Sunday, February 26, 2012

smell this

i wanna thank jj & ean for raising awareness on this issue. One day i went to the bank. While i was at the counter (it's my turn) came one dude asking question to the reception (just next to me). Once he talk, it was hellish...i mean the counter fellas wouldnt know how was it like to be standing there *breath holding spell*
I’m always worried about body odor etc. . It’s embarrassing and a big turn off too. I hope I didn’t offend anyone or if I had offended anyone with stinky smell I hope that would be forgiven.
  • Best tooth brushing combo: suitable tooth brush + interdental brush + floss + good brushing technique. 
  • Combat body odor by changing regulary + shower wif SOAP (room mates might run away if u bath with plain water- true story) + deodorant (I think Adidas works great) 

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