Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to baby sit 6 month old infant

This is one task that requires me to incorporate the knowledge from pediatric and psychology. Here are the things that you should know about 6 months old.


6-8 months: sits without support
  • At 6 months: with round back, aaqif still have a round back so can't let him alone since he still have prob in lying to prone by himself.
  • Palmar grasp: give a soft toys so they can grasp,be careful...he can reach whatever he wants
  • Put food in the mouth: actually not only food, it includes everything within their arm reach.
Too much or too little gratification can result in an Oral Fixation or Oral Personality which is evidenced by a preoccupation with oral activities. This type of personality may have a stronger tendency to smoke, drink alcohol, over eat, or bite his or her nails- Sigmund Freud
Random Facts Child Psychology 
  • Infant's hearing will be stimulated by different intonations from the mother voices (this is what Datin said in class....she's a child psychologist)
  • Read to the child as early as possible, stimulate the brain development. It doesn’t matter if he don’t seem to listen but keep reading to him. Not necessarily a storybooks, it can be a book of object with bright colors
  • E.g. look at this….its a ball. What color is it? It’s blue. A blue ball
  • Reading is the first skill to develop followed by arithmetic. If a child can't read by the age of 9 the likelihood of getting into behavior problem will increase.
  • Remember to speak with the correct pronounciation so that they will pick up the right one. Don’t baby the pronounciation.
my problem
I can't speak brightly with different intonation, therefore he never laugh with me. When his mom came she made him laughed. Mommy knows best.

Baby Day Care Album
*Sorry abg long, your son is too cute to stay in my phone only*
I’m glad I was home and Aaqif’s mom got something up at her school. His granny and my mom (they’re siblings) is going to rewang at our neighbor’s house. So I’m left at home with tatak, adek and ayah.

hye..i'm aaqif. i'm curious...what's up with the flash

 He is so adorable and just started mouthing. He’s like want to stuff everything into his mouth..table, table cloth, curtain…you name it.
breathable curtain+ adek showing off his ripped body

tv's are weird

アリー(aree) *exclamation mark*

Having baby aaqif at home is like seeing ants flocking around the sugar. Everyone loves small cute creature.

Never denies a child rights to play because they play to learn.
"i wish to make some mushroom soup for that baby aaqif can enjoy some" i know tomorrow is only 1 ramadhan

remember jangan timang2 budak kecik, their brain never sits still yet


  1. he is so comel!!! mcm anak cina bukit!! :)))

  2. haha....i know. harap2 boleh pinjam lagi sekali

  3. son sangat femes masuk blog aunty farah...haha

  4. kecik2 dh bikin ayah dia proud. aunty need some sugar for the blog....lolz

  5. best baca. n nak tny what do u think of feeding the 10 mths child with rice. isnt it inappropriate?

  6. 6month old dah blh mula makan mknn semi-pepejal (bubur, nestum)..... klu 10 month old boleh makan nasi dengan syarat baby tu mampu kunyah + nasi tu xkeras mcm wajik *i think its okay.....introduce gradually