Sunday, November 25, 2012

secret recipe durian and high fibre cheesecake

I'm getting more impulsive when i know i'm pressed for time, exam is around the corner. While i'm frustrated with myself i went through youtube and found lots of cheesecake recipe. My sweet tooth said why don't I go to jusco and get a nice cheesecake. Sorry i don't bake poor cake (that's why i decided to buy). Last time I went to cake sense and got myself a tiramisu and chocolate block. 

Today they don't have many cheesecake so I went to secret recipe. Each cost me rm7 (exclude tax weyhh). Durian cheesecake is so smooth and fragrant. The durian smell is like a siren telling "eat me!" They are as scrumptious as durian crepe but LESS sweet. I think the sourness from cream cheese have tone down the sweetness of durian. Well, I don't mind either way  it taste great. 

Fibre cheesecake is the interesting one. It has a mellow flavor but more texture. Got rolled oats, lots of nuts and it brings mediterranean vibe to it. So lovely and both cheesecake went well with a cup of green tea. Overall I give 4/5 star for high fibre cheesecake and 5/5 star to durian cheesecake simply because it curb my durian crepe cravings and I love durian. It's a keeper in my memory.
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Friday, November 23, 2012

clorox toilet bowl cleaner

I love clorox. I soaked white coat, towel and school uniform with clorox. Now clorox have come up with a new product for toilet bowl. Too bad i'm not paid for this but it's fun to talk about product that makes my life easier. I tend to hurt my thumb if i scrub too much and it's hard to get a free thumb spica.
The toilet bowl cleaner is so concentrated and thick so it stick to the toilet bowl surface for longer time. Longer contact= better cleaning. I notice that I don't have to scour too much coz the bleach will do 70% cleaning for me. The setback is it doesn't smell nice. I'm expecting green color will have the freshness of a pine or mint.
Later on i found out another use for this product....floor cleaning. I'm kinda pissed with the nice smelling floor cleaner unable to get rid of a 'mole' on the floor. People in my country is so used to wet toilet flooring. We believe water is the best cleaning agent. Wet flooring in humid tropical climate will lead to 'mole' formation. Actually it probably fungus or moss but i just call it mole.
Anyway, slimy/unclear looking toilet is simply disgusting. Imagine people use your toilet and the only thing they remember is urine smell. Toilet is the reflection of a household so i'd say keep it above par all the time.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

durian soft diet: bad choice

Bought musang king today since durian crepe yesterday was not enough to curb my craving. Rm16/kg in kampung jawa. a fren said can get rm12/kg in padang jawa. Anyway...i don't think I would go into a traffic jam just for a durian. I rather buy durian in front of my house- easy and lazy. I know eating durian alone is no fun but I need a peace of mind before exam. Eat it and forget it.

My dilemma started after i had toothache (new power chain for brackets) but still chomping on durian (soft diet lorr). Now I'm afraid to take paracetamol. While i'm searching for pcm and durian reaction I finished the other half of durian. Now I gotta sleep and forget about the pain. Will ask my pharmacist fren if the myth of mixing durian and paracetamol is true.....update later!!
Update: i saw my gp online and show her this journal. So we agreed that durian and paracetamol is not immortal enemy but advisable to drink a lot of water though. Easy right. Any intoxication just keep charcoal tablet in handy (this one is just a piece of my mind). Then i can put durian into my soft diet after savory oat porridge.
enjoy every bits. 100% good
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

