Tuesday, May 22, 2012

homicide: it was a self-defense

I was doing the dishes gracefully. Never forget to put on my lemon scented scotch-brite gloves- I do dishes with my ‘bestfriend’.  As I grab a stainless steel sponge I think I saw something moving. It’s a 6 inch centipede wiggle it's gross feet and segmented body in my sink. Tried to think what should I do now? Usually my heroic dad will come to rescue (I forgot my parents left 5 days ago). Within 5 minutes I figured:
  1. There’s not even one CPG will describe how to kill a centipede. Centipede sting need envenomation and admission to emergency department
  2. Chemical weapon: shieldtox outdoor only for ants and roaches….it doesn’t say anything about centipede
  3. Mechanical: my broom and mop sticks have blunt plastic end……good God. I wish I am a witch. “expecto patronum” doesn’t work in real life. I didn’t go to Hogwarts.
  4. Conservative: thought about this too. If it still there how am I supposed to live? A kitchen-less life is not a life. I can’t live without knowing if my parameter is safe.

30% anger left, snap when i'm sane

Freaking out and look for hammer but hammer doesn’t have a perfect surface for this job. I relax for sec and think like Lara Croft. Then I took my bro’s badminton racket, treat it with respect, wrap the handle with newspaper and hit it like a sadist. I want to inflict a blunt trauma until it fall to pieces. You wouldn’t want to see how I look like at that time. Pretty much like Emily Rose without the exorcist. Finally....disinfected the crime scene and disposed all evidence (urghh...ick).

p/s: Rajab is the Month of Allah, lets show some love by fasting and become a better muslim (it's a journey not destination). i should benefit more from fasting.

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