Thursday, December 15, 2011

Establishing Alibi

"sanity and happiness are an impossible combination"-Mark Twain

The faculty dinner is tonite? Well i cant afford to care about a once off dinner that took my bill away *i struggle to pay the bill and feed myself with adequate nutrition* why do every school must have annual dinner. Its overrated. Being force to have fun while i'm not happy is a violation against happiness. Did you know in Selangor, people who makes less than RM1k is considered poor? 'di bawah garis kemiskinan' voila...i'm definitely in 

Anyway my whole family are praying hard right now coz my cousin was reported missing. Its hard to establish the timeline as he always keep communication minimal. He dont complaint and dont say hye so often to the parents. I really wish he ran away to Tioman and spent time snorkelling. Its been a month he's away without a trace. Perhaps having an ill family member for whom you can see and care everyday is not a torture after all. Pls pray that muhammad ubaidi abdul munir will come home safely.Amin

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