giatkan kempen boikot barangan Israel

Kata orang umat Islam di sini ada sikap prihatin bermusim. Bila Gaza kena serang teruk2 baru nak boikot barangan israel, baru ada kempen isu palestine. Tapi macam mana kita tahu orang tu prihatin bermusim...entah2 selama ni dia memang prihatin cuma xtunjuk kat facebook *wink*. Kalau kamu pergi festival yang islamik sepanjang tahun ada je kempen bebaskan palestine. Sekurang2nya, kempen2 dan pencerahan ini sedikit sebanyak telah menggerakkan hati rakyat malaysia untuk memboikot.  
Allah tak tanya "kamu boikot tuu berkesan ke" tapi its the efforts that count. Allah will reward you for trying. Kalau dulu asal lapar je cari kedai paling ekspress--mcD tapi sekarang dah boleh rasional makan makanan segera tak baik untuk kesihatan.....apa kata kita makan nasi putih lauk bayam dan ayam bakar. Dan bila addict sangat dengan mocha frappe starbucks i told myself do you want to get fatter & broke for the whole week??
that leads to the birth of my mocha banana frappe
  • half banana (cavendish)
  • 3/4 tspn nescafe
  • 1 tspn cocoa powder (i use van houten pure cocoa)
  • 100 ml plain water
  • 200 ml fresh milk
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 1tbspn brown sugar
Apa2 pun tahniah buat pejuang2 Palestine yang terdiri dari rakyat Palestine sendiri dan pihak2 luar seperti Iran, Lubnan (Hezbollah), Mesir, Tunisia *just to name a few*. Dan tahniah buat rakyat Malaysia yang menderma/ kempen buat saudara kita di Palestine. Kalau mengaku Islam tapi xrasa apa2 pasal isu Palestine baik angkat bendera bintang biru.
After reading Hizbullah penebus maruah umat this has been my fav nasheed but i can't find it in youtube anymore. I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO. Kalau ikut amerika deme ni pengganas la tapi kamu nak layan amerika kah? Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is not even a president of a country but he is more than capable of helping his people and palestinian. Khodafez. 

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Friday, November 9, 2012

kyaaa i want to see song joong-ki

After watching Innocent Man.....I wish i can meet this namja for real. Perhaps take a very close view at his face and measure his pores....coz the it didnt show on camera.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

on the heavier side

I promised myself that i must workout at least 3 times per week and read 2 subjects per week. Unfortunately  i hooked on a new drama Ohlala Couple on kbs world *uber funneyh* While i busy watching tv i came to my senses all k-pop star did workout. If I take a hard look on myself(still 20's) and compare to them(30's) i think i am more than shabby.

However, my love for fitness have become even deeper since ortho. I always worried about getting fat like before (urghh still in denial). Since I am super sleepy as soon as I open the book I think why don't I make this as an excuse to workout.
kick start with cardio. you would love dancing with madonna trainer (used to). Pheww sweat like a pig....i didnt do the whole thing. Got tutorial to read.

if i have a trainer like justin i'll workout everyday. 
as usual VS can sell anything to me. hurm now i'm certain, they have sports bra.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

being persistent

Berlaku sebuah kisah di zaman Nabi Ibrahim a.s semasa Nabi Ibrahim dibakar oleh kaumnya, seekor burung kecil terbang berulang alik mengisi air dalam paruhnya lalu menyiram ke atas api yang membakar. Itulah yang dilakukannya berulangkali. Tingkah lakunya diperhatikan oleh makhluk Allah yang lain lalu bertanya kepada burung kecil itu, “Untuk apa kau berpenat lelah mengambil air berulang alik, sedangkan api yang membakar Nabi Ibrahim tidak akan terpadam dengan air yang kau siramkan itu.' Lalu dijawab oleh burung tersebut, “Memang ia tidak akan dapat memadamkan api itu, tetapi aku lebih takut kepada Allah kerana Allah akan menyoal aku nanti, apakah yang aku lakukan untuk agama Allah, dan Allah tidak akan bertanya sama ada aku berjaya memadamkan api itu atau pun tidak.” Berlainan pula dengan cicak yang bertindak jahat dengan menghembus-hembus kepada api yang membakar Nabi Ibrahim dengan harapan api akan menjadi lebih marak untuk terus membakar Nabi Ibrahim (walaupun sebenarnya hembusannya itu tidak membawa kesan ke atas api berkenaan.)
pls grow well

i will survive
Janganlah bersedih jika kebaikanmu tidak dipandang. Penghargaan manusia itu payah....kerana manusia itu ada pelbagai macam dan ragam. Tapi yakinlah bahawa Allah sentiasa mengangkat darjat hamba-Nya yang berbuat kebaikan. Oleh itu, jangan takut menyatakan kebenaran. Tegurlah demi kebaikan. Walaupun teguran itu ibarat mencurah air ke daun keladi namun tanah sekeliling tersiram jua. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

nasi briyani ringkas & kurma ayam terengganu

Dah lama tak makan briyani. Nak beria- ia pegi restoran pak anjang tak rajin pula, bajet terhad pun ye. Oleh itu kita olahkan nasi briyani serba dhaif untuk hidangan tengahari. Sebelum itu, saya sangat gembira hari ini kerana diberi hidayah untuk bangun awal dan tak tido semula selepas subuh. Bila bangun awal lunch pun awal.

