Tuesday, March 6, 2012

love carbo for your waistline

I watched korean tv show again. Suppose to do a case write up but the urge of spilling this info is unbearable. Some people are dieting happily without knowing the fact that they already eliminate a quality carbo from their diet. I had few friends who dont eat rice saying rice is fattening (portion control ppl..dont blame the rice). Instead of having rice they opt for another simple carbo like kway teow which is actually loaded with oil and boric acid *delusional*

Ouh well I will continue incorporating carbo in my diet coz carbo is the fuel. You need fuel to speed up metabolism. Last time i made bad choices by eliminating carbo totally. That is what happen if you're taking advice from slimming centre. I felt dizzy perhaps my body went into ketosis (ketogenic diet are meant for epilepsy not for slimming). I learnt from my mistake. Dieting is an art of mashing up knowledge and develop one style that suits your taste and lifestyle. Having a bread or rice is not proven guilty unless it is WHITE. So if you are dieting, pls take this into consideration:

1. nudge out unhealthy choices (4 white)

  • white bread
  • white sugar
  • white bleached flour
  • white polished rice
2. protein 6:1
6 days in a week for high protein diet, 1 day to eat anything

3. 5 meals per day, build muscle, no salty food- sparing effect to calcium, eat protein 1st carbo later

4. balance diet: 80% raw + hot pepper instead of fancy sauce. hot pepper contains capsaicin, good for curbing appetite and it's a natural painkiller too.

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