Sunday, February 5, 2012

trashy salad

it's official. i've gained my waistline again. i need to work out more often. ahhh....i'm already 3 step back from my goal. this is so lame. here is my post workout meal. i'm not there yet so yeahh i'm still having this junk in my diet. cant wait to kick fat again *i guess*

trashy salad is very easy to make. Made it last night out of blue after an ordeal with my workout. too bad a friend called me while i'm frying the patty..."a burger at this hour?!!" here's the thing, i dont make an extravagant burger. just a salad with some LDL.
You'll need:
Butterhead lettuce- just tear with hands
Chicken burger patty- i use Ramly chicken burger & squeeze em with paper towel before throwing em into the bowl

Hard boiled egg- mashed + 1tbsp mayonnaise(go easy) + 1 shallot (diced) + a squirt of lemon juice + salt + pepper to taste

Mix all and serve. Intended to add croutons but considering its already late...skip it