Thursday, February 9, 2012

snack time: close ur textbook

actually i'm not holding any textbook. just studied Liver Histology from youtube by dr.najeeb. it's like having a quality bedtime stories. he should get a nobel prize for basic science philantropist. 
mellow....low cost 
snack tonight is a cup of milo and a hard boiled egg (i'm making healthy choice, remember). equal part of milo and omega milk will make the most subtle milo remind me the one that i had in kk7. when i visited my bro he will eat home cooked food and i will take whatever served in the ward. ouhh the milk tea was awesome. wahi product (gov brand) might not have a concentrated creamy taste but awkwardly good.
impulsive cuppies
things that i love about the males of my family...they never complaint about my cooking. perhaps nobody wants to be hungry

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