Sunday, August 7, 2011

weekend stash

First, I came up with a stamp to put on my so called copyright picture ^^  
2nd- I miss working out, burning calories and have all the muscle aching. Sweating out the toxin and have a big gulp of H2O is the best part. But this weekend i have no intention on having a physical sprint instead i made a korean drama marathon, Cinderella Stepsister.
Thoughts mutter to my mind what if through this whole life I've been living with distorted belief. What if I perceive life differently? I wonder to what extent we have to embrace differences and pluralism. When I reached at two diverged roads in the woods I’m glad I have values to hold on to. Islam taught me values. Environment help me understand human connotation of values and education help me to mesh those elements into something iedetic to my mind. 
3rd- I recommend watching this drama. It’s about collision between 2 groups of people. One (Hyo Seon and her dad) side is well-mannered, have everything and compassionate while the other side is a people who are smart yet parasitic (Eun Jo and her mom). Watching the traditional maekgeolli (rice wine) making was so joyful while seeing the family ups and down let me goes into emotional incontinence.

Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. Kerana seketul yis, menapailah air beras itu menjadi arak.

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