Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to baby sit 6 month old infant

This is one task that requires me to incorporate the knowledge from pediatric and psychology. Here are the things that you should know about 6 months old.


6-8 months: sits without support
  • At 6 months: with round back, aaqif still have a round back so can't let him alone since he still have prob in lying to prone by himself.
  • Palmar grasp: give a soft toys so they can grasp,be careful...he can reach whatever he wants
  • Put food in the mouth: actually not only food, it includes everything within their arm reach.
Too much or too little gratification can result in an Oral Fixation or Oral Personality which is evidenced by a preoccupation with oral activities. This type of personality may have a stronger tendency to smoke, drink alcohol, over eat, or bite his or her nails- Sigmund Freud
Random Facts Child Psychology 
  • Infant's hearing will be stimulated by different intonations from the mother voices (this is what Datin said in class....she's a child psychologist)
  • Read to the child as early as possible, stimulate the brain development. It doesn’t matter if he don’t seem to listen but keep reading to him. Not necessarily a storybooks, it can be a book of object with bright colors
  • E.g. look at this….its a ball. What color is it? It’s blue. A blue ball
  • Reading is the first skill to develop followed by arithmetic. If a child can't read by the age of 9 the likelihood of getting into behavior problem will increase.
  • Remember to speak with the correct pronounciation so that they will pick up the right one. Don’t baby the pronounciation.
my problem
I can't speak brightly with different intonation, therefore he never laugh with me. When his mom came she made him laughed. Mommy knows best.

Baby Day Care Album
*Sorry abg long, your son is too cute to stay in my phone only*
I’m glad I was home and Aaqif’s mom got something up at her school. His granny and my mom (they’re siblings) is going to rewang at our neighbor’s house. So I’m left at home with tatak, adek and ayah.

hye..i'm aaqif. i'm curious...what's up with the flash

 He is so adorable and just started mouthing. He’s like want to stuff everything into his mouth..table, table cloth, curtain…you name it.
breathable curtain+ adek showing off his ripped body

tv's are weird

アリー(aree) *exclamation mark*

Having baby aaqif at home is like seeing ants flocking around the sugar. Everyone loves small cute creature.

Never denies a child rights to play because they play to learn.
"i wish to make some mushroom soup for that baby aaqif can enjoy some" i know tomorrow is only 1 ramadhan

remember jangan timang2 budak kecik, their brain never sits still yet

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dream came true…..ALHAMDULILLAH

The psychiatry result was out today. So grateful I passed. Things that I love about psychiatry are:
  • The psychiatrists are not stressor-genic: they don’t blame you if you suxx instead they’ll keep encouraging verbal and non-verbally.
  • The subject itself was not so complicated; therefore you are determined to do well
  • Psychiatry has its own art which other field doesn’t have. Requires you to be the people’s people

they made me love psychiatry.....pic courtesy of Budak Sepet
I'm sure my friends that will be doing PSY posting after this will love life in there. Perhaps lots of shouting and sedation but it shows you the other side of medicine. After this I’ll proceed to medical posting. I want to keep this's a great beginning.
farah AJ

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dreaming Capacity

I was a happy child. Lead a bubbly childhood where i went playing around with bugs but not cat coz mom said cat it will worsen my cough. I learnt how to give up the tricycle and make friends, best part of all i got to speak like sarawakian. Its cool! Being part of borneo a place that was totally different from my kampung. When i was child everything seem so easy, go to school, read storybooks then you're top in the class. Dream? I have lots of them
my first passport ever
As i progress to secondary i realize things are not that easy. Have to study and make notes to be excellent. Therefore i never be excellent. I blame it on my adjustment disorder(i wish i could warn myself, prescribe ssri and psycoeducation). I noticed i gain weight a lot during high school despite all the tiring life that i had. Having surrounded by rigid disciplinary life i realize i dont dream anymore. That time i dont know what to believe and wish i would leave the boarding school....soon.

