Anyway i will decide whether breakfast is over or just started.

I was so inspired by nigella's way of making pancakes. In the end I bought my fav diabetic jam, sweetened with splenda. That gonna spare me a generous dollop of jam on my pancakes without worrying about waistline.

1 cup of self-raising flour
1/2 cup milk (i use nestle omega-bad cholesterol shoo away, i prefer it warm)
1 omega egg
1 tspn vanilla extract
1 tbspn melted butter
salt and sugar to taste

Mix all and fry on non-stick pan. Keep the heat low
i prefer a thicker batter

this is what i'm dreaming about

serve with h0ney and grape jam (for diabetic)
p/s: i bet u can tell a 1st trial mishap

trashy salad

it's official. i've gained my waistline again. i need to work out more often. ahhh....i'm already 3 step back from my goal. this is so lame. here is my post workout meal. i'm not there yet so yeahh i'm still having this junk in my diet. cant wait to kick fat again *i guess*

trashy salad is very easy to make. Made it last night out of blue after an ordeal with my workout. too bad a friend called me while i'm frying the patty..."a burger at this hour?!!" here's the thing, i dont make an extravagant burger. just a salad with some LDL.
You'll need:
Butterhead lettuce- just tear with hands
Chicken burger patty- i use Ramly chicken burger & squeeze em with paper towel before throwing em into the bowl

Hard boiled egg- mashed + 1tbsp mayonnaise(go easy) + 1 shallot (diced) + a squirt of lemon juice + salt + pepper to taste

Mix all and serve. Intended to add croutons but considering its already late...skip it