Tuesday, March 13, 2012

put yo gloves on

exam is around the corner...tic toc2. this is the time when i need all the caffeine booze here's to worsen insomnia and gather all nota2 picisan that were made intentionally or unintentionally while masking my sleepyhead. this is the time when i will truly madly deeply reflect myself as a medical student *depressed and manic at the same time*
fav parody of the month
i wonder what would it be like for my school to direct and act in our own parody. what song would we choose? which hospital should we use? umm..isn't that obvious but i kinda need a hospital with helipad + a heli (of course) for the victoria secret wind effect. Since i'm in surgical posting...top in my list would be Like A Surgeon by weird al-yankovich. some madonna touch can't go wrong.....even better if we can feature our dean. hell yeahh

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