Sunday, February 12, 2012

clash of the doughnuts

As an impulsive baker i always come up with a desire to bake at least expected time. Impulsive suppose to be the quality of a good lover. Quite often i end up with a runny batter or poor performance yeast due to failure to plan ahead. When i think about it there must be something that have been pushing my buttons (like pushing daisies). It is not that hard to found out.
Today i have come into a verdict. A doughnut with yeast is way tastier than a yeast-less doughnut. Yeast react with gluten gives out a chewy doughnut. Anyway what you are about to see in real life might be different from what you've seen in youtube. Just blame it on me.
HERE is the yeast-less doughtnut recipe that i love. Simple to make......nice but dont expect it to be like Krispy Kreme. On contrary yeast-less doughnut is fluffy, airy with soft exterior. 
shouldnt look like cekodok. watch the flame ppl
generous dusting
Doughnut with a yeast have more body when you bite. I guess the recipe is sorted HERE. Mind you that i'm making half from the original recipe, i dont have potato...i simply omit that. Since my batter is quite runny i cut the milk into 1/2 cup only.
p/s: i'm not happy with the batter. end up frying my yeasty doughnuts like cekodok too


  1. used to help my mum making those doughnut, here's a tip passed on from my grandma (my dad's mum) to my mum.
    - one pack of yeast for 1kg of flour (adjust accordingly if you plan to make in small portion).
    - prepare your yeast an hour earlier. my mum used the brown packet one. dont remember the brand. mixing them in a cup of warm sugar water.
    - add teaspoon of salt later before you pour it in your dough (it'll kill the yeast if you add it sooner).
    - don't overworked your dough, leave it to rest at least for an hour.

    your doughnut should be mouldable instead of batter-y (peace ;-P), thus called dough...hahaha

    i always find vegetable fat (shortening) made it crispier on the outside.

    always love the doughnut center.

  2. omg...thanxxx
    this is wayy cooler. published in evernote

  3. Assalamualaikum,

    hehehe, kinda remains me of that small doughnuts in Dunkin Doughnut/Big Apple :)

  4. wslm......u are too kind. i call it doughnut holes :)