Kenapa briyani?
Niat asal nak buat nasi minyak tapi daun pandan takde. Bagi menjamin ketulenan rasa kita buat je nasi briyani. Biarlah takde kismis pun (omit all the fanciness)

Kurma ayam cara pasar terengganu 
Mudah disediakan, guna rempah kurma biasa je. Rasanya tak lari sangat. Kalau berpeluang balik kampung baik cari rempah kurma kat kedai rempah pokleh dan kak jah @pasar payang. Resepi kuah kurma ni lain sikit dari kurma biasa. Orang yang jualan nasi minyak untuk sarapan (carilah kat pasar payang/ gerai kecil2an) akan guna resepi ni. Tidak konvensional tapi menyelerakan.

Nasi Briyani dhaif
serving: 2
Bahan- bahan:
1 cwn beras siam wangi
1 1/4 cwn air- sukat betul2 jangan pakai ruas jari. Nanti nasi lembik *guna beras lain pun boleh*
Sejemput 4 serangkai (cengkih, kulit kayu manis, pelaga, bunga lawang)
1/2 labu bawang besar (hiris kasar)
1 sdb susu tepung
1 1/2 sdb rempah briyani (bancuh air panas)
Garam secukup rasa
Minyak sapi untuk menumis

Cara- cara:
1. Tumis bawang + 4 serangkai + rempah briyani hingga garing
2. Masukkan air + susu tepung + garam + beras
3. Masak atas api kecil, tutup dengan penutup

jimat pinggan
Kurma ayam terengganu
Bahan- bahan:
1/2 ekor ayam saiz kecil
Sejemput 4 serangkai 
2 sdb rempah kurma (bancuh air panas)
1 sdb bawang *kisar*
1 sdk halia*
2 sdb susu pekat
3 sdb sos tomato
2-3 sdb bawang goreng dihancurkan
Air dan garam secukupnya

Cara- cara:
1. Tumis bawang+ 4 serangkai+ halia+ rempah kurma
2. Masukkan air+ ayam+ sos tomato+ susu pekat+ bawang goreng+ garam
3. Masak hingga merenih. Adjust rasa ikut suka. Kalau nak pedas sikit letak cili api 1 biji. Nak rasa cili manja2 je.

Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

mentega kacang buatan tempatan

Mentega kacang yang ada di pasaran sekarang kebanyakannya berasal dari China. Disebabkan beberapa hari yang lepas saya sudah termakan mentega kacang yang sudah tamat tarikh luput saya pun terus membeli mentega kacang ini. Maklumlah sampel pun dah makan *sedap* promoter pun baik. 

Variasi mentega kacang sunbear: coklat, mentega kacang, mentega kacang lapisan coklat
Keluaran: delima sedara dekat felda juga
Selepas beli: dapat sticker free *tampal kat tendon hammer pun ok*
Sapuan: sangat smooth, roti pun stabil, xterkoyak. Sesetengah mentega kacang sangat likat susah nak sapu.

Selain mentega kacang, felda pun ada mengeluarkan susu pekat saji: ANTARA YANG TERBAIK pernah saya rasa. Restoran makcik pun guna susu ni, bila buat jagung rebus+ siram susu pekat saji siap ada orang tanya lagi pakai susu pekat apa *sedap lettew*. 

Macam2 susu pekat dah cuba tapi susu pekat saji juga melekat di hati. Dulu suka dairy champ (sebab minat ketuk2 ramadhan sheila rusly). Masalah susu dairy champ- konsistensi terlampau pekat selepas dikeluarkan dari peti sejuk. Kacau dalam air pun ada yang berketul2 di bawah cawan. Kadang2 tertelan mendakan manis tu. Susu pekat saji: klu dibiarkan pada suhu bilik agak cair, selepas dikeluarkan dari peti sejuk- perfetto!! Larut dalam semua minuman panas atau sejuk

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

what to do: muffled hearing, impacted wax

Arghh this is embarrassing but I have to tell this. Whenever you got muffled hearing don't come into conclusion that you're already disable. Long way to go peeps. Even a doctor won't diagnose deafness that fast. You might have impacted wax (PLS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR). I experienced tinnitus, muffled hearing, no fever and it is painless. I had 3 deafening episode but the third one is like clash of the wax *so terrible* felt like having invisible ear plug. 

