Saturday, December 17, 2011

sumur di ladang

jika uwang mulai habis itu tandanya rezeki mau datang lagi
kalau sumurnya kering berarti hujan udah mau datang

menjadi hamba yang bersyukur adalah suatu nikmat. Ketika kegawatan ekonomi sendiri, saya akan teruskan berjimat cermat dan memaksimakan penggunaan sumber. Masak dan makan dirumah. Oh ya, jemputlah datang ke rumah. *i'll cook when i got company*
p/s: penulis berasa segan juga kerana baru sedar filem sang murabbi ni dah ditayangkan 3 tahun yang lalu

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Establishing Alibi

"sanity and happiness are an impossible combination"-Mark Twain

The faculty dinner is tonite? Well i cant afford to care about a once off dinner that took my bill away *i struggle to pay the bill and feed myself with adequate nutrition* why do every school must have annual dinner. Its overrated. Being force to have fun while i'm not happy is a violation against happiness. Did you know in Selangor, people who makes less than RM1k is considered poor? 'di bawah garis kemiskinan' voila...i'm definitely in 

Anyway my whole family are praying hard right now coz my cousin was reported missing. Its hard to establish the timeline as he always keep communication minimal. He dont complaint and dont say hye so often to the parents. I really wish he ran away to Tioman and spent time snorkelling. Its been a month he's away without a trace. Perhaps having an ill family member for whom you can see and care everyday is not a torture after all. Pls pray that muhammad ubaidi abdul munir will come home safely.Amin

Sunday, December 11, 2011

carilah makna sebelum menutup mata

It hit me hard after i watched this vid. This might the least i want to hear but its good for the soul. I spent many years working on the future, Allah knows how many hours i spent for fav dramas but i never try hard on contemplating the fundamentals of Islam. We do solah, we do fast on Ramadhan but do we really embrace the meaning of being His servant.

For beginning I want to remind myself that all the act of chasing my dream is not solely for myself but to link the bridge between dunia wal akhirah. I know i still can enjoy the dramas but moderation is key.

Period, a good muslim must be ashamed of themselves if they does not spend time in a day for Allah. Out of all youtube video that you watch in a many of 'em are meant Lillahi Ta`ala?

< So remember Me-I will remember you. (2:152) Remembrance of Allah is a remedy for hard hearts.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

begins in delight

p/s: this entry might be gibberishly out dated after a fermentation in evernote
Oprah ultimate favourite thing season 25; oprah's fav is my fav too

farewell oprah, long may you run
i've been watching oprah for many years without knowing when is the primetime show. yet i'm still enjoying the show. I was touched by her concern about people and dogs around her. Oprah is just a normal citizen that are passionate about enlightenment and emancipation. I was inspired to change my life after i saw Dr.Oz, Bob Greene...Anderson Cooper just to name a few.

I love free stuff
Oprah have been doing many giveway. Oprah, dont you know that viewers from all over the world loves you and drooling/dying to get the gift too. I am one of 'em.
I literally clapping alone in my living room after oprah revealed the gifts.

  • kyocera ceramic knife- girl just love a good kitchen tools
  • panini makee breville- love sandwich
  • bakers edge- brownie pan, ghiardelli brownies mix
  • a course in weight loss by marianne williamson *pls send me this*
  • judith ripka earrings *coz you're worth it*
  • book:decoded by jay-z
  • ralph lauren cashmere robe *may warm me up in movie theatre*
  • sony bravia 32 inch, 3D tv. Bluray player
  • container store, closet with container *i want to organize my things as i do in with life*
  • nike free run, the whole family got a pair *will run for shoe*
  • allure of the sea, royal carribean *i dont mind about the cruise anyway*

free medication :)

This is the first time I ask for prescription from my own lecturer cum supervisor. So lovin' her. First time lining up in the pharmacy (ouhh the system is down, call number went haywire). Bottomline is- I will LOVE|TREASURE people that have been nice to me, full of positive energy and make me feel appreciated.

My thought about nice people......adorable, cant afford to hurt 'em, cant loose them.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them" - John F. Kennedy

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

homemade beef patty

Since i'm not in the mood of baking lets do something savory and comforting. This is one of my fav recipe. My late bro love beef patty. Its a substitute to conventional burger plus he's a fan of POOP (people order our patty) *quoted from Spongebob series* I find that homemade beef patty are more satisfying. Maybe guilt free as well coz you definitely know which cut you are using.


  • Beef- minced
  • Egg- act as a binder
  • Bread crumbs
  • Salt
  • Coarse black pepper
  • Onion
[Beef: bread crumbs: egg/others= 6:3:1]

i'm using topside block. any cheap beef can the tenderloin for steak.

i do bread crumbs by toasting a wholemeal bread (the crusty part), pulse in food processor

an aerated beauty

before mash up

juicy and luscious company

fry in vegetable oil

there you go (iron+ protein, protein and antioxidant)


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

shared responsibility

apabila orang buat tidak baik pada kita maafkan dan bebaskan diri dari emosi negatif dan jgn sekali reaksi pada mereka. Kekalkan getaran tinggi, JIka kita reaksi makna kita telah align tenaga kita dgn tenaga negatif mereka. Allah sentiasa ada dan sesiapa yang buat tidak baik akan dapat balasan tak perlu kita balas, Alangkah tenang hidup ini jika menjaga apa yang kita fikir rasa dan buat setiap saat dan tidak biarkan tindakan orang lain mengawal perasaan kita. Kita harus sentiasa syukur sabar dan redha- Prof Muhaya
p/s:The prob is i do react when i know its worth it. Example my bro didnt do dishes after i cooked pre se. Cant help to confront and change it coz if i didnt he'll repeat the same thing and i'll keep reacting for the rest of my life. 


