Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2 AM lullabye

2 am in the morning
all insects are crawling
the gecko stop howling
yeahh, you better be sleeping

*think about sequel*

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

halfway there

today might not be the best day but there's always a blessing in bad day. i can't help thinking about the exam but after some reassurance from the coordinator (ouh..she's a treasure) i'm good. feeling small is bad. plus it's not my prob if i wasn't given an organ to palpate or some people just barge in to put a bullet in my 'head'. i was defeated by a trivial stuff that i havent heard since last year.

later i found happiness from a hindi movie and nickelodeon series *this song made my day (what happen to my taste of music? dont ask). did watch wolverine too. pretty exciting but ironman is way hotter than wolverine. tony stark stole my heart since the day he flaunt his ride (to be exact audi r8).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On the leash

*how i met your father edition*
kids, when i hold a bun for more than 15 mins without any traces of crumbs around it means i severely need a soft diet. That's explain why i dont get excited watching donna hay cooking in her test kitchen today. Baked baguette + chunky romaine lettuce? Big turn off. After few months living without power chain attached to my braces it's hard to stay desensitized to pain.
If you have a bad tooth alignment like me, pls think through before getting a braces on. Lots of people end up whinning and regretting. Regarding your father...i think God just wanna keep him under the radar. Let's talk about me ok.

put yo gloves on

exam is around the corner...tic toc2. this is the time when i need all the caffeine booze here's to worsen insomnia and gather all nota2 picisan that were made intentionally or unintentionally while masking my sleepyhead. this is the time when i will truly madly deeply reflect myself as a medical student *depressed and manic at the same time*
fav parody of the month
i wonder what would it be like for my school to direct and act in our own parody. what song would we choose? which hospital should we use? umm..isn't that obvious but i kinda need a hospital with helipad + a heli (of course) for the victoria secret wind effect. Since i'm in surgical posting...top in my list would be Like A Surgeon by weird al-yankovich. some madonna touch can't go wrong.....even better if we can feature our dean. hell yeahh

Thursday, March 8, 2012

fluff up my life

i've developed a new routine. Watching Dog Whisperer almost everyday. I grow fond of the show as it takes me to address my behavior when cesar millan point out the dog's behavior. love the comedy side too (some obsessing tissue so much, some froze and don't wanna finish the walk)
Your response to surrounding will vibrate through ur pets. So dog's behavior is the mirror of the owner self. Problem addressed and need to be corrected. Perhaps this is the reason why i cant stay put in vet faculty. They love animal so much until they tend to blame people...No matter how cute a pet can be, raising kids is far more satisfactory. My love for my own species are getting stronger these days. 

Living alone wouldnt be that lonesome if i have a pet but do i want to share my money for food? absolutely not. Having a cat ingesting a fur ball as i dont clean my house like bree van de kamp would be bothersome. Plus I dont think i wanna go back using inhaler again p/s: my mom banned all fluffy and furry toys since then.

a tale of feline whisperer
My friend kept this one cute stray cat in our dorm. I took a chance to overcome my fear by being nice to the kitty *b
ad experience with grandma cat's*. Perhaps i pet her too much, compensating my rascal attitude towards them before. Eventually i had a very bad cough throughout my PMR exam which is very embarassing. Sometimes i sound like whooping. 

what i think abt pet--> it's so fluffy i'm gonna die

meet my imaginary pack

this is mugsy. he help me out at the barn. chase the culprit who tried to steal our chicken. cesar said german shepherd is too much for a beginners...certainly not for my brain to handle. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

love carbo for your waistline

I watched korean tv show again. Suppose to do a case write up but the urge of spilling this info is unbearable. Some people are dieting happily without knowing the fact that they already eliminate a quality carbo from their diet. I had few friends who dont eat rice saying rice is fattening (portion control ppl..dont blame the rice). Instead of having rice they opt for another simple carbo like kway teow which is actually loaded with oil and boric acid *delusional*

Ouh well I will continue incorporating carbo in my diet coz carbo is the fuel. You need fuel to speed up metabolism. Last time i made bad choices by eliminating carbo totally. That is what happen if you're taking advice from slimming centre. I felt dizzy perhaps my body went into ketosis (ketogenic diet are meant for epilepsy not for slimming). I learnt from my mistake. Dieting is an art of mashing up knowledge and develop one style that suits your taste and lifestyle. Having a bread or rice is not proven guilty unless it is WHITE. So if you are dieting, pls take this into consideration:

1. nudge out unhealthy choices (4 white)

  • white bread
  • white sugar
  • white bleached flour
  • white polished rice
2. protein 6:1
6 days in a week for high protein diet, 1 day to eat anything

3. 5 meals per day, build muscle, no salty food- sparing effect to calcium, eat protein 1st carbo later

4. balance diet: 80% raw + hot pepper instead of fancy sauce. hot pepper contains capsaicin, good for curbing appetite and it's a natural painkiller too.

Friday, March 2, 2012

scrooge makes you pengat nangka

i watch tv a lot. filthy attorney drama, police investigation or documentary about regenerative medicine are the real s#1t. i dont watch love story anymore (i dont consider downton abbey as love story anyway)...yup being uncle scrooge now.
today i want to flaunt my fav pengat nangka. i had 'em few weeks before at sri ttdi but the pengat contains more sago than jackfuit. Not satisfying...end up with agony. Since my sister is in town i make some so that we have something to slurp on. 
My Jackfruit Dessert
you'll need: coconut milk + screw pine leaves + jackfruit (cut into strip) + some water + some flour to give some volume to the pengat + brown sugar + some salt
mix it all, cook on SMALL flame and stir most of the time until it bubbles. Serve warm.

i love this dessert coz i have a distinctive sweet aroma. i put some in my sister bento box (she had a long journey......to the north) and this pengat gained quite a fans.
**kitchen session adjourn**

Thursday, March 1, 2012

pours down

when it comes down to song about rain...it's always downpour with emotions. set fire to the rain is full of sorrow while this number from nadia ali might be incidental finding but would made a good addition to my workout playlist (workout hiatus again...duhh). i wud love to publish my heart pumping playlist one day...by that time i shud already loose the precious love handle of mine. i realize that i'm quite into electronic (late night alumni, kaskade) or electronic dance music. perhaps it rings the bell about the old days when i used to go for aerobic class but not loosing any weight. those days venga boys and eiffel 65 were my fav.