When do I realize it?
Use Littman stethoscope yet still have problem listening to my own heartbeat
Felt waxy/ sticky in my ear whenever i push my tragus
I'm already in cardio rotation but i can't appreciate murmur enough- felt depressed and useless

How to remove earwax:
  1. Cerumol- loosen earwax, makes it easy to remove. Works twice but on the third episode it doesn't work. Don't blame the product yet.
  2. Ear pick- curette the earwax. On the day i had bad muffled hearing no matter how much i curette it doesnt make any difference. At one point i thought i've perforate my tympanic membrane.
  3. Nasal aspirator- fill with warm water and flush out the earwax. Bought but haven't tried.
  4. Ear toilet- this is the ultimate method of removing earwax....especially the impacted ones. Done in ENT clinic. It suck out the wax build up. Simple and PAINLESS procedure that took 1 minute per ear *might be ticklish*. After that hearing been better than i've ever been. Syukur.
comes with a dropper, love it

gooey culprit- only suctioning will do

i've been carrying this since forever?
Take home message:
Don't use cotton buds to remove earwax. It took some and push some wax further inside. 
ENT specialist would recommend using the edge of clean cloth/ towel after shower. Twirl the cloth inside your ear canal. 

Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

Sunday, October 14, 2012

have the last laugh

3 Idiots might be a 2009 movie but i'm watching it today. Now it make sense. I laughed at myself for letting people messing up with my head. I was under constant scrutiny for the past few weeks..ummm glad it happened. What have i learnt today? I understand human on wider spectrum of differences. Still believe that world will be a better place with LOVE and CARE for others. Work with human nature- never go against it.
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ayam goreng mamak (tried, tested & love it)

Ayah berkata "Along bangun cepat, nak suruh pegang ayam ni" Den pun bangunlah ikut cakap ayah. Kalau xbangun harapanlah nak makan ayam goreng hari ni. Bila balik kampung hidup dah jadi macam River Cottage gittew......nak makan sembelih, tak pun petik belakang rumah. 
ayah den dengan belaannya. gambar cantik tapi terpaksa crop muka-privacy policy

Alhamdulillah. I think it is something that we should be grateful for WORKING ON OUR FOOD FROM SCRATCH. Dari situ keberkatan menolong ibu bapa lebih la sikit. Inilah caranya nak meluangkan masa berkualiti bersama keluarga. Tak perlulah open table mahal2 di hotel atau restoran. Gambar2 ini diambil masa Ramadhan baru2 ni. Resepi inspired by potret kasih.

Bahan- bahan:
Ikut arah jam: 2sdb bawang merah blender, 2sdb halia, 1sdb serbuk cili, 1sdk jintan manis, 1sdk jintan putih, 1sdb serbuk kari, garam secukup rasa (boleh adjust ikut kesukaan masing2)
Ayam 1 1/2 ekor- guna ayam kampung muda umur 1 bulan setengah, saiz pun kecil je

Marinate selama 30minit (sekurang2nya). Bila rempah nampak merah sangat tambah 1 sdb serbuk kunyit. Biar cantik. Sebelum goreng, gaulkan dengan tepung beras (cukup2 untuk menyaluti ayam+ 1 biji telur)

selepas penambahan kunyit (telur + tpg beras xletak lagi)

Goreng hingga garing, api sederhana
Ayam goreng mamak style memang sedap. Sold out!
Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Biar jatuh terletak, jangan jatuh terhempas

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku......tolonglah bawa puaka ini jauh dari hidupku
  • Tak nak buat sudah, buat apa ngungkit? Nanti tak dapat pahala-- eh silap kau paham ke nikmat dirahmati dan disayangi. patutla datang sini sorang2 takde kawan rupanya. dah klu pangai lagu tuu
  • Tak dinafikan kamu tu pandai tapi ekau paham ke how things work around here. lain padang lain belalang. dok bangga sangat perihal kejayaan sendiri tu watpe? tak inspired.....aspirated adalah
  • Yang aku xle blah tuuu ada hati mencelakan aku tengah2 exam. Nak dengki tu berpada2 la weyhh. Aku insan hina tapi perlulah ko magnify kuman seberang laut tapi mak beruang depan mata ko tak nampak. 
Semoga di masa hadapan aku tak jadi cam baghal...amin.
Peringatan untuk semua-- tak kiralah berjaya tinggi mana pun janganlah hidup nak tongkat langit, hidung nak tinggi je (ikut standard sendiri katanya....puihhh). Kalau kita ada belas ihsan ngan orang sekeliling, IKHLAS, bersikap adil (sebenarnya nak cakap jangan double standard...xpaham jugak? jangan pilih kasih) dan berhati2 dalam percakapan semua orang sayang. In fact people will root for you. 

