Tuesday, May 1, 2012

somebody to love

This entry was written in mood of celebrating the birthday of my baby brother. I'll hold the celebration after I finish my exam. This morning I watched Justin Bieber “Never Say Never” it got me thinking ouhh my brother was cute too back then. The movie was ok but i wouldnt watch it in cinemas so i'm glad that astro is giving a free access to numerous channel until 6th May (selama ni dok berkira ngan aku kan..astro guide pun kne bayar). Ever since I knew JB loves purple...i realize that purple blouse that I got from padini sale last week was not a mistake.
pic taken HERE
I often heard people talk about how hard to communicate with their brother. In this case, I’m so grateful I can talk to him without having the risk of getting vulgarize. A humanist parents is a good thing to begin with...we discuss things and none of them force me to be a veterinarian or a medical doctor. Anyway like other family there is some dysfunctional part of us. We never talk about how much we love each other until God had taken away one of us. At that moment I realize we must communicate...we must show the love.
Eid with kiddos
I want him to get it, so I:
  • Ask him to give me a ride to surau coz its dark out there, babi hutan will come after me BUT THE LESSON IS to understand surau is the place where he mark his place in this society
  • Encourage/ support him bulking up not to show off BUT THE LESSON IS if you want something get your lazy ass working and get a grip on the core knowledge, don't do things because others are doing it
  • Pay attention to his interest BUT THE LESSON IS be sensitive to others, respect.
  • Tell him he’s great, I love him for who he is BUT THE LESSON IS he must know how to love all significant people in his life

I WILL ALWAYS PRAY FOR>>>KHUSNUL KHATIMAH (another way in Islam saying GREAT ENDING in afterlife)

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