Tuesday, February 28, 2012

oopsy doomsy

Remember the beef soup that i made. Actually i dont lunch with that, accidentally burnt it. In other words i have burnt my momma's saucepan. Dont you ever panicking farah aj coz panick wasnt written in ur genetic coding.  i have turned the irreversible damage to a blessing. I finally found a way to spend the asb money (no foods allowed)
a velvet pillow in hot ovaltine, small marshmallow will totally melt
Ouh well, havent told mom yet. I just wanna see her face after looking this baby. I love the dutchoven...always want one but the price tag have made me turn to tefal. Currently i'm not into teflon coating after few controversial article abt teflon
let's go retrospectively, 
I woke up. Its monday morning. As usual i wish it is saturday. Went to the kitchen heat up the soup or it will end up as a frothy one. With my groggy head i sit on the couch and dozed-off.

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