Thursday, August 4, 2011

KL-K.trg: i dont enjoy the land route

Its already Ramadhan and we will come to Syawal without realizing how fast time flies. Ever since my parents moved to Trg travelling there by car definitely not my cuppa tea. Last time my dad would drive and we were travelling with a bigger cc ride. If i'm about to do the same with my CLK cute lil kelisa i'm afraid i'm gonna lost my nerve once i get to kuantan. 
Let me tell you the problem to Terengganu:

By bus
if you travel at broad daylight, the bus probably will be real slow (avoid the speedtrap), some bus don't even care about stopping for solat. I've been in a situation where i am the last person on board because i went for solat
Travel at night: the bus would be too fast. Some people dont even have nerve to sleep

By car

If i'm driving skyline gtr i wouldnt mind driving there on my own. but with a small cc car and the highway that only stop at Cherating i should think thousand times. I cant overtake the lorry that pass by or a car that travel real slow like there's no hustle in life. best word to describe 'em is makan angin. I hate people slowing me down. With that attitude i dont think i should drive alone plus i am unable to get my caffeine booze (puasa lah katakan).
My fav transport. Just wanna have easy breezy life. Travelling fast is one of it. My knee would hurt if i sit too long, orthopedic said 'theatre sign'. However the flight ticket would cost me a fortune (*_*)

Below are my request to merlin or godfather wherever you are:
  • pls finish the Second East-West highway that by-passing bukit payung. already near to my house. I heard it suppose to finish by May 2011. Latest info said June 2012. 
  • If you cant do that pls give me some raya promo ticket. I dont need private jet....firefly just nice.

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