Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pity, Pity - too late!

Few days ago a medical student was discovered sprawled on ground floor of a shopping complex in Penang (damn it if i have a gun i'm gonna shoot those noise making thugs next door *sorry, watched G.I Joe last night). I'm sure before the incident he must have expressed his concern to someone. I guess we treat whining= complaint= concerns by just giving one look. 
just deal with it
Considering food price have gone up, buying capacity have shrunk a lot more than i expected and disengaged from cooking- here's one stress factor. The other stress to come is definitely our mockery exam. Prepare to be black.

Probably it's how our society respond have made a person become even suicidal. After a person died of suicide then came a claim of unknowing and said "it's a shame, we should help"....phhbtttt. Intervention do works if you pitch at right level....for example when they still sane and merely depressed. After poor insight harassing judgement...did you expect them to think rationally meh?

People dont want to show their weakness/ flaw because they afraid of being judge like "you're not good enuff- you should study- or geez didnt do well. In the end they chose not to ventilate their feelings and hoarding problems. Some made an effort asking "are you okay?" Perhaps 50% does care but the other 50% are more concern on "i've done my part now you can go suxx". Totally nauseating to have a salt crashed onto wound.

When i filed a complaint i expect it to be fix or at least seriously considered. Most of the people that handle human resource doesnt come with good EQ. Be it teachers, doctors or even a politician empathy will make a difference when dealing with human. Its a shame when student doesnt want to talk to teacher or politician loosing a vote.
Burbank, Luther (1849-1926) "I don't feel good."

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