*haaa aku follo twitter diva AA sebab ketandusan vocab nak choy-kan orang* resourceful kan

Lots of love (xpernah kurang okay)

getting rid of acne

One day I was at the post office paying utility bills then came this one lady talking to me. I was being nice (enjoy a chitchat coz waiting in post office is like...boooring) but who knows she wants to sell me a collagen that cost rm91!! Acne prone skin and recurrent acne does not only attract interleukin and cytokines but it attracts a bussiness woman too. I wish she know how much i have in my pockets rm100- rm55 (electricity)= rm45 *that is my money for food*

People from MLM always said we just do sharing and help others with their problem. If you want to shouldn't be offering poor people a luxury product. With limited amount of money do i need a collagen? i'd rather have eggs/ fish which is cheaper, filling, tastier, abundant and natural. If i have a lot of money i would just go for collagen shot....not collagen drink.

Getting rid of acne is always a battle for me. Clear skin is a journey not a destination. Since we are alive our body is undergoing constant change due to internal and external factor. First a normal skin will produce sebum. If we don't clean face thoroughly sebum will clog pores, become white heads/ blackheads-- came bacteria it will inflame and cause acne.
Acne is inflammation of the sebaceous (oil) glands of the skin At first there is excessive sebum production due to the action of androgen. These glands become blocked (blackheads and whiteheads) due to increased keratinisation of the sebaceous duct. The bacteria in the sebum produce lipases with the resultant free fatty acids, thus provoking inflammation. [Murtagh].
see i don't have acne
Things that works to REDUCE the flare up of acne:
  1. Clean face before sleep religiously. I learnt from a dermatologist-to-be: clean face with mild cleanser, tone, moisturize + invest in good sunblock. From my experience no matter how pricey your skin care is IF it's the time of the month acne will come anyway. So I am more comfortable using drugstore product now. Choose something that you can use constantly.
  2. Change pillow case often
  3. Wash the powder puff, make up brush-- bacteria loves 'em
  4. Exercise- exercising will help to flush toxin from the body, produce more endorphins you'll be happier. i think that's why i feel my skin looks better as i exercise often.
  5. Sleep- get enough of it. 6-8 hours recommended. I asked my GP to recommend a skincare coz she have a flawless skin. however she said it's genetic. in fact she doesnt use high end product. She told me to work on my sleep pattern (i admit it's a mess)...if i dont get enough sleep i would get recurrent acne on my cheek.
Acne already occured. What to do?
  1. Pop it. my O&G specialist (for the record she is a person who teach me O&G) said acne is a pus. pus need incision and drainage. Apparently that works for her.You can pop the zits but make it aseptic. Wash face with warm water (bathing with warm water is awesome)--> Clean the zits area with alcohol--> pop it with clean hand, clean q-tip--> squeze until blood comes out (adequate drainage lorr)
  2. Oxy10. During raya eve i got a humongous zits. Since I can't go to pharmacy (you know KT town..jengg krengg) i bought Oxy 10% Benzoyl peroxide lotion from 7E. Works wonders to shrink the zits. Combination of pop the zits PLUS clear the pores work just fine for me.

Monday, October 8, 2012

teatime dash: fluffy cekodok bilis (anchovy fritters)

Today I was looking for inspiration to spice up normal cekodok (mom call it jemput2). There is one perfect cekodok that i had last time in T-hotel sintok-- sweet potato turned cekodok; fluffy, sweet and humble. Can't describe how grateful I am to have that cekodok for breakfast *of course with some other things too* So i was analyzing why is that cekodok can be so damn fluffy.

1st try
I put some yeast into the cekodok batter. Yes it fluffed up but it's too airy, poor in shape. The one that i had in sintok have more body to it and it hold a nice rounded shape.

I discovered that by mixing the batter with hot water (100% hot water) it's actually changed the texture of cekodok. Thanks to this madam blogger. It become fluffy and you DON'T need to add much water. Let the gluten do it's job. When you use less water it can hold shape better. Next time i wouldn't put too much water as the batter is kinda soak up more oil (had it worst with the yeast).

