Thursday, July 28, 2011

muslimah love high heels

Prolong time wearing high heel leads to shortening of calf muscle and Achilles tendon (turns white).....consequently wearing flat shoe can cause pain- heard this from Korea News
I received few comments after I posted it on FB. Different people will have different opinion about high heels. My mom will definitely against heels because it’s bad for backbones. I love high heels for some occasion like dinner functions, viva or exam. Actually I do wear ‘em daily (lately) bc I finally found a comfortable heels….if it torn I would have a heels withdrawal symptoms.
A new study has found that wearing a pair of moderately high heels can tone the body, condition muscles and even improve a woman’s sex life without the need for onerous exercise sessions.
Maria Cerruto, a urologist at the University of Verona who led the study, said she conducted her tests because she wished to tackle “bizarre” nonscientific theories blaming high heels for a range of ills, including schizophrenia.
High heel shoe is footwear that raises the heel of the wearer's foot significantly higher than the toes. It has been worn by women for many centuries. The idea of wearing heels is to add extra height (I really need this) also give the illusion of slim and elongated legs. Of course the aesthetic benefit went beyond than raising heights. It is some kind of confidence boost for a person with 5ft tall like me. At least I don’t have to look up more than 90 degree when talking to my colleague.

Biology boost
It can shapen your calf *provided don’t pick the 6-7inches (I’m teaching you the damage control part here. pls do stretching exercise after you took of your high-heeled footwear)
  • Improve feminine posture: pelvic bone will be tilted, arches the back and subsequently pushes the bust line forward.
  • If you appear confident you can conquer the world
Psychology boost
A short fella like me would only appear tall if I stand alone….in order for me to stand tall with my friend I definitely need high heels. At least to give some balance to the picture.
If you want the country to be happy, make sure the women is happy
that's me without high heels, don't need 'em for doa selamat anyway. thanks Budak Sepet f0r bunch of great pic
Many second-wave feminist activist are against high heels bc it is objectifying women and define beauty with a restricted conotation. As it changes posture women appear more seductive. High heels also might produce a clattering sound while walking and caught people’s attention. This is when Sharīʿah doesn’t support fashion. So I’m gonna list things that you can do to satisfy your love for heels while not offending Islamic dressing code.
  1. Must be harmless so opt for 2-3 inches heels (my personal opinion). Don’t go extreme
  2. Must be covered, if it is a sandal worn with socks…..i prefer the covered one
  3. Find the one with a rubber made outsole- minimize sound, better grip
  4. The way you walk: it tells what you want to be. Either seductive, elegant or sloppy……its your call cause you mechanize it

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  1. Artikel ini sangat bermanfaat.
    Sambil baca artikel ini, Aku numpang promosi ya jualan saya kaos kaki muslimah klo ada yang mau silakan berkunjung :) moga makin banyak penunjung blognya