Sunday, December 11, 2011

carilah makna sebelum menutup mata

It hit me hard after i watched this vid. This might the least i want to hear but its good for the soul. I spent many years working on the future, Allah knows how many hours i spent for fav dramas but i never try hard on contemplating the fundamentals of Islam. We do solah, we do fast on Ramadhan but do we really embrace the meaning of being His servant.

For beginning I want to remind myself that all the act of chasing my dream is not solely for myself but to link the bridge between dunia wal akhirah. I know i still can enjoy the dramas but moderation is key.

Period, a good muslim must be ashamed of themselves if they does not spend time in a day for Allah. Out of all youtube video that you watch in a many of 'em are meant Lillahi Ta`ala?

< So remember Me-I will remember you. (2:152) Remembrance of Allah is a remedy for hard hearts.

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