Cekodok bilis (serving 1 people who think she's on diet)
  • 1 1/2 cup of all purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup hot water- adjust to the consistency you desire
  • some chinese parsley
  • some sliced shallots
  • some anchovy- washed & pound in mortar& pestle. Tried dry blender...cekodok turns to unappetizing grey color
  • salt to taste
  • oil for deep frying
  1. Mix all ingredient. Be extra careful while pouring hot water.
  2. Deep fry the batter....make sure oil is hot (but not too hot). Fire: medium high.
  3. When it turns golden yellow-- then it's done.
put less water next time
i think it's presentable
and of course edible


Sunday, October 7, 2012

he's a trump card

My bro called. He ask me what am I doing currently? So I said "well it's study week dear, i suppose to stay at home and study"---- He said then just come home & study-lah.
Actually he is my biggest to baby him if he's around.( ◦˘ з(◦'ںˉ◦)~♡ Last time i did a facial for him which happens to be a stepping stone to admiration. Now he's an insightful teen. Perhaps all man should care for skin *it's not gay* 
sunrise in LPT 
What i actually do during study week? hurmm...studying flipping book leisurely and thinking about how lovely my holiday would be to be surrounded by people that I love.
I need to strategize & do myself a favor--- snap out of it!! por favor

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tiramisu uhh uhh uhh ohh

Yum...i'm enjoying tiramisu to bits. As i get a year older than last year my choice of dessert have changed dramatically. I used to love chocolate cake/ brownies but now i am more to fruit based dessert (fruits for good skin)  and enjoy coffee flavoured cake. Previously i have this mindset-- COFFEE supposed to be drink.
this is the kid that induced my binge tiramisu eating
went to jusco and grab a family size tiramisu
enjoy until i poop
Comment about jusco bought tiramisu: so delicious, definitely would buy again for special occasion. Not so sweet yet complement the coffee flavor. None are overpowering. Easy on my wallet too. RM 24.90 for a block of tiramisu (around 0.5- 0.75 kg). couldnt ask for more. Now i have small pieces left. I think i need to swallow some fibre to wash out all the nice lipidy coffee cream....and do some cardio to jolt metabolism.
Need to sweat it out so that i have a beautiful mind to begin with. This posting have taken a toll on me. If i spend more time there i would die because of depression. Friggin happy it's over (aiyahh exam is one day only)

kahakkan aje

Tekanan perasaan kalau kamu tu niat nak beri yang terbaik tapi kalau dah memang perfectionist lidah bercabang+ cekap cari kesalahan.
  • Mula2 sampai cakap tak kisah la hangpa nk blajaq apa pun (i'm here for you).
  • Minggu ke-5 kamu ni penipu. saya rasa teraniaya dan tidak dihormati dengan cara awak yg pandai2 tukar jadual.awat habiskan seminar awal2. La ni hangpa nk buat apa *bebelan itu pun berlarutan selama 2jam*
  • Minggu ke-6 mmg elok sgtla kita dah habis semua seminar. La ni kita fokus pembelajaran tepi katil ja.
I QUIT!! from entertaining your obnoxious behaviour
not dedicating any song coz you're not worth it
recycle pic coz i'm awesome & surrounded with awesome friend

Saturday, September 15, 2012

resepi pulut kuning raya 6

Since mock exam i've been through numerous ups & down before i come to this entry. This entry was written with love for good friends that have come to celebrate raya with me today. Saya ingin menggunakan hari ini sebagai hari merehatkan minda daripada sesi2 pengajaran yang tak berhasil, penat je dapat. Percuma aja dipersalahkan atas tuntutan2 karut.

So let's get back to pulut kuning. People from the East Coast must have glutinous rice in any celebration. Since i am pressed for time and crafty-challenged i'm not going to make ketupat palas. Pulut kuning is the way to celebrate raya 6. There's 2 ways of making pulut kuning:
  1. cooked in a pot (tanak dalam periuk): cepat masak, banyak kerak, susah nak bajet air
  2. steamed: memakan masa yang panjang+ leceh, NO kerak, senang bajet air
Bahan- bahan:
5 cawan pulut
1 cawan santan pekat
1-2 sdk serbuk kunyit (untuk warna)
 garam secukup rasa

 Cara- cara:
  1. Basuh beras pulut dan rendam dalam air kunyit selama 2 jam (sekurang2nya). *MESTI rendam*
  2. Kukus selama 35- 40 minit.
  3. Bila pulut kelihatan jernih, gaul dengan (santan pekat + garam). Macam mana nak tahu santan dah cukup? santan tu akan nampak dah sebati dengan semua pulut. Jangan letak banyak sangat santan nanti pulut terlampau lembik.
  4. Kukus semula lebih kurang 20-30 minit. *tambah masa mengukus jika pulut belum lembut. hasil bergantung kepada jenis beras pulut*
  5. Sedia dihidang. Sedap di makan bersam rendang atau kari.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pity, Pity - too late!