I came to do diploma bc my spm is not good. In upm, i regained dreaming capacity back. I'm able to have a cool life events and socialize better. Idk but having to 'mingle' around cow and goats or even aquaculture creature gives me satisfaction in life. At least i know where my steak came from or kind of stuff do they give to my chicken (which end up in our dinner plate). This was the point of life where being educated and high skilled labor are equally important.

Right now i believe that i should continue dreaming. Viva, medical school- dreamt about it before even though i kept slacking off in high school and feel suxx about my image. The malays idiom says angan2 mat jenin, but if you don't dream you can't even visualize. Therefore causing inability to make a good plan and judgement.

I strongly feel that we must dream. My sis went to one of a workshop 'Law of Attraction from Islamic perspective'. It is surprising that our religion also acknowledge  dreaming/ visualization because its awaken your subconscious mind. It also applied to finding life partner<--that's what i'm talking about.

Currently i'm reading a book from Aldiko....The Secret:Law of Attraction by Daniel Wahlstrom. Just arrived at first chapter. My fav phrase so far....
The Secret is nothing less than the science of how thought interacts with quantum physics to create our experiences. You don't have to understand it. You just have to do it.

xoxo farah AJ 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

muslimah love high heels

Prolong time wearing high heel leads to shortening of calf muscle and Achilles tendon (turns white).....consequently wearing flat shoe can cause pain- heard this from Korea News
I received few comments after I posted it on FB. Different people will have different opinion about high heels. My mom will definitely against heels because it’s bad for backbones. I love high heels for some occasion like dinner functions, viva or exam. Actually I do wear ‘em daily (lately) bc I finally found a comfortable heels….if it torn I would have a heels withdrawal symptoms.
A new study has found that wearing a pair of moderately high heels can tone the body, condition muscles and even improve a woman’s sex life without the need for onerous exercise sessions.
Maria Cerruto, a urologist at the University of Verona who led the study, said she conducted her tests because she wished to tackle “bizarre” nonscientific theories blaming high heels for a range of ills, including schizophrenia.
High heel shoe is footwear that raises the heel of the wearer's foot significantly higher than the toes. It has been worn by women for many centuries. The idea of wearing heels is to add extra height (I really need this) also give the illusion of slim and elongated legs. Of course the aesthetic benefit went beyond than raising heights. It is some kind of confidence boost for a person with 5ft tall like me. At least I don’t have to look up more than 90 degree when talking to my colleague.

Biology boost
It can shapen your calf *provided don’t pick the 6-7inches (I’m teaching you the damage control part here. pls do stretching exercise after you took of your high-heeled footwear)
  • Improve feminine posture: pelvic bone will be tilted, arches the back and subsequently pushes the bust line forward.
  • If you appear confident you can conquer the world
Psychology boost
A short fella like me would only appear tall if I stand alone….in order for me to stand tall with my friend I definitely need high heels. At least to give some balance to the picture.
If you want the country to be happy, make sure the women is happy
that's me without high heels, don't need 'em for doa selamat anyway. thanks Budak Sepet f0r bunch of great pic
Many second-wave feminist activist are against high heels bc it is objectifying women and define beauty with a restricted conotation. As it changes posture women appear more seductive. High heels also might produce a clattering sound while walking and caught people’s attention. This is when Sharīʿah doesn’t support fashion. So I’m gonna list things that you can do to satisfy your love for heels while not offending Islamic dressing code.
  1. Must be harmless so opt for 2-3 inches heels (my personal opinion). Don’t go extreme
  2. Must be covered, if it is a sandal worn with socks…..i prefer the covered one
  3. Find the one with a rubber made outsole- minimize sound, better grip
  4. The way you walk: it tells what you want to be. Either seductive, elegant or sloppy……its your call cause you mechanize it

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Understand psychology, u can handle human

Been in psychiatry posting have made me realize many things.

1. Human understand humane language
2. Stressor-genic people are the reason of psychiatry illness in this world
3. People can live and function with psychiatry illness as long as they take medication, dont expect a total cure
4. People can fall into psychiatry illness just because they made a wrong choice once. Took recreational drug or slimming pills (contains amphetamine) become psychotic
First day in psychiatry ward i thought that patients are monsters with no insight. I also heard a case where a student was grabbed by the patient. Its true that they're mentally unwell and we need to be in constant vigilance but it doesnt mean they cant be treated nicely. Whenever in ward i always maintain a closed position like your face must always be facing the patient, not your back. Speak firmly and at the same time being nice. I met a patient who'd always on restraint when the first time i came (too psychotic) but through the end he gain lil' insight(if full that means he already fit to go home) and able to express his feeling. He said he wanna go home, get some money from jkm monthly and get married. Never thought he would say that. I just listen(listening is crucial) and try not to be a bad guy here. When he's throwing tantrums its good to know that he able to stay put when i ask him to SYYHHHH~ towt i'm silly too. These are the kind of patient that you would remember for life, not to mention all the classic songs he sang were lovely.
I came to conclude (even though not as reliable as british medical journal but hey its my blog) that many genius or excellent people prone to get psychiatry illness. If you watch Beautiful Mind you would know what i'm saying. The bottom line is if you are immeresed in stress, surrounded with stressor-genic people and have poor social support that could increase your risk of getting psychiatry illness. Think about it; our society is a stressful society. According to a survey conduct by Nielsen (non-medical) stress among women in developing country: Indian women topped the list and Malaysian women at number 16. All of the stress are mainly caused by financial problem. I'm not surprise coz i know we easily come into conclusion and judge people, we dont communicate but blatantly shoot, we hardly care about others either coz as it is our own life is difficult. When i watch japanese show i really hope that Malaysia will filled with polite people. Empathy is one of the quality that really lacking in malaysian people, malaysian company or malaysian employer. See, this is the reason malaysia experience brain drain.
My love for psychiatry blooms after i met datin dr.fauziah the child psychiatrist (Nurturing a child in our nature is indeed challenging-maybe another entry) Anyway, its really sad that many people stigmatize psychiatry patient or profession. Yeah, psychiatrist were stigmatized by their colleagues too; simply because they cant prove schizophrenia with ct scan. But it doesnt mean the problem isnt there if you cant pick it up. I believe psychiatry intervention is necessary if spiritual or any measure didnt work. Its time to say yes to help and psyco medication(scientology definitely oppose this). The psychiatry professionals are targetting on educating our people that it is okay to see psychiatrist. It takes time to change this nation perception.

kudos to people who care for psychiatry patient. ouh ya, i'll be barred from ward coz exam is coming soon. this is the entry that will mark my cortisol level....shooting up of course 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

susu badam/ almond milk

sudah lama saya menyimpan keinginan untuk membuat susu badam (selepas menonton nikita beberapa bulan yang lepas). Cabaran untuk membuat susu badam:
  1. harga badam yang mahal. tesco xmenjual badam secara timbang. mengharapkan badam dijual seperti kacang tanah. dilambak-lambak dan bebas menceduknya. RM2.00+ untuk 60g badam= 2 mug susu badam
  2. berketul selepas dipanaskan pada kepanasan yang rendah. susu soya tidak pernah bikin sentap begini
kalaulah malaysia mengeluarkan kacang badam sendiri

gunakan penapis kain...mengelakkan serdak2 badam masuk kerongkong


ini susu lembu UHT. konsistensi susu badam lebih pekat
  • 60g kacang badam
  • 500ml air kosong
  • gula perang- secukup rasa
  • 1 sdk esen vanila
  • blender
Cara membuat
  1. rendam badam 3-4 jam dalam air sejuk
  2. 500ml air + 60g badam- blender
  3. tapiskan
  4. susu badam+ gula- masak atas api kecil
  5. masukkan esen vanila sebelum matikan api

Apa kata juri? 
Sungguh lembut dan wangi. Perlu diingat minuman jenis kekacang mengeluarkan bau maung...sedikit perasa seperti vanilla atau pandan boleh menyahbau tersebut. 
Kandungan lemak yang lebih tinggi berbanding soya (lemak ini dijamin lebih sihat dari nasi lemak) menyebabkan ia berketul halus selepas dipanaskan. Mungkin badam perlu dibakar dalam oven sebelum direndam supaya susu badam tidak perlu dididihkan.