Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dream came true…..ALHAMDULILLAH

The psychiatry result was out today. So grateful I passed. Things that I love about psychiatry are:
  • The psychiatrists are not stressor-genic: they don’t blame you if you suxx instead they’ll keep encouraging verbal and non-verbally.
  • The subject itself was not so complicated; therefore you are determined to do well
  • Psychiatry has its own art which other field doesn’t have. Requires you to be the people’s people

they made me love psychiatry.....pic courtesy of Budak Sepet
I'm sure my friends that will be doing PSY posting after this will love life in there. Perhaps lots of shouting and sedation but it shows you the other side of medicine. After this I’ll proceed to medical posting. I want to keep this's a great beginning.
farah AJ


  1. i know u'll do well not even in psychiatric ward! gud luck keyh!!

  2. thanx my sweet friend.....gud luck to you too :)