Few days ago a medical student was discovered sprawled on ground floor of a shopping complex in Penang (damn it if i have a gun i'm gonna shoot those noise making thugs next door *sorry, watched G.I Joe last night). I'm sure before the incident he must have expressed his concern to someone. I guess we treat whining= complaint= concerns by just giving one look. 
just deal with it
Considering food price have gone up, buying capacity have shrunk a lot more than i expected and disengaged from cooking- here's one stress factor. The other stress to come is definitely our mockery exam. Prepare to be black.

Probably it's how our society respond have made a person become even suicidal. After a person died of suicide then came a claim of unknowing and said "it's a shame, we should help"....phhbtttt. Intervention do works if you pitch at right level....for example when they still sane and merely depressed. After poor insight harassing judgement...did you expect them to think rationally meh?

People dont want to show their weakness/ flaw because they afraid of being judge like "you're not good enuff- you should study- or geez didnt do well. In the end they chose not to ventilate their feelings and hoarding problems. Some made an effort asking "are you okay?" Perhaps 50% does care but the other 50% are more concern on "i've done my part now you can go suxx". Totally nauseating to have a salt crashed onto wound.

When i filed a complaint i expect it to be fix or at least seriously considered. Most of the people that handle human resource doesnt come with good EQ. Be it teachers, doctors or even a politician empathy will make a difference when dealing with human. Its a shame when student doesnt want to talk to teacher or politician loosing a vote.
Burbank, Luther (1849-1926) "I don't feel good."

Friday, May 25, 2012

didn't mean to

Ouh c'mon..... it's a mini posting in the middle of holiday cum study week. Cut me some slack. So whenever I'm late and nervous couldnt be there on time, i'll listen to this~ feels robot enuff to speed up. Reminds me how ppl in Suits kickin' ass everyday (but of course with few setbacks)

the traffic doesnt treat me well 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

homicide: it was a self-defense

I was doing the dishes gracefully. Never forget to put on my lemon scented scotch-brite gloves- I do dishes with my ‘bestfriend’.  As I grab a stainless steel sponge I think I saw something moving. It’s a 6 inch centipede wiggle it's gross feet and segmented body in my sink. Tried to think what should I do now? Usually my heroic dad will come to rescue (I forgot my parents left 5 days ago). Within 5 minutes I figured:
  1. There’s not even one CPG will describe how to kill a centipede. Centipede sting need envenomation and admission to emergency department
  2. Chemical weapon: shieldtox outdoor only for ants and roaches….it doesn’t say anything about centipede
  3. Mechanical: my broom and mop sticks have blunt plastic end……good God. I wish I am a witch. “expecto patronum” doesn’t work in real life. I didn’t go to Hogwarts.
  4. Conservative: thought about this too. If it still there how am I supposed to live? A kitchen-less life is not a life. I can’t live without knowing if my parameter is safe.

30% anger left, snap when i'm sane

Freaking out and look for hammer but hammer doesn’t have a perfect surface for this job. I relax for sec and think like Lara Croft. Then I took my bro’s badminton racket, treat it with respect, wrap the handle with newspaper and hit it like a sadist. I want to inflict a blunt trauma until it fall to pieces. You wouldn’t want to see how I look like at that time. Pretty much like Emily Rose without the exorcist. Finally....disinfected the crime scene and disposed all evidence (urghh...ick).

p/s: Rajab is the Month of Allah, lets show some love by fasting and become a better muslim (it's a journey not destination). i should benefit more from fasting.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I wonder why this neighborhood is so quiet and gloomy today? did anyone died....ouh well, facebook CEO got married. i think if they have a daughter she will be like cristina yang. i'm going to update my fav couples list:
1. giuliana & bill- share the same value and political views, i dont see they argue much like other reality couple and i love how bill stood by giuliana (for better or worst). he didnt walk away during the infertility crises or battle against breast cancer.
2. Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan- i love how modest and normal they are. it's a great brain mash. oww she's a doctor now <3