Friday, March 2, 2012

scrooge makes you pengat nangka

i watch tv a lot. filthy attorney drama, police investigation or documentary about regenerative medicine are the real s#1t. i dont watch love story anymore (i dont consider downton abbey as love story anyway)...yup being uncle scrooge now.
today i want to flaunt my fav pengat nangka. i had 'em few weeks before at sri ttdi but the pengat contains more sago than jackfuit. Not satisfying...end up with agony. Since my sister is in town i make some so that we have something to slurp on. 
My Jackfruit Dessert
you'll need: coconut milk + screw pine leaves + jackfruit (cut into strip) + some water + some flour to give some volume to the pengat + brown sugar + some salt
mix it all, cook on SMALL flame and stir most of the time until it bubbles. Serve warm.

i love this dessert coz i have a distinctive sweet aroma. i put some in my sister bento box (she had a long the north) and this pengat gained quite a fans.
**kitchen session adjourn**