Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Understand psychology, u can handle human

Been in psychiatry posting have made me realize many things.

1. Human understand humane language
2. Stressor-genic people are the reason of psychiatry illness in this world
3. People can live and function with psychiatry illness as long as they take medication, dont expect a total cure
4. People can fall into psychiatry illness just because they made a wrong choice once. Took recreational drug or slimming pills (contains amphetamine) become psychotic
First day in psychiatry ward i thought that patients are monsters with no insight. I also heard a case where a student was grabbed by the patient. Its true that they're mentally unwell and we need to be in constant vigilance but it doesnt mean they cant be treated nicely. Whenever in ward i always maintain a closed position like your face must always be facing the patient, not your back. Speak firmly and at the same time being nice. I met a patient who'd always on restraint when the first time i came (too psychotic) but through the end he gain lil' insight(if full that means he already fit to go home) and able to express his feeling. He said he wanna go home, get some money from jkm monthly and get married. Never thought he would say that. I just listen(listening is crucial) and try not to be a bad guy here. When he's throwing tantrums its good to know that he able to stay put when i ask him to SYYHHHH~ towt i'm silly too. These are the kind of patient that you would remember for life, not to mention all the classic songs he sang were lovely.
I came to conclude (even though not as reliable as british medical journal but hey its my blog) that many genius or excellent people prone to get psychiatry illness. If you watch Beautiful Mind you would know what i'm saying. The bottom line is if you are immeresed in stress, surrounded with stressor-genic people and have poor social support that could increase your risk of getting psychiatry illness. Think about it; our society is a stressful society. According to a survey conduct by Nielsen (non-medical) stress among women in developing country: Indian women topped the list and Malaysian women at number 16. All of the stress are mainly caused by financial problem. I'm not surprise coz i know we easily come into conclusion and judge people, we dont communicate but blatantly shoot, we hardly care about others either coz as it is our own life is difficult. When i watch japanese show i really hope that Malaysia will filled with polite people. Empathy is one of the quality that really lacking in malaysian people, malaysian company or malaysian employer. See, this is the reason malaysia experience brain drain.
My love for psychiatry blooms after i met datin dr.fauziah the child psychiatrist (Nurturing a child in our nature is indeed challenging-maybe another entry) Anyway, its really sad that many people stigmatize psychiatry patient or profession. Yeah, psychiatrist were stigmatized by their colleagues too; simply because they cant prove schizophrenia with ct scan. But it doesnt mean the problem isnt there if you cant pick it up. I believe psychiatry intervention is necessary if spiritual or any measure didnt work. Its time to say yes to help and psyco medication(scientology definitely oppose this). The psychiatry professionals are targetting on educating our people that it is okay to see psychiatrist. It takes time to change this nation perception.

kudos to people who care for psychiatry patient. ouh ya, i'll be barred from ward coz exam is coming soon. this is the entry that will mark my cortisol level....shooting up of course 

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