Monday, December 5, 2011

bebas dari penghargaan manusia

Manusia paling bahagia dan tenang ialah mereka yang bebas dari penghargaan dan cemuhan manusia. MAnakala manusia yang paling cetek akalnya ialah mereka yang sentiasa mengintai ngintai kesalahan orang lain hingga tidak terlihat kesilapan sendiri- Prof Muhaya

Tapi lepas kene tiaw depan orang ramai saya menjadi Pavlov's Dog buat seketika.... sehingga rasa putus asa. Habis fasa depresi, rasa lebih ikhlas. Mahu berbuat sebaiknya. Biar mulia di mata Allah

bukan anakku tapi......

Berpesan-pesan antara kita
Tidak-tidak di hati
Terniat terasa nak mengata
Nilai keimanan

pada mulanya aku yang belum beranak ni merasakan urusan pendidikan anak2 bukan urusanku. tapi kalau dilihat anak2 yang tidak ditegur lambat laun akan menyusahkan masyarakat (bagai kanker yang metastasis- sukar mengobatnya) dan akhirnya memberi kesusahan pada ibu bapanya. Aku hairan deh.. orang tua yang suka berkata "budak2, biarkan sajalah". Tapi melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya. Jika anak di Australia mampu mengutip sampah yang dibuang oleh imigran di tepi sungai..anak2 kita juga perlu dijar begitu. Adakah ibu bapa di benua ini tidak yakin bahawa anak2 mereka punya akal yang boleh dibentuk?

Contohnya anak2 jiranku gemar membuang sampah merata-rata hingga mencemar laman rumahku. iya...aku faham kebersihan separuh dari iman tapi kalau aku ini membersih laman rumah dengan perasaan amarah tidakkah kotor jiwaku ini. manakan dapat pahala Lillahi Taala. Dan berbalik kepada kebersihan itu separuh daripada Iman....memang wajar donk ibu bapa megajarkan anaknya nilai2 keimanan.

Nilai Kebendaan
Anak2 harus diterima dengan rendah hati, penuh keinsafan. Bukan suatu macam trofi kebanggaan. Gambar anak2 comel ternyata memenuhi ruang FB. Aku kesal dengan sebilangan ibu bapa yang menjadikan anak sebagai bahan tayangan material. Tidak terfikirkah mereka bahawa suatu hari nanti mereka bakal menuai anak2 yang materialistik dan keras hati walhal itu adalah akibat dari tindakan mereka sendiri. Sejujurnya aku sudah tahu orang tua jenis apakah mereka itu selepas menatap gambar anak2nya.

Nilai Intelektual
Gambar FB sudah menunjukkan tahap intelektual ibu bapanya. Sejak kecil anak2 diajar bergaya seperti artis, diajar bercakap seperti burung kakak tua.... bagaimana anjakan paradigma akan berlaku jika anak2 tidak diajar berfikir, menyayangi dan mengenal Yang Maha Pencipta. Aku berharap agar generasi akan datang menjadi lebih baik namun jika anak2 yang  lahir itu mendapat didikan dari orang tua yang tak punya kesedaran intelek...... makanan dalam tin boleh jadi lebih berkhasiat daripada bubur buatan ibu.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

game called life

I get hooked to a TV series (like i never did that before) called The Big C. Aint talking about a C cup but another fear of healthy human being..the C-cancer. It's about a struggle of a mom/ teacher being diagnosed with melanoma stage 4 and she doesnt have the gut to tell her husband or son. So with that a very limited time she was treated like crap (well i feel so telling 'em "cut the crap...she's dying"). Anyway I'm kinda pissed coz astro keep changing the showtime and i nearly miss the series.

If I have a limited time I wish I could see this world are getting better (no traffic jams, no littering, no cigarette smoke, no vulgar words- maybe that is too heavenly), surrounded with people that i love and care for me and no worries about getting to the other world. I love the drama opening....swimming in a pool. So refreshing!
Game Called Life- The Leftover Cuties
It's so hard to turn your life over

Step out of your comfort zone
It's so hard to choose one direction
When your future is unknown

Is this some kind of a joke, will someone wake me up soon?
And tell me this was just a game we played, called life.

Are we, are we all really slaves?
By the hands of ourselves
Did I really make all of those mistakes?
Am I really getting older?
Then why do I feel so lost?

Is this some kind of a joke, will someone wake me up soon?
And tell me this was just a game we played, called life.

And at the end of the road, is there someone waiting?
Do I get a medal for surviving this long?

Is this some kind of a joke, will someone wake me up soon?
And tell me this was just a game we played, called life.

Is this some kind of a joke, will someone wake me up soon?
And tell me this was just a game we played, called life.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

welcome strangers

its funny how we can be tolerable to strangers more than we do to our family/friends. this is not a personal dispute but its nice to know that we are in the same page with some bunch of people without trying hard.

stop the vicious cycle

i've been thinking and do some reflection. I dont wanna slack off this time. i have step up the game and the stake is getting a lil' bit higher.