Saturday, February 25, 2012

tipping the scale

Surgical posting: what makes surgery interesting is that the pathology will be excise out, literally. anyway the drawback of being in this ward is facing a bloody recovery or the big C. having to see terminally ill patient on morphine have gave me a good deal to think of.....BALANCE. I'm not judging sick people but I always feel this is our shot, keep life in equilibrium and God will do the rest.

I always struggle with balance. Sometime I tend to

  • Indulge in excess....end up with procrastination
  • Step out from the comfort zone and feel totally worthless
  • Lose touch with the spiritual side while trying so hard to give good impression

Perhaps the cure to our struggle is acceptance. I wish people will stop chaining their life to a miracle product (bollocks, pseudo-science) and accept in order to stay healthy we must think and act accordingly. i follow this blog, keep the scammers away. 
After the passing of my bro I don’t see any of their faces anymore. though ppl from hospice are kind enough to visit. Anyway I’m taking calcium supplement to counteract my coffee habit but other than that...I opt for natural resources (rich with phyto-nutrients, high bioavailability and safe) *don’t give lecture me abt pesticide or GMO if u dont give me money for food*
Lesson to be learnt:
Wants a great body- exercise, eat well, sleep well
Wants to be healthy- a combo of healthy food to healthy lifestyle
If already sick- yes, pls vent out your anger and move on for treatment.

There’s no such thing like a quick only applies for make up. If you can think WHAT MAKES A LIFE then you know what can you do to make it better. Bye for is my workout day *the never ending story